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As the door opened, the last hijacker started to appear. It was the first time I had taken a good look at his face. He seemed really like a university undergraduate rather than a freaking hijacker with his massive spectacles. He was well dressed in a formal attire and at one glance, people may mistake him for a influential businessman.

As he emerged out, Kenneth pointed the gun directly at his chest, leaving him astonished. His eyebrows widened as his legs planted itself firmly to the ground below.

"Don't move!" exclaimed Kenneth, looking absolutely furious towards the last hijacker. He probably had this much guts knowing he was only left with one other hijacker.

"This guy is acting as if he is the hero of a movie.." I sighed at Mrs Amy, cringing badly at Kenneth.

"So you are not in his side? He's shooting a freaking hijacker and you don't appreciate his bravery?"

"Nah.. I guess this guy just puts on a brave front of Clara.. Otherwise he's a coward"

Mrs Amy gave me a dejected look, grimacing at me disapprovingly.

"You're just jealous aren't you? As a flight attendant, he is doing his job right? What's your problem with him?"

"Doing his job.. yeaahh totally.."

"What has he done wrongly?"



"Let me start all the way from the beginning" I began ranting to Mrs Amy, not caring about what was happening at the front of the plane. I had become prone to the hijacking by now that I didn't even feel a tinge of nervousness evem with the hijacker around.

"When Anton slashed the old man, who did first aid to him? Kenneth didn't even bothered to do so.. only Clara had the initiative to help him"

"Well that was because Kenneth was also injured badly by the hijackers so he couldn't do it" Mrs Amy replied, shooting down my argument.

"Ok leave it, then came the time to throw the dead bodies out of the plane.. who helped to open the door? It wasn't Kenneth.."

"Well that was because Anton had ordered Clara to open the door, not Kenneth" Mrs Amy once again countered my argument.

"Fine.. leave that too.. what about the time when another passenger was about to die? Did that coward come and sacrificed himself? No! It was Clara who was selfless.."

Finally Mrs Amy kept silentl and thought for a while. Finally, a solid argument which Mrs Amy couldn't refute. But that didn't avoid her from telling her other points.

"Well, Kenneth had tried to save us from other ways like the time he hid his phone in his shoe and gave it to you which ran out of battery?

I paused, still unconvinced.

"Ok remember he was the one who distracted Anton from killing you. If only Kenneth had not bitten his leg, Anton would have slashed yoir throat the minute you shot the bullet!"

Of everything Mrs Amy had said, that seemed to be the only reason which made me to respect Kenneth.

"Ok even if he didn't do shit just now, he's compensating all that for now! He's fighting against a hijacker! You don't find that courageous?" Mrs Amy asked.

"Umm.. noo.. two of the hijackers are gone so who wouldn't be brave? Now that only one of them is left, he is putting on a oscar-winning act of bravery" I sighed, looking at Mrs Amy with disappointment.

Mrs Amy still didn't look convinced. I guess she was sticking to her stance of not suspecting Kenneth. With that, she turned her head to the front to witness the drama that was happening at the front.

Kenneth was still pointing the gun at the hijacker with Clara standing a few metres away, staring at the hijacker. The hijacker himself seemed like a newbie to his job as his eyes faltered in fear. He seemed like the only hijacker in the flight who did not know what to do. He looled absolutely clueless as if he hadn't been aquainted with the other two hijackers.

As he put on a sad face, my heart melted for him, forgetting totally that he was a hijacker too. Somehow, my frustration for Kenneth grew to the point that I actually felt bad for the hijacker whom Anton was pointing the gun at.

I was that delusional. Delusional for the love for Clara.

"Don't shoot me! I've got a bomb with me" the hijacker conjured up a few words amidst his panic. He started panting, further revealing his fear. That sign was enough for all of us to not take him seriously.

Just then a loud noise pierced through the air as the lights of the aircraft immediately went out. A commotion erupted on the plane and sent us down into utter comfusion. I looked at Mrs Amy as she closed her eyes while lying down.

"GET DOWN!" I managed to capture the loud command amidst the terrifying shouts and screams. The soumd was firm and resounding and immediately, my instincts told me to close my eyes and I immediately hid beneath my seat.

It was then I realised that commandos had entered the aircraft through the front door! Finally, air traffic controllers jad decided it was the perfect time to storm the plane.

Several bullets whizzed past as the plane started to turn smokey due to the smoke grenades. It felt as if we were going through a war and all I could do was to curl up like a worm on the floor, making myself as small as possible. In times of crises like this, I realised you just had to breathe in and hope that you are strong enough to prevent bullets from penetrating into your body.

Mrs Amy started screaming in terror asher arms started trembling. As I sealed my eyea shut, I could hear countless footsteps as well as bullet sounds.

After about a minute or so, silence ensued the cabin and I wondered if the commandos had successfully finished their operation of securing the plane. I slowly opened my eyes, scanning the misty cabin. Mrs Amy slowly stood up with me, looking clueless as I was. I was absolutely unaware of what just happened. Just as the smoke of the plane disappeared so did my doubts..

I could see the officers guiding passenger to the back of the plane. It looked like a miracle! People were actually evacuating the plane! As I turned my head to the back of the plane, the glistening afternoon sun rays entered the cabin and just seeing that made my heart bubble with joy! Were we free at last?

Just then one of the officer grabbed Mrs Amy's arm and tapped my shoulders, gesturing us to evacuate the plane as fast as possible..

"Alright time to get off this darn plane!" Mrs Amy heaved a sigh of relieve as she slowly made her way to the back of the plane. Part of me was extremely jubiliant as we finally were able to see the outside world. Another half of me wondered what happened with Kenneth and Clara.. To answer that doubt, I turned my head to the back, hoping to see Clara. However, with the throng of passengers standing behind me amd rushing to get of the plane, I could not see her.

"Hurry up sir.. get off the plane" one of the officers told me and that made me to accelerate my pace. I decided I would meet Clara later and now getting off the plane safely was out top priority.

As I approached the rear of the plane, I witnessed Anton and another hijacker lying without much motion on the ground. Blood oozed from their chest. I guess the officers had shot Anton multiple times during the heist. However, just as I went past him, his palms gently grabbed my leg, leaving me shocked. As I turned my head, Anton was gasping for air as if being asphyxiated. He was struggling with just a little life left in him. Somehow his eyes faltered and his eyebrows raised at me as if to signal something to me.

"Ca.. cap.. captta.." he stammered while breathing heavily, placing his palm on the areas he was shot to prevent excess blpod loss. Confusion settled on my face as part of me felt bad seeing him struggle for life. If I die, I would rather die instantly and not realise that I was dead. In that way, I wouldn't even experience the pain while dying. No matter how bad a person someone might be, seeing them suffering and struggling during death together with a lot of pain melts even the heart of the most stone-hearted person. It was no different for me as I felt really bad for Anton. I wasn't seeing him as a hijacker or my enemy but rather a fellow human experiencing a slow death..

Was he hinting something at me? Maybe there was more to the story than what meets the eye? I guess only time would tell. As I thought about this, the officer pushed me gently, perhaps indirectly signalling that I should get a move on. With a heavy heart, I shook my leg off, loosening Anton's grip. It was then I realised, Anton had breathed his last breath.

My face turned sulky as we finally reached the back door of the plane. The emergency slide had been inflated and .rs Amy wasted no time sliding down it. It was as if she wanted to get off the plane badly. She seemed extremely eager and shouted "yayy!" while sliding down. She was like a kid playing in the playground.

For me though, it was a tad more emotional leaving this plane. Though it was a terrifying 1.5 days on board this plane, the memories I made were simply unforgettable. What a crazy time I had aboard this plane. And now, it was time to say goodbye to the plane. To put it very honestly, it had been a bittersweet experience. Realising that I won't get to experience anything like this in the future, melancholy filled me as I started to slide down the plane of Greenair Flight 72.

Fresh cold wind blew across my face as we found ourselves standing on asphalt ground after almost two whole days. The surrounding though was pretty hectic with a myriad of police and commando officers running here and there coupled with an equally great number of baggage vehicles, cars, buses and fire trucks. Further aggravating the issue was the plethora of journalists, news reporters and anchors who seemed to storm their way into the airside, capturing the entire scene with sophisticated cameras while reporting the news with microphones.

It was honestly offensive given how people were just escaping from a hijacking incident and the first thing they had to encounter after exiting the plane was the media.

It was honestly disgusting.

However, since we were free and got to meet other people other than those on board, I wasn't complaining that much. It was one of those moments where I felt greatful for mother nature. For providing us with fresh oxygen to breathe. For providing us with an alluring sky peppered with puffy clouds. For providing us with lush green trees and flowers which were a feast to the eyes. Spending just 1.5 days confined in a stuffy aeroplane had indeed taught me to be more grateful for the outside environment, the complete strangers walking past around me - those small little details we often take for granted.

"Finally, we are on the ground!" Mrs Amy exclaimed, spreading her arms as far as possible.

Mrs Amy and myself made our way towards the crowd that had appeared. The crowd consisted of outsiders and some passengers from the plane.

"Aren't you happy?!" Mrs Amy asked, wearing a bright smile on her face.

"Yeaa.." half chewed words emanated feom my mouth as my eyes darted around the crowd closely.

"Hmm.. you seem desperate for someone.." Mrs Amy found out. In fact, I had been scanning the crowd to see if Clara was there but thus far, my eyes could not spot her.

"Don't worry.. she would eventually evacuate the plane" Mrs Amy assured, patting my back.. Both of us started looking at the passengers who were emerging out of the plane, hoping to see Clara. I desperately wanted to see her. After all that we had gone through, I would never leave this place without telling her about my love. No way that was going to happen as I stood firm in my decision. Whatever may come but this day shall not pass without me telling my love.

Just as our eyes scanned the plane, one of the officers at the entrance started shouting at the top of his lungs

"EVERYONE MOVE AWAY FROM THE PLANE! THE BOMB IS GOING TO EXPLODE!" He shouted, sending everyone into a frenzy. Does hia team not know how to detonate a bomb? Maybe the timer for the bomb had just been started.

Everyone started screaming including myself as Mrs Amy grabbed my arms tightly before running off.

"LETS GO!" Mrs Amy shouted frantically as I could not hold back the tears that were forming.

"But..but Clara! She is still in the plane!" I shouted as my face started turning pale. Sweat droplets started dripping down my face like rain. Adrenaline pumped through my body as Mrs Amy paid no attention to my words and started on bolting away from the aircraft. Together with everyone on the ground, we started jolting away. Instincts kicked in and I saw myself running away together with Mrs Amy.

Please, nothing should happen to dear Clara..

Just as I thought this, a loud sound tore the sky apart as I saw a humongous ravenous orange flame devouring the plane. The aircraft had started to erupt into flames, sending thick black smoke into the sky..
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