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Can you stop being so cliche and just say it?" Clara asked smiling gleefully.

"Umm.. I.." just as I was about to finish the biggest line I had ever said, a loud voice broke the intimate moment.


As soon as we heard it, both of us turned our heads instantly as Clara released her hands from my grip. I badly wanted to know who was that kind soul who ruined such an awesome moment. And then I realised it was him.


I couldn't believe eyes! Kenneth actually survived! We saw as Kenneth slowly made his way towards us, with bandages wrapped over his palms and arms. Mrs Amy too was astonished as she stood up, looking as if she had seen something which was not supposed to happen.

To be honest I had mixed feelings seeing that dude. One one hand, I was somewhat relieved that he actually manage to survive. I have to thank my lucky stars indeed for this miracle. Yet, part of me didn't want to internalise what I was seeing. Not being mean or anything but this would mean I couldn't enjoy the moment I was sharing with Clara privately.

I have to say the way he interrupted us was rather rude as well. His tone sounded like he was overly irritated. It didn't sound like the kind which would come out of a person who just managed to survive a fire. Nevertheless, I had to put up a fake smile infront of Clara and act as if I was over the moon upon seeing Kenneth. At least Clara was over the moon upon seeing him. Perhaps a bit too overjoyed.

Instantly upon seeing Kenneth, Clara immediately started a sprint towards Kenneth, leaving both Mrs Amy and myself surprised. She was running towards him as if she cared about nothing else on the planet..

As she came a few millimetres in front of Kenneth, she stopped by before embracing him heartily. At that moment, she broke down into tears of joy. Meanwhile we saw Kenneth's hands wrapping Clara by her waist tightly before pulling her closer towards him.

Afterwards, Kenneth inched closer towards Clara as both of them started exchanging glances.

Mrs Amy and I looked at each other, standing rooted to the ground.

"Are you thinking what I am thinking?" Mrs Amy asked.

"I think so" I replied as we looked back the show that was going on before us.

Kenneth slowly moved his lips towards Clara, before gently placing it on her lips! He started twirling around with her golden hair as he started smooching her.

My blood boiled.

What was I just witnessing? I clenched my fist tightly as Mrs Amy held my arm too cool me down. Well I couldn't take it any longer as I shook Mrs Amy's hand away quickly. I couldn't bare to witness it all unfolding. Tears started to roll down my cheeks as I instantly sauntered to the toilet.

"What just happened?" I asked myself staring straight at the souless being I saw in the mirror. I was absolutely devastated. What I had feared the entire time had indeed became a reality now!

Kenneth had stolen my girl.

Just the thought of it sent more tears feom my eyes as it turned scarlet red. Why should this happen to me? Why did Kenneth even came on this flight together with us in the first place? The someone who seemed rather innocent in the first place had now sneakily and slyly found a place in Clara's heart! How dead wrong I was to assume him to be innocent! He wasn't a caring flight attendant but rather a crafty fox!

All this while, I had been searching for the courage and the perfect timing to declare my love to Clara. We had gone through everything together. We had shared the time on the plane together. We overcame a petrifying hijacking together. We even overcame death by escaping from the fearsome fire from the explosion. Literally, all these while we had been together.

And now after going through all these and at a moment when I felt the time was ripe with me gaining my courage, this dude simply came out of nowhere and literally hugged and kissed my woman! How frustrating is that!

The incident kept replaying in my mind. Kenneth's hands slithering by my girl's body was burning my heart more and more by some ferocious fire. It was painful. Very very. The burden was just unbearable and I broke down even more, lowering my head closer towards the sink, my shlulders drooping.

I spent the next few minutes closing my eyes, trying to digest the harsh reality.

I couldn't. I just couldn't accept the fact that Clara was taken away from me. With this thought, my frustrations grew even bigger and a spark ignited in me.

How could I let this happen and not do anything? I decided she was mine the very moment I fell and laid my eyes on her. It wasn't by any luck or by chance that the woman I fell for was our air hostess. It wasn't by luck that Clara decided to come on our aircraft as a replacement staff. It wasn't by luck that we met each other.

It was destiny working all along. It was sort of like the cupid all these while, trying to match and make the perfect pair. That was the case with Clara.

People often say that every person comes into their lives for a reason. One is so that we would get help from them or the other is that we would benefit them. People don't just come into the story without a reason. Likewise for Clara, meeting her led me to steongly believe that she was my better half. I had confirmed that in my mind the very minute I had met her.

And now seeing her being stolen away frim stirred up fury in me. All the grief I was experiencing had now been converted into anger.

In a fit of rage, I clenched my fist and banged aggressively on the toilet mirror, hoping to release the pent up anger that was fuming inside of me. Just as I had done so, I looked up, spotting cracks being formed on the mirror.

The mirror was shattered just like my heart. Absolutely thrilled by the power of my hand, I rotated my hand back and forth, scrutinising it closely.

I realised that it was of no use just sitting back and tolerating this crap anymore. The raging flame inside of me had indeed warned me that the power to change my fate had now lain on my hands. It is up to me to turn the fortunes to my favour. No way was I going to let fate do its drama. Clara was mine and I would go even against the greatest of entity if I didn't succeed. Not even any Kenneth would get away scot free after doing such a thing.

A great deal of courage zoomed through me and I suddenly felt as if I was at the top of the world. I felt like a king, ruling others. I had overcome even Anton so going against Kenneth was no big deal for me. Fuelled by the pent up rage and the will to take matters into my own hands, I took a deep breath in and started to exit the toilet confidently with my head held high up. For the love of Clara, I was that desperate to attack Kenneth, not realising the severity of the issue.

Just outside the toilet stood Mrs Amy waiting patiently for me.

"Aaron? How are you son?" she said as she was about to hold my arm.

"I had enough.. I'm done with this man" I replied furiously.

"Whatever happened has happened.. so just leave it alone"

"Leave it alone? I was going behind a woman crazily for the past 2 days and a guy all of a sudden appears and kisses her and you expect me to leave the matter alone?"

"Look Aaron, they are just friends.. they just got so eager after looking at each other.."

"Friends yeaa... he literally kissed her.. yea friends"

"They're just checking on each others' well-being"

"More like he's checking out her.. he's getting on my nerves"

"Whatever you do, just don't do anything stupid please.. I don't want to witness another drama unfolding. I am just so tired"

"Don't worry.. just sit back and watch the free show. See what I do to this guy.. he would never touch my girl ever again"

Mrs Amy gulped down a ball of saliva, perhaps frightened and concerned about my aggression and what I was about to do.

A massive frown creased my forehead as I started to walk briskly towards Kenneth who was talking jovially with Clara at the seat..

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