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We were literally inches between each other and his death stare was more than enough to send chills down my spine. I was probably 90% sure that Anton knew I was up to something suspicious and I am not going to lie, I could have been dead if he had seen the phone.

"What are you up to?" Words laced with anger sent sweat droplets from my face.

"N-Nothing.. just went to the toilet.." my voice had softened comparable to that of a mouse. I knew that the slightest exhibition of unnaturality would eventually give away the fact that I was concealing something.

"You sure?" Anton questioned, his voice turning deeper. Raising his voice may probably well be his tactics of intimidating others so that they would eventually break the truth. I guess in a way it was his style of giving others a last warning so that they would tell the truth cause I am 98% sure the consequences when he finds out we had hidden something from him would be way more severe.

In my peripheral vision, I could notice Kenneth shaking his head lightly as if to signal a "no". I still decided not to tell him anything, placing all my trust and faith on my limited acting skills.

"Yes.." I replied, immediately looking down and starting making my way back to my seat as if nothing sinister had happened, hoping that Anton would be dumb enough not to notice the phone in my pocket.

Or so I thought.

Just when I started my walk back to my seat, his burly hands shoved me over back towards the toilet door as pain started to take control over my chest. Whimpering in pain, I realised Anton had indeed noticed something was odd with me.

His eyes were filled with rage as they fixated at my right pocket. My heart started racing again and this time I knew I was seriously in deep trouble.

"WHAT'S THAT IN YOUR POCKET?" Anton erupted, his face turning as red as a tomato. His menacing voice was enough to wake everyone up in the plane. It was a rather intense moment.

"Nothing.." My face turned pale as if I had just seen a ghost. Well, Anton was a menacing ghost after all.

"DONT HIDE FROM ME!" Anton's lightning words peirced through me as he instantaneously whipped out his revolver, pointing right at my head. Just one pull of a trigger and I was gone. I started to breathe heavily upon seeing the dreaded gun. It was indeed a sign of death. My trembling and sweaty palm started slithering its way down the left pocket while Anton rammed the pistol harder on my skull.

Slowly, I started extracting the object from my pocket to show Anton. When I took it out, Anton scanned it for a while before slowly withdrawing the gun from my head. Confusion pounded my head.

"Is that a apple juice carton?" His words added more confusion as I looked at what I was holding. Indeed it was a carton of apple juice much to the amusement of everyone. My eyes widened at what just happened.

Anton immediately snatched the carton, shoving me back to my seat while he made his way to the front of the plane. As I strolled to my seat, confusion was written all over my face as I could not decipher a single thing that had happened. How lucky I was to escape from what could have been the end of me. Did magic just saved me?

"That was a massive escape.." Clara remarked.
"Well, yea.. but" my words were immediately cut off by Clara's words. "Well.. it was me.. I was the one who put that carton secretly into your pocket before you went to the toilet. You know just as a precautionary measure"

How dumb had I been not to notice thr carton in my pocket the entire time? Perhaps, I was too intoxicated with love that I didn't notice Clara sneaking into my pocket.

"You have saved my life, girl.. Thank you!" Countless 'thank you' emerged from my mouth as my hands shook with her soft palms without me even noticing. I guess a whirlwind of emotions kicked into me and instinctively made me to shake her palms.

She let out a mini smile, perhaps thinking when the wierdo would let go of her palm.. I came back to my senses thanks to Mrs Amy nudging me discreetly, probably warning me to let go of the woman.

"I am sorry.. I just got too excited.." I replied to Clara, letting go of her palms immediately. She must have heaved a sigh of relief..

"At least you realised it" Clara chuckled away, stretching her arms and legs. Poor woman.. she must have been tired. Her eyes faltered and within minutes, she was fast asleep.

Well at least Mrs Amy was quite awake now to keep me accompanied.

"I see someone's flirting"

"Well, its been my hobby since I came on this flight" I chuckled away. It was nice to at least have a person by my side to share my feelings and experience the same things on the plane.

I explained the entire ordeal to Mrs Amy, not missing out on a single detail. "So where is the phone now?" Mrs Amy asked.

I pondered for a while, trying so hard to recall where I had placed the phone. There was no doubt in my mind that I should have paid closer attention to finer details such as these.

All of a sudden, Mrs Amy flashed the phone before my very eyes and I immediately grabbed, my eyes brightened like a lightbulb.

"Where did you find it?"

"I pulled it out from your left pocket"

I smiled sheepishly at Mrs Amy realising it has happened to me twice now. "Now I know how Clara took it out from your pocket. It is a cake in a walk for an oblivious person like you".

The phone had been in my right pocket the entire time. That just goes to show that it was plain luck that Anton managed to notice only my left pocket. If he had seen my right pocket, that would definitely be closed curtains for me.

"Wow.. you are one fortunate boy. I guess where the luck came from" Mrs Amy uttered. Though necessarily not true, my mind just wanted to acquaint Clara as my lucky charm who helped me to overcome death from Anton. Somehow, I was led to believe by an unknown entity that Clara was the main reason I was surviving thus far.

"That entity is has a name. It is called love" Mrs Clara went back to what she was really good at - mindreading.

"Well I would agree but I am 96.782% sure Clara would think otherwise"

"you still hadn't confessed, have you?"

"This whole ordeal started just when I was about to tell her.. I guess its nature's warning of telling me that it was a bad idea"

"You're a pussy" out came Mrs Amy's signature remark about me.

"I mean telling her now would be an even worse idea. Who in the right mind would do a confession in the middle of a hijacking going on? People are literally fearing for their lives each second on this plane and you expect me to tell her 'I love you?' "

"Boy, you've grown up" Mrs Amy praised me, probably in utter disbelief as to how matured I sounded.

"Plus, I don't even know her age. What if she is already married and have kids" I laid doen some more points to strengthen my view, carrying on the momentum of mt speech.

"So you don't love her?" Mrs Amy asked and it put an end to the momentum of my speech. It was one question which left me with no answers. I would like to believe it is but my heart wouldn't let me accept it.

Mrs Amy started smiling gleefully.

"Ok, what's so funny?"

"You can say a hundred and one things but all I needed was that one question to touch at your heartstrings. Your hesitation itself shows how much you love her"

Mrs Amy's words of wisdom were truly undeniable. I loved her sincerely and if that is true, I should just tell her.

"Ok.. I'll tell her tomorrow night.. if we are still somehow trapped in this plane." I challenged. Mrs Amy chuckled away as if to signal that I had already lost the challenge. She would have probably wished that the hijacking would go on for a couple of days solely for the sake of me telling my love to Clara, though it seemed absolutely ridiculous that such a thought would even spring up in the first place.

"I wanted to know where we were, but with the battery gone, its all in vain now" I complained, periodically checking my surrounding to see if any hijacker is nearby.

"Is that a problem?" Mrs Amy asked.

"What do you mean?"

"I have a power bank.. but it is in my bag in the overhead compartment. If only we can take it out without anyone noticing"

"Forget it" I said in utter dismay. It was already a massive struggle to hide the phone from Anton and now power bank was even worse. Past experience has told me that concealing anything from hijackers is really not an ingenious idea.

"You're a pussy.. fine then let's just do nothing and see where fate brings us to.." Mrs Amy replied as she made herself comfortable to rest her eyes.

I clinged onto her words firmly. Let's just see where fate brings me to.

The environment cooled down a bit and passengers eventually started to settle in for the night, some probably fallen asleep due to the weariness of insufficient food. Throughout the start of the whole hijacking, I had been too engrossed in the events that followed it that I had almost completely forgotton about food. Well, that was now the least of my worries. With this thought running through my head, I closed my eyes, hoping to get at least some sleep.

And a little sleep was all I got as I found myself awaken by sunlight illuminating the entire cabin hours later.

"Good morning its 6.49" Clara exclaimed who was already wide awake to which I greeted back. As far as my eyes could see, there were no hijackers in the vicinity which was indeed surprsing.

"Where are they?"

"If they are not in the cabin, where do you think they would be?" Clara asked.


"Those thugs went straight into the cockpit and locked the door. I have no idea what is going on in the cockpit till now" Clara replied.

For a moment I was joyous, thinking that we were somehow saved from those beings. How wrong I was. It was indeed going to be another day of surviving..

Mrs Amy though was unnoticed about me waking up but rather her eyes were glued to the window. She seemed to be deep in thought and that could only mean one thing - that she had figured something out using her geographical skills.
"The sun is rising"


"The sun is rising at 6.40 ish.. quite early.."


"That means we are somewhere in the north or east"

I have no idea how Mrs Amy was able to come up with such conclusions. It is as if she had a natural flair for geography. I watcged as her face quickly transformed into one filled with shock.

"So what is the use of all these?" I asked.

"Remember how our destination is somewhere in the west from Landerville? Based on my calculations, we are somewhere in the northeast, nowhere near the direction we were supposed to go" Mrs Amy's reaction send chills down my spine.

"What if.." I continued..

"Are you thinking what I am thinking?"

No that cannot possibly be. There was no way this was a pre-planned and coordinated hijacking right from the very start from Landerville.

Just as we were contemplating on this issue, all eyes turned towards the front of the plane, interrupted by the loud noise of Anton slamming the cockpit door open and emerging out. In typical fashion, he was armed with his revolover and this time, he came out holding an explosive in his hands. Somehow, he seemed enraged to an extent like never before. I clutched Mrs Amy's palms firmly, bracing myself for whatever that was about to happen. Here we go again..

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