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"Stop being a pussy, Aaron" Mrs Amy chirped, our bike accelerating down the expressway at jet speed as my eyes forced itself shut from the cold wind gushing past my face. Mrs Amy, however, was seen giggling away, enjoying how terrified I looked.

"If this speed is already making you dizzy, think about our flight when it is zooming past the runway later" Mrs Amy's words injected an additional tinge of fear in me. After all, I was not an avid fan of flying or travelling in general. Grabbing onto Mrs Amy's shoulders, I screamed for my life.

We jolted down the highway, parallel to runway 28L of Vale International Airport. It was as if Mrs Amy was having a race with the flight that was landing at that time. Within a blink of an eye, we reached the airport.

"Is this your mother?" The lady at the check-in counter questioned, one of her eyebrows raised. In fact she was. My "mom". A motherly figure in my life I had looked up to. Though we seemed close knitted like peas in a pod, Mrs Amy was actually my 80-year old neighbour. Unbelievable right? Ever since her husband passed months ago away, I had established a close bond with her, to aid her in avoiding loneliness. It was then Mrs Amy came up with a brilliant idea of going on a one week trip abroad to relieve some stress. Though terrified of flying, I nodded in agreement, blinded by the love for Mrs Amy and the drive to keep her contented. Moreover, it wasn't as if I was drained in a shit ton of work. Being completely jobless and nothing to do meant I had practically no reason to disagree to the request.

"Yes" Mrs Amy nodded, beaming from side to side to the woman at the counter.
As we made our way to the departure hall of the gargantuan airport, my feet were moving lethargically and Mrs Amy instantly knew the crux of the matter.

"Let me guess, you need to pee? Especially after the traumatic bike experience?" She questioned, laughing away uncontrollably. I nodded my head sheepishly, immediately searching for a nearby toilet. Had I stayed a minute longer, I guess my bladder would have burst from excessive pee.

Fortunately, a toilet was nearby and I frantically jolted towards it. But just as I was about to enter the toilet, i tripped over clumsily and banged right into this woman who was walking out. I stumbled right on top of her, staring straight into her depth filled beady blue eyes. To be really honest, I admired how cute she looked with her curly golden strands of hair and her glossy pink lipstick which had a sweet cherry fragrant to it.

My heart started to palpitate at the speed of lightning as her blushing face turned awkwardly from me. With wobbly legs like jelly, I worked my way up and stood upright, my eyes fixated at the floor as if to avoid contact with her eyes. It was then I realised I had tripped onto a flight attendant working for Greenair.

"I'm s-orr-yy" I stuttered incredibly as words decided to stick to my throat when I needed them the most.

"Its okay.. Its not your fault" the woman tweeted cheerfully in a charming voice. Her voice was like music to my ears - soothing. By this time, my heart was probably beating around 130bpm. With nothing else to say, I took a few baby steps towards the toilet when her soft palms grabbed my left arm firmly. I instantly turned around, wearing a concerned face. Gosh, she was just gorgeous..
"Umm.. this is the female toilet sir.." She chirped, chuckling away. Wow! In the rush to pee, I had forgotton to go to ther right toilet! My face instantly red in embarrassment as I stared at the flight attendant dressed in teal walking past me..

"Great, Aaron.. what a brilliant first impression" I complained to the person whom I saw in the mirror while washing my face thoroughly. No matter how hard I cleared my face, I just cant seem to erase her off of my mind. Her face had been etched deeply in my heart as I found myself attracted to her beauty like a magnet.

As I made my way out of the toilet, all the events that had happened flashed in my mind continuously like a broken recorder. The more I thought about that flight attendant, the more I longed to see her again, eventhough I knew the chances of meeting her again are rather slim. With my head kept low, I arrived at Gate 33 where Mrs Amy was seated.

"Boy, what took you so long? Diarrhea?" Mrs Amy asked giggling.

"Umm.. noo.. I fell on a girl"

Mrs Amy stared straight at my eyes and somehow I had this feeling that she could read what exactly was going through my mind.

"Correction.. you fell for a girl and now you're missing her" Mrs Amy replied and my eyes widened instantaneoulsy, deeply surprised at her exceptional mind-reading abilities.

"Wow Mrs Amy! How?"

"It is clearly evident in your eyes.. so tell me who is she?"

"Well, its a flight attendant from Greenair.."

"Our airline is Greenair" Mrs Amy replied.

"What are the odds of her ending up in our plane? There are hundreds of Greenair flights departing from this massive airport. I'm 95% sure I am never seeing her again" I replied pessimistically, my shoulders drooping downwards as if to signal that hope had vanished completely.

"Well, then cling onto the 5%. If you yourself don't have hope, not even the greatest of entity can help you" Mrs Amy tried to sound optimistic, wrapping her frail arm around my shoulder. Her words though did not have the oomph to pacify me and lift up my spirits. Though she tried her best, I was quite adamant with my own belief that meeting that flight attendant again was nearly impossible. With a heavy sigh, I let go of her arm, pretending to read the newspaper nearby to clear my mind of her thoughts.

Even the newspaper had grim news on almost every page. Literally. The first page about a cat murderer killing a dozen cats, second page about a businessman being electrocuted to death while taking a shower, the third page about the mother of a pilot dieing as a result of a surgery going wrong and so on. Reading the titles of each newd gave me chills and I decided that not reading was a better choice.

"Look Jason, pretending to do things is not going to hide the fact that you love her.." Mrs Amy said, a statement I couldn't disagree on. She was indeed right. No matter what I did, all I could think about was her and her alone. Goshh I should have looked at her name tag! "Yes you should have known her name" Mrs Amy read my mimd once again. Before I could express my bewilderment at her mind reading skills again, I was cut loose by the announcement at the airport.

"Good evening ladies and gentleman, this is the announcement for passengers travelling on Greenair Flight 72 to Landerville. The flight is now ready for boarding. Greenair wishes you a pleasant journey" (Landerville is a city surrounded by mountains, 2500km west of Vale).

As we walked down the aerobridge to our plane, I could literally feel the weight of the burden pounding my head. At one side, It was saddening to leave the airport terminal without knowing anything more about that woman. Leaving the airport means my chances of seeing her drops from little to practically 0. It was as though thr memories of her were stored in a box and nailed shut, never to be opened again. On the other hand, the fear of flying had already started to rip me into pieces as I could already feel abit nauseous.

As I was taking baby steps into the aircraft, something caught my attention.

There she stood. That woman.

I couldn't believe what I was just seeing! Pinching myself confirmed to me that indeed what I was simply not a figment of my imagination. The lady whom I was missing badly now stood at the entrance of the aircraft, dressed neatly in her teal-coloured uniform and greeting the passengers warmly! It was as if seeing her had invoked a great deal of energy and enthusiasm in me like a battery. As my turn came, my heart started to race as fast as a formula one car. It was at the peak when my turn came and her eyes met mine.

She stood still like a statue with words barely escaping out of her mouth for a split second. Afterwards, a wide smile materialised on her face as she pointed to the cabin. Her contagious smile soon resided on my face and my face bloomed like a sunflower pointing towards the sun. I thanked my lucky stars and Mrs Amy as we walked down the single-aise cabin.

It was just fascinating to see how my fortunes had turned in my favour so quickly. Just minutes ago, I was deeply saddened not knowing about that woman and look now! She is the flight attendant of our journey!

With a heart full of joy, I sat at seat 17A, thr window seat right behind the left wing of the aircraft. "Hmm... I see someone isn't feeling nervous about flying after all? Don't tell me to exchange seat in the middle of the flight" Mrs Amy gave a friendly reminder, almost surprised at the decision of me sitting at the window seat. Well to be really frank, the very presence of the flight attendant had made my fear of flying to disappear to thin air. For the first time ever, I felt jovial entering into an aircraft.It was all because of one particular woman. And as I was thinking about this, that woman came down the aisle, reminding passengers to fasten their seatbelts.

"Sir, please fasten your seatbelt" She tweeted heartily. In sheer determination to know her name, I instantly stared at her name tag.
"Don't ogle at the young lady" Mrs Amy joked, assuming I was staring at her chest. "Shh" I hushed at Mrs Amy before tilting upwards to meet her depth filled eyes.

"Yes Miss Clara"

She chuckled and smiled lightly before moving on to the passengers behind. Finally, mission accomplished on knowing her name! Her smile was enough to melt my heart. I sat down there, wondering how wonderful the 3-hour journey was going to be.

Or so I thought.

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