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In my peripheral vision, I could see Captain Mitch arguing with both the terrorists. I guess the thugs were laying our their demands and wanted the aircraft to fly to another location. As soon as they were doing so, one of them shut the cockpit door close, rendering it impossible to know what was going on in the cockpit.

Within seconds, the plane swerved rapidly towards the left, banking at a dangerous 45 degrees and my natural instincts kicked in and I thought the plane was going to roll over. I could see the tip of the wing pointing directly to the cold sea below, though the puffy clouds blocked the view partially. I could feel the plane losing altitude and the next moment, I realised we were about to land.

"Son, don't leave me" Mrs Amy broke down, her voice cracking as she realised that the plane was going down towards the chilling water beneath us. Terror seized me and scenes of the plane crashing into the water and disintegrating flashed through my mind.. Clasping Mrs Amy's palms firmly, I shut my eyes close, preparing for the worst to come..


A loud noise coupled with screams of death ripped through my ears for a few seconds before utter silence broke throughout the entirw cabin. I slowly opened my eyes, instantaneously inspecting my surrounding. Was I in heaven?

It was truly miraculous to see myself and Mrs Amy unhurt. In fact to my bewilderment, I realised that the plane had infact landed on a runway strip on an unknown island. Darkness ensued the surrounding as only the runway lights and the dim lighting of the small terminal building illuminated the place.

"Mrs Amy, we are alive!" I exclaimed, nudging Mrs Amy to wake up. Mrs Amy was over the moon, her face filled with overwhelming joy that for a moment, she might have forgotten about the fact that she was still trapped with 3 other hijackers.

"Now don't get overjoyed.. Anton might chop your hand off too" I whispered silently to Mrs Amy and she nodded in agreement. Just as I was saying so, I noticed Clara making her way down the cabin, checking on the passengers. As her eyes met mine, she decided to sit on the empty seat next to me. Well, seeing her sort of lifted my spirits to a certain level.

"Hey.. are you okay?" I uttered.

"As you can see, I am having a pleasant experience on board with 3 hijackers" Clara joked sarcastically. My trauma onboard the plane did not allow me to laugh at her lines and Clara instantly realised that too.

"Ok I am sorry.. I just finished applying bandage to Kenneth and first aid to that old man. Are you okay?" Clara questioned this time, staring right at me, her arms slowly wrapping around my shoulders. It was like a thousand butterflies roaming freely in your stomach and my heart palpitated swiftly.

How I wish I could lie on her arms forever.. It was just soo comforting. Until Anton stood at the front of the plane and started shouting again.

"We will be refuelling and taking off tomorrow morning!" Anton wailed as he lacadaisically laid on the floor next to the box containing our phones, perhaps due to the weariness of hijacking..

"Where are we?" I asked.

"I am not sure.. but hopefully, we will be saved from this ordeal at least tomorrow.. don't worry" Clara's words helped to ease my nerves as we settled in for the night. What was initially a very stressful environment had paved way for a more calmer environment with Anton half asleep and the two hijackers occupied in the cockpit.

I watched as Mrs Amy closely monitored the little view potrayed by the window. As a geography expert, she was perhaps contemplating where we were and what airport we were in.

"Hmmm.. there is a small terminal in the distance.. there are barely any lighting.." Mrs Amy's self deductions confirmed my beliefs. "I give up, I have never seen such a place. Hey this wouldn't be such a bad time for an assault by security forces" Mrs Amy suggested. If only we could be spotted by people. With the aircraft in such a desolate area and with the lights completely switched off, I highly doubted anyone would notice us. The only chances are that air traffic controllers might know of our arrival.
As these thoughts ran through my mind, I realised Clara had fallen asleep, her head lain on my shoulder. Gently, I grabbed her soft cheeks and tried to move her head away but she just wouldn't move. Well, strangers lying on my shoulders was definitely one of my pet peeve. But Clara was no stranger to me.. she was my angel. I guess when moments like this arrive rarely, you should treasure and cherish. I smiled lightly, allowing her to inch closer to me.

Well it was short-lived though, as Mrs Amy decided to let out a big sneeze, jerking Clara to life immediately.

Why Mrs Amy? WHY? She just ruined it.

Realising she had fallen on me, she instantly straightened herself, apologising quietly. With a heart full of disappointment, I decided to go to the toilet. Trudging my towards the toilet at the back end of the dark aircraft with baby steps, I stumbled upon a figure who was lying near the alley. Rubbing my eyes to take a closer look, I found out it was the other flight attendant, Kenneth who was supposedly taking medication to cure his wounds inflicted by the hijackers.

"Mr Kenneth, are you okay?" I asked, gently grabbing by his bandage-woven arm.

"Yeah, just some minor cuts here and there"

Silence hung in the air. What would you expect from such an awkward and timid guy to ask a wounded flight attendant? I hadn't been in such a situation before so I virtually had no idea how to react. Thankfully, before I could say anything, Kenneth started saying something.

"Can you help me do a small favour?"

"Sure, what is it?"

"Can you help me take off my right shoe?" It was a rather bizarre request but I guess it would be rude to turn down the offer. So I grabbed by his shoe and pulled it out. That was when something caught me off guard.

Out popped his mobile phone and my eyes were fixated on it for a few seconds with sheer shock written over my face.

"How do you still have your phone?"

"Those 2 hijackers were busy beating me up that they forgot to collect my phone lile the rest. I discreetly hid it under my shoe" Kenneth explained.

The phone symbolised a ray of hope of that maybe, just maybe that we would be able to contact others and put an end to our terrifying ordeal.

"By my instincts, we should be able to get signal and we can easily find our location.. Can you help me to see if there is signal?"

I was with two-minds whether to grab the phone. Though I wanted to help Kenneth, I would be dead meat if Anton suddenly decides to wake up and scans the plane.

"Please help me.." Kenneth pleaded in a soft voice, clasping both his weak hands. It was enough to touch at my heartstrings and I immediately grabbed the phone.

To prevent any hijackers from seeing this, I immediately made my way into the toilet. Well, it was one of those times where I learnt to appreciate airplane toilets better. In times of crisis like this, toilets offer the best space of privacy to conceal any activities from hijackers. Switching on the phone, I realised, it had no signal.

Chanting countless "please", I pointed the phone in all directions in a bid to capture any signal from nearby radio towers. I even stood on top of the toilet as if it made a difference.

It indeed made a difference.

Three bars appeared at the top right side of the phone, indicating that indeed the phone had picked up signal. I was absolutely overjoyed as I felt a new spark of energy in me being ignited. "YESS!" I exclaimed in delight as I smiled widely from side to side. It felt like indeed our troubles would soon be over as I quickly opened up the maps application.

Fate, though seemed jealous of me being happy and unleashed its wrath upon me. Just as the map was loading, the phone screen turned black completly. I guess the battery had run down and my shoulders drooped in utter dismay. It was almost like being on a roller coaster ride - one minute on the highest point and the next minute on the lowest point. Frustration settled upon me knowing how agonisingly close I was to finding our location. It was hard to accept how I had missed such a golden opportunity. Now with no USB ports on the seats of the plane, it was almost an impossible task to know where we were. Sighing heavily, I clutched the handle of the toilet door and opened it forcefully.

Unexpectedly, I came to face to face with Anton who was standing at the entrance with a huge frown creasing his forehead and his eyes emanating rage. I was shell-shocked, rooted to the ground.

That was it.

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