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It was as if a spark had ignited me and invigorated me to a totally new person. A gush of bravery started running through me. I was totally sick of being scared under these merciless hijackers. How long more should I keep running away from all the problems? I had enough of being always labelled as the 'timid' guy.

Although the oppression under these hijackers was eerily similar to the subjugation faced by Clara under her father, I knew that I wasn't going to repeat the same mistake that Clara did. I was not going to run away from the problem like Clara did. A sudden boost of confidence led me to mustering my courage. With that courage, I felt the greater need to stamp my authority and not tolerate this whole ordeal anymore. I felt the need to face my opponents rather than running away like a house mouse after being caught for stealing cheese. And that was why I made the decision to shoot that person.

I had shot the hijacker who was grabbing Clara's beautiful hair!

Clara stood there, with her eyes and ears shut as she immediately knelt to the ground, lying in a foetal position. I watched as all eyes were fixated on me, perplexed at what the scaredy-cat had achieved.

Before Anton could slit my throat, he started to shout in pain and started crumbling down to the floor like a deck of stacked cards being crushed down. Confusion was written on my face as I did not know what happened to Anton. With that, I turned behind to witness what was going on.

There, I witnessed Kenneth, grabbing onto Anton's hands firmly, somewhat preventing him from attacking anyone. It seemed that Kenneth had bitten Anton's leg in order to distract him from killing me.

Anton started to shake himself rapidly in the hopes of releasing himself from the firm grip of Kenneth. Kenneth on the other hand, just wouldn't let Anton move a single inch towards the passengers.

"Leave me alone you dumbass!" Anton shouted, trying to nudge away Kenneth with brute force. Kenneth took a deep breath in, pretending he was strong enough for the punches which landed on him.

"Do you think I am a doll to repeatedly being beaten?" It was the first time I saw Kenneth with that much of agitation. It was as if finally, everyone had started to go against the hijackers.

"You gave me some punches, and now it is time for me to give back some" Kenneth roared as if scolding a child, punching Anton's palms until he dropped the knife. With a sudden turn of punches and kicks, Kenneth managed to roll Anton down with his front body on the ground. Watching curiously, I witnessed Kenneth tying both Anton's hands together using what appeared like a shoe lace. This shoe lace however looked familiar. This looked like it was from a show I had seen before..

Looking around the flpor revealed the answer - it was from the shoe of Mrs Amy who winked at me upon seeing me.

"Time to go shoeless!" Mrs Amy chirped, removing the shoelace from her other shoe too.

"So it was all your idea?" I asked.

"It took you minutes to figure out eho could come up with such ideas?" Mrs Amy laughed as she stood, moving towards the back where Anton's legs were.

With a vice-like grip, Mrs Amy started to tie Anton's legs tightly together using the shoelace. By this time, a huge crowd had gathered around as everyone finally started to feel free from captivity. Together with everyone, I watched as both Kenneth and Mrs Amy tied up Anton, preventing him from moving anymore. It was if watching a free show on the theatre. It was such a sight to behold - a hijacker being subdued.

"Leave me alone! See what I do to you all!" Anton screamed pathetically.

"First learn to stand upright!" Mrs Amy remarked, tightening the knot on his legs. Upon this, the whole flight erupted into laughter. Finally, after all the painful hours, I finally got to see happiness in all the faces of the passengers. Gone was the gloom now that Anton seemed like a worm stuck onto the floor of the plane, unable to move freely. At this instance, I slowly raised the revolver I was holding, till it pointed directly at Anton.

It was the first time that I saw fear and terror in Anton's eyes. The mighty and ruthless Anton was now merely a puny ant lying at my feet. How time changes!

"Hey, no point chirping.. I wont hesitate to shoot you too" I warned, probably with the loudest voice I had ever used in my entire life. Mrs Amy looked at me with joy emanating from her face. She would probably be proud that I had finally break free from the jail known as 'fear'. Just then, Kenneth started to stand up and walk towards the front of the plane. I was wondering what he was doing. Then only I realised that he had gone to check on Clara.

Together with Mrs Amy, we slowly dragged Anton by his legs towards the back door. Anton was still trying his very best to free himself but to no avail.

"Don't worry, my knot tying skills haven't failed me yet" Mrs Amy assured me that Anton would have 0 percent chance of escaping.

"I will kill you all!" Anton screamed.

"I'm sorry, what was that?" Mrs Amy asked.

"I said, I will murder every single one on the plane"

"Don't you hear an irritating voice coming somewhere from here, Aaron?" Mrs Amy said sarcastically..

"Well, if only there was one way to stop the noise emitting from him" I said..

"Well, fret not!" Mrs Amy said in a delighted voice, grabbing a first aid kit from the galley at the back of the plane.

The next thing I knew, Anton's mouth was tapped up with bandages.

"How's my idea?"

"Only you can come up with such brilliant idea!" I complimented, while hi-fiving with her. While I left the back of the plane leaving Anton behind, a particulat sight caught my eye.

Kenneth was apparently checking if Clara was alright as he gently stroked his fingers around the forehead of Clara. That dude was literally inches infront of Clara and for a second I thought he was going to kiss her. He was THAT close. While his right hand was stroking her face, his left palm had seemed to rubbing Clara's left arm, as if to comfort her.

"Are you okay, dear?" He asked in a gentle voice. That made me cringe so hard. I'm not going to lie but his actions seemed to stir up some kind of emotion in me. He was acting as though he was her boyfriend.

"That emotion has a name. It's called jealousy" Mrs Amy, who stood next to me had instantly read my facial expressions.

"Umm.. noo.. I don't know who you are talking about" I tried to cover up the fact that I was jealous. But in front of Mrs Amy, not even the best of acting would prevent Mrs Amy from knowing my true emotions.

"Don't lie.. I can see the jealousy in your eyes.."

"Maybe he was just a caring flight attendant looking out for the well-being of a fellow co-worker.. nothing too personal.." I replied.

"Let me say this, even close friends aren't this close to one another physically" Mrs Amy reminded me, perhaps to make me feel more jealous.

"Now I wish your mouth would be closed"

"Ok.. I'm sorry, let's just go see and see what is happening"

Mrs Amy and myself marched towards Clara and Kenneth amongst the small groups of people who had started to chatter amongst themselves. Some though were still perplexed by what they had just witnessed, staring blankly at the dead hijacker who was at the front.

"Are you okay guys?" I asked out of concern but since Kenneth was around too, I had to use 'us' as the pronoun. I guess ot would be rude if I had only asked Clara that question.

"I'm okay.. but why did you kill him?" Clara asked, her face laced with confusion.

"Well, something had to happen.. I was tired of just sitting down there doing nothing.."

"And how was your aim soo good? I really thought it was the end of me!" Clara claimed, partially shocked by all the events that had occured within a short span of time.

"Well, when someone you are close to is in danger, even miracles happen" I chirped, dropping some hints as to how much I loved her. It was up to her to crack the hint but sadly she didn't. Instead, Kenneth interrupted me.

"There's still the one last hijacker in the cockpit.. and I guess the bomb is with him" Kenneth informed.

"What should we do now?" Mrs Amy asked.
"I guess it is better to kill him too" I answered.

"What's your obsession with killing?" Mrs Amy asked but was briefly interrupted by Kenneth.

"I guess that is the best option we have. I'm guessing no one from the outside is going to save us. Only we can save ourselves. And besides that, I was from the police force before I came to this profession" Kenneth commented.

"Are you sure about this?" Clara asked.

"Don't you trust in me?" Kenneth asked, staring straight at Clara's eyes while holding both her arms together. Gosh I wanted to slap that guy really hard! He really seemed to be flirting with Clara and was really getting on my nerves. Mrs Amy discreetly grabbed my arm, to signal that I should let go of my anger.

All this while I had this picture in mind that Kenneth was just an innocent flight attendant just helping people out. Now with his intimacy with Clara, he is slowly turning out to be the villain in my story. It seems that there is a bit of competition now?

With that, Kenneth started to drag the dead hijacker back to where Anton was while Clara started to instruct everybody.

"Please everyone, return to your seats and fasten your seatbelt now"

With that, both Mrs Amy and myself made our ways back to our usual places and fastened our seatbelts.

All the time, my eyes were solely fixated on Kenneth and how close he approached Clara everytime they were together.

"I see someone is in a really bad mood" Mrs Amy remarked.

"I don't know whether to feel angry or sad. Kenneth had really helped and stepped up during the flight. He has helped us in a lot of ways.. but.."


"I just hate to see him that close to her.."

"Then you should have just told him that straight to his face"

"I should have"

"And this is the reason why you should have declared your love to her a long time ago.. so that that dude would stay away from your girl"

"Please.. I don't think they are actual lovers.. I don't think Clara doesn't even know a lot about Kenneth"

"And neither do you know that much about Clara.."

"Umm.. my point is that both of them are strangers.. Clara only boarded this plane as a replacement staff.. there is no way they would be this close"

"What if Clara lied to you that she came only as a replacement? What if she was in love with Kenneth and boarded the plane because of him?"

"Don't suspect her like that! I don't think that's true" I replied, defending Clara whilst having complete faith in her. In my mind, I had made up that she belonged with me and no one could change that.

Our conversation was cut short as Kenneth stood right infront of thr cockpit door, pointing the gun directly at it. At this juncture, Clara knocked the door with brute force before quickly jumping to the side. All was in readiness for the execution of the last hijacker. He just needed to open the door and that would be the end of him. However, one wrong move and that hijacker would blow up the plane. Certainly, we were at the edge of our seats as we stared straight at the cockpit door with bated breath. Our eyes widened as we heard the cockpit door unlocking..
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