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As I came from the back, I gripped tightly onto Kenneth's hair before rotating in clockwise and shoving him down to the floor.

"How dare you sucker!" I let out words in anger as I neared him. Looking at him lying down and standing in front of him made me feel like I was mighty. Within a split second, I forcefully started giving a few kicks right on his stomach.

Kenneth started to scream in pain as his hands transited into a boxing position to fend himself off.

"C'mon you big bastard! Let's see of its me or you today!" I shouted, pounding his skull repeatedly as Kenneth pleaded to stop the rampage I was on. With the fury that I had, I was in no mood to listen to his sympathetic cries or to empathise with him. To be really honest, his screams did not even invoke a tinge of guilt in me. After all that this guy had done, he deserved this treatment. Every bit of it.

"Aaron! Stop!" I saw Mrs Amy and Clara trying to hold my arms to stop myself from further attacking Kenneth.

"Leave me! This guy needs a good lesson!" I shouted, trying to shake myself off from their grips.

"Why are you doing this?! Poor Kenneth!" Mrs Amy said.

"You are on his side?"

"If you are doing stupid things like this, I am!"

Kenneth tried to push me away by extending his arm towards me and I saw it as another chance to inflict more pain on him. Without much hesitation, I started to punch his arm ruthlessly.

"Keep your hands of my girl" I shouted at him and that was when Clara started to lpok puzzled.

"That's enough!" Mrs Amy screamed as she pulled my arm. Finally after much beating, I let him off, staring at him with absolute hatred.

"What's wrong with you? Why did you hit Kenneth?" Clara asked, looking furiously as she pushed me away by my chest. It was the first time I had seen Clara that furious. That was the exact moment that I returned to my senses, realising what I had done. Anger had indeed blinded me to go an attack Kenneth without me noticing. Seeing Clara angry broke my heart and it was enough for my anger to subside.

I regretted hitting Kenneth. I should have listened to Mrs Amy and not my own instincts. How stupid was I to do something like this. Now, I had dug my own grave and made a bad impression of myself to Clara. How I badly wished I hadn't done this hasty act!

"I didn't know you were such a violent person!" Clara said, sounding surprised. I shouldn't have behaved like an animal in front of Clara.

"I'm sorry I went overboard.." I replied, looking down in disappointment. Guilt had trapped me in its prison and I felt extremely ashamed of myself. It was then I realised I had to think through my actions really seriously before actually doing it. Because if its something really stupid, there is no point regretting after doing so. The reputation lost would never return and so was trust. I guess the trust Clara had in me was shattered at that very instant. The rash decision I made blinded by anger was indeed a costly mistake and I realised that the hard way..

"What's the matter with you and Kenneth? Why this friction?"

"Umm.. nothing" I tried my very best to cover up, still knowing that Clara wouldn't leave this matter away and investigate further. Well I guess today is the day that I am going to break the truth to her.

"Wow.. you just hit him for nothing? How ridiculous!"


"Nothing is going to happen if you are just going to remain quiet. Tell me the truth"

Making up my mind for one last time, I decided it was time to do it. Finally.

"I hate seeing you and him together!" I blurted put quickly. I was too nervous to look at Clara's expression but I had no choice but to face it. Indeed, Clara's expression changed drastically as her eyes widened.


"Because.." I paused, taking a deep breath in.

"I loved you since the moment I saw you."

Clara stood rooted to the ground as her jaw dropped. From her facial expressions I could sense that she did not see that coming.

"Your beauty, your kind attitude.. everything about you was perfect.. That was why I was attracted to you since I saw you.. and I I thought that you would be mine"

At this point, Kenneth had stood up as he stared ferociously at me. I guess it was time for him to get jealous? Anyways, that was the least of the worries for me. All I cared about was Clara's reaction to everything I had just uttered. And judging by her initial facial expressions, I guess its not going to be well received.

She paused for a while before letting out a big "WHAT?"

"Believe me Clara.. that is the truth that I've been wanting to tell you since the hijacking. Thats why I got angry when I saw you and Kenneth together.."

I watched as Clara stared blankly at me for about a couple of seconds. That was the instant I regret breaking the truth. I felt like melting on the floor like an ice cube. I felt like disintegrating into pieces. I felt like disappearing from there instantly. I would rather have not told the truth than to face the expression on Clara's face.

"Aaron.. you must be mistaken.. I didn't see our relationship that way" She uttered as her voice softened.

"Noo.. you're lying.. touch your heart and say that you hadn't loved me?"

"We are good friends. Thats all"

Oof. That was the moment my heart broke into a thousands pieces like shards of a glass jar. The emotional pain that hit me like a wave was incomparable to anything that I had felt - not even the most painful of physical injuries.

All these while, I was figuring out how to break this matter to her but now everything didn't seem to matter anymore. The person whom I loved had just rejected my proposal..

"Noo.. this can't be.. this was not the reason destiny put us on the same plane.."

"Destiny? You believe all those stuff?"

"Only destiny can decide when to unite two people together"

"And you believe it has united us?"

"Of course.. It has united us through thr time we spent on the plane"

"Look Aaron, apart from knowing you as a fellow passenger, you are a stranger to me.. I don't even know you well.. Who are you to propose to me?" Clara started to sound rather sinister. It was the first time that Clara sounded cocky. She was talking as if loving her was the biggest sin anyone could make in the world.. and I was starting to feel that way albeit on a very very miniscular scale - maybe about 0.001%.

If I had known that everything would end in this fashion, I wouldn't even have wished that I would even meet her in the first place. I was literally about to cry from the grief I was experiencing. Taking a deep breath in and out somewhat helped me to hold back the tears that were forming on my eyes. Had I not breathed in, I would have indeed cried.

"I'm a stranger to you?"

"Of course.. How many times do I have to say it? Don't you not get it?"

I hated to see Clara behaving in this manner. It was as if she had transformed into a whole new person. Where did the kind Clara go? Where did the ever so happy Clara gone? Maybe I had done soo much that even the patient Clara had started to become irritated. Or what if this was just Clara's true colours unravelling? Or what if Clara's affinity towards Kenneth had somehow made her into a less kinder person?

I was beginning to wonder what did Clara see in Kenneth which was absent from me. Aren't we both stranger to Clara? Haven't we both only met and known Clara for a few hours? With all these similarities, what made the irritating Kenneth far more superior than me? I just couldn't stand thinking about it and had to question Clara about this.

"What about Kenneth?" I asked Clara curiously in a soft tone, hoping that she wouldn't hurt me by her words anymore.

"What about him?"

"Isn't he a stranger to you? What spell did he cast on you then?"

"You and him are different, let's get that right. He's not a stranger to me"

"Not a stranger? You weren't even supposed to be on the plane in the first place. You came as a flight attendant in the last minute and Kenneth is not a stranger to you?"

"Do you even know who Kenneth is?"


"He is my boyfriend"

Mrs Amy was shocked as she stared in utter disbelief at Clara and so did I.

"WHAT?" Mrs Amy entered into the conversation.

"Yes Mrs Amy.. we have been in love for 2 years now"

It was all too much for me to take it. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagined this to be true. What I was fearing the most had happened.

My heart ached.

I had always that Clara was a lone independent woman, totally devoid of love from her own father or even anyone else. This news baffled me.

"So you lied?" I asked, holding back the tears

"Lied about what?"

"Lied that no one had ever loved you in your life [Chapter 7]"

Clara gave a somewhat vicious smirk and so did Kenneth, resting his elbow on Clara's shoulder.

I was starting to wonder if Clara had put on a fake show the entire time.

"Do you think I came on the flight out of my love for passengers? I only came on this flight because of Kenneth"

That line confirmed to me that Clara was indeed acting all the way through. I had been blindly following Clara out of my love for her. How stupid was I to think that she was innocent? Within a split second, all the trust we had was broken and she had now robbed me off all my happiness.

Love is so fake.

It was all a complete lie.
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