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It was when I got back home that things started to unravel and all the hidden truths had started to unveil itself one by one.

"How dare did he do this? How did he have the heart to commit such a massive crime and pretend nothing had happened?" My mom asked with a frown on her face we all sat on the sofa of our living room. Our TV was turned on the minute we reached home and the sound of the news reporter reporting live scenes from the airport had been our background track as we started our conversation.

"What do you mean? I don't understand"

"The person responsible for the hijacking" my father entered into the conversation, giving a cup of water to both Mrs Amy and myself.

Mrs Amy and I wore a confused look on our faces. I had started scratching my head as to what was going on.

"You know who's responsible for the entire hijacking?" My father questioned.

Both of us shook our heads firmly.

"You know who that person is?" Mrs Amy asked as her voice raised in excitement. We were really anxious to know who was the culprit behind such a tragic incident.

"Yea the investigation began the very minute you were all saved.. while journalists were reporting the news, police and the military had started scrutinising behind the scenes.. the culprit was just caught a few hours ago.."

We were so confused. How did we not manage to know who the perpetrator of this whole incident but yet people on the outside had already known. Were we that blind? Without talking a word, we listened intently to what my parents had to say.

"That guy had avenged revenge for a failed surgery for his mother" my mom said

That instantly rang bell somewhere on my mind. This story seemed eerily familiar. I vaguely remember reading this exact scenario somewhere but I just couldn't grasp it.

"What happened Aaron?" Mrs Amy asked.

"I've read about this somewhere but I just can't figure out where.."

"Failed medical surgery? I can't remember any such news" Mrs Amy said.

"News.." I repeated and that gave me a hint on where I had seen it.

And that was the eureka moment.

It was the news I had read on the newspaper while waiting for the plane! [Chapter 1]. I remember how I was complaining to Mrs Amy about how the newspaper was filled with grim news. This was one of the news of that newspaper!

"No need to think so hard!" My mom said as she handed us the newspaper from the exact date we boarded the plane.

Curiously, Mrs Amy started flipping the pages of the newspaper till we arrived at the news about it.

"Mother of pilot dies after a surgery gone wrong". We started reading the details of the news, bewildered as we uncovered more familiar terms within the news itself.

"No way.."

"Sadly that's the truth!" My mom vented out her frustration.

Mrs Amy and myself glared at each other, totally perplexed by the reveletion.

The culprit was all the while within the aircraft, putting on a brave front. Now we know that the person was a wolf in sheep's clothing all this while.

It was none other than the captain himself. Captain Mitch.

The news revelead details that the lady's son was a pilot working for Greenair. Apparently, the lady had a brain surgery which was conducted on the left side when it was supposed to be on the right. This caused her to tragically suffer for 3 days before doctors could no longer save her precious life! And guess where all this happened?

It was in Catah Island!

We were shellshocked. The pilot and his mother were from Catah Island! No way!

"It was your captain who had planned this entire "hijacking" !" My father said.

Still I couldn't see the link between the death of the mother and hijacking of the plane.

"Why would he want to kill innocent lives just for the sake of losing his mother? And were the hijackers were coordinating with him?"

Mrs Amy had answer for that.

"No wonder our plane was filled with doctors! Maybe he specifically targetted this plane to take revenge on doctors who had failed to save the life of his mom!" Mrs Amy shouted as if she had solved a challenging puzzle.

"You're right! And he only had a single parent which meant the death of her would have added even more aggression.. He even drugged the co-pilot!" My mom further revealed facts about the investigation.

It was all starting to make sense now as I got a clearer and bigger picture of the whole incident. Firstly, Captain Mitch had hired a few guys as "hijackers" so that the suspicion wouldn't fall on him. He had coordinated the entire ordral with them. As the plane took off, he had somehow forced heroin to his copilot, making him dizzy and unconscious. That finally explained why the co-pilot went aboit everything while doing nothing to stop the hijacking!

Most of the time, 2 of the hijackers were inside the cockpit, discussing about the subsequent moves. No wonder they rarely came out! Next the hijackers killed two of the passengers who were indeed doctors from the orders of Captain Mitch. Captain Mitch landed the plane in Catah Island, perhaps as if to say his last 'goodbyes' to his hometown before planning to end everything. For the inordinate amount of love for his mother, he wanted to take revenge and finally kill himself with the others so that he could finally be with her.

So after all, those were fake hijackers who were bribed with huge sums of money to commit this act. I finally realised what Anton was trying to say during his final moments. He was stammering "Ca.. cap.. captta.." [Chapter 9]. It was now I realised that he was probably intending to say that Captain Mitch was responsible for everything. How dumb was I to not notice that?

Mrs Amy started crying realising the entire ordeal that had happened. He didn't deserve to be called a captain. He didn't deserve to wear that prestigious uniform for the unforgivable sin that he had committed. His one act of selfishness had indeed cost many more lives. Finally as everyone was evacuating of the plane, it was Mitch who made the final move by blowing up the plane!

And then the news on the tv revealed one more particularly intriguing fact. It was not random that this flight was Flight 72. Even the number 72 had a huge significance. Mitch requested to captain this flight.. why? Because his mother suffered in the hospital for 3 straight days before dying. 3 days. 72 hours. Likewise in the same way, he planned on blowing up the plane exactly 72 hours after the start of the hijacking. On his mind, he wanted to torture us for 3 days just like how his mother had suffered in the hospital! How saddistic was this man!

With that being said it was all over now and Mitch had been arrested for all the heinous crime he did. But still, the pain we all went through was just unbearable.

Heaving a sigh of relief, my mom headed back to the kitchen to cook dinner to feed her famished son and neighbour while my father had gone to take a shower. That left with Mrs Amy and myself alone on the living room.

"Aren't you happy now?" She asked.

"Of course.. who wouldn't be?"

"Don't you realise something?"


And that was when she broke into a long lecture. And for once, I found her lecture valuable.

It was always about love. I agreed to this trip for the love for Mrs Amy. Then I fell in love with a girl whom I met at the airport and was over the moon when realising she was our flight attendant. And why did Clara chose to come on the flight? Partly because of the love for her passengers but mainly due to the love of Kenneth. Of course on the other hand, the inordinate love for his mother had prompted Captain Mitch to take revenge and trap all of us on the plane. As Clara narrated her life story, the lack of love had prompted her to run away from her father. Finally, after realising Kenneth and Clara had been together, it was my abundant love for Clara which prompted me to hit Kenneth.

It was always about love.

Love has the power to make both positive and negative impacts to us and the people surrounding us as illustrated from Flight 72. It all depends on how we show our love to others and the extent to which we showcase it. Love indeed plays an indispensable role in shaping the person we are and ultimately can bring out the best or worst out of people depending on how it is expressed.

So go on and love your friends, family, neighbours and even complete strangers even more! Let's go the extra mile and lend others a helping hand so that this world would be a better place for many generations to come!

And one last thing Mrs Amy adviced: Never to take things for granted. Treasure even the smallest and simplest things in life because you won't know what tomorrow holds for you. That is why today is a 'present'. That was indeed the key message out of this entire story.

"Ok Mrs Amy, do you want to do something interesting?"


"Let's go for a bike ride!"

"Are you serious?" Before Mrs Amy finished her sentence, I dragged her to our bike outside. My mom, who initially had a stern look was now seen in a jovial mood. What else could stop us? The next thing I knew, our bike was thundering down the empty highway, similar to our bike ride as we were going to the airport. Except for one major change. I was in the driver's seat this time while Mrs Amy was closing her eyes tightly while grabbing onto me.

"I thought someone liked speed? What happened to it?" I asked giggling away. Indeed the experience had made me braver with speed and flights while it was ths opposite for Mrs Amy - it had made her more timid!

"Just drive kid" she said giggling along.

With that, we drove as far as our eyes could see.

As far as the love for each other was.

-------THE END---------

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