The Kidnapping Of Sally Peterson

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============================================ After partying with friends Sally drove home once she drove her car in the parking sport before getting out she realized the front of her uncle and auntie house was open she knows her aunt and uncle was out for a while so who was inside their house? As of later Sally heard footsteps she then hided under her car seat holding her pocket knife four people came out have stolen things inside the Peterson's house as Sally try to stay like she is trying not to move or get caught but sadly gets caught by two of the thief's getting kidnapped by them taking her to their place locking her up in the basement then the case "The kidnapping of Sally Peterson" has started ============================================

Thriller / Romance
olive - Icha
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Chapter One - The Kidnapping

Sally was driving home from a party with her friends in her nice red hybrid car she was tried hearing drunk people and people not even her age hitting on her it was the same pickup lines "damn girl are you a witch because you're casting a spell on me" or "hello I'm a thief and I'm here to steal your heart" but she annoyed each one that was thrown at her

Sally then started to park in the driveway halfway parked she looked up seeing the front door seeing it was open to where you can put your hand in or put something inside she then became worried knowing her uncle and auntie wasn't there she also became curious about who was inside the house Sally then heard footsteps coming out of the house

Sally then looks around the house looking for something quickly "pocket knife...pocket knife!" She said in her head searching hard for it then found it smiling from finally finding her pocket knife she then took a glance at the front door seeing a leg out she quickly got down holding her knife tightly from the outside of her car people were coming out holding two bags that were full of different things of Sally auntie and uncle had

"You got that old bats and old-timers necklace, money, and watch?" One of the people said they seem liked the leader of the "yes I got the necklace" one of them answer then turn "you two got the watch and the old bats and old-timers money?" The same person asked "yes I got the clash" one person answered then hand the other a bag they were carrying"yeah I got the old-timers to watch" another person answered one of them then looked at the driveway seeing Sally's car parked halfway "damn two look through the car" the person who seemed like the leader said "yeah we'll check it out..." one of them said annoyingly and the other one followed

"Come on and check the bags with me in the car" the seem to be leader said holding a bag the other person nodded going in the car with them

"Wait a minute this isn't the old bats and old-timers car," they said looking at the car seeing it wasn't there's the navy blue car but you can't tell it's a different car in the night by the color but by the type of car it is Sally's car is a red hybrid and Sally's aunt and uncle car is honda civic LX "then do they have a child or someone living with them?" The other person asked

"Well the old-timer and old bat has family members and have blood and flesh of their own but I think it's someone living with them," the person said full of confidence in their answer "well then let's see," the person said then looked at their hands seeing it has gloves on them "step back," they said "what you going to do?" the person next to them asked "just step back," the person said " better not do anything stupid" they had said then step back a lot as the person asked them to

The person broke the glass with his hand having some glass in his hand "Chase your hand!" The person said being scare for him "shut up I'll be fine just check the car" he said trying not to show he was hurt "Chase...alright but you see Dr. King afterward" the person said "yeah...yeah I'll see her" Chase said then looked down "go in the van I can check the car myself" the person said "alright..." he said then went to the van

The glass was shattered on the car floor luckily Sally didn't get hit by any of the shattered glass she was sat still there and trying not to make a sound to get her caught the person first looked at the shattered glass then saw Sally there with her fancy dress and shoes on from the party she went to but she saw the pocket knife she was holding the person opened the car from the inside then gave Sally

Sally try to stop the person but couldn't they were stronger the person knocked her out making her drop the knife the person caught her as Sally fell from the person knocking her out they brought her to the car they were riding in putting her in the third row laid down and the car started driving

"How far is the hospital Armin?" The person driving asked as he was next to the "Genesis Hospital is a while away, by the way, we came from her house...but it's a shortcut by Ave's street" Armin answered looking at the map on his phone while the person nested to Chase is trying to heal his hand as they drive to the hospital

They then had to stop behind a car because of a red light "Armin are we close to Ave street?" The person asked "yeah just one more turn" he said as they waited and waited for the person then honk the car seeing it wasn't moving getting annoyed

As this was going on Sally then woke up from all noise going on she then open and closed their eyes a few times then try to site up a bit realizes her hands were tied while trying to sit up looking around seeing she was inside the back of a honda odyssey she then tries to loosen her hands from the rope but it was very hard

"Stop trying to loosen your hands it wouldn't work," the person said next to Chase trying to heal his hand Sally looked up hearing the voice remembering this was the person outside of her car "her voice reminds me of Rachael's," Sally said in her head because it's tape on her mouth area

Sally looks around for a way to escape while a few chatters were going on in the background Sally tune them out looking at the area she was a tie in trying to find something to escape with the girl next to Chase turned seeing Sally trying to untie "stop trying to untie yourself princess or I'll knock you out again" the girl said in a piss off kind of mood

They turned in a rush making everyone move "we there wait?" Chase asked in pain "almost" the person driving said "alright..." he said in pain still trying to relax but couldn't "to the left" Armin said pointing to the diction

"To the left...?" Sally question trying to think it took a few seconds to think were are driving to "Genesis Hospital!" Sally said but it was just sounds coming out of her mouth since she has duck tape over her mouth which confused Chase and the girl since they were a row above her and heard her "keep your trap shut" the girl said in an annoyed tone

The car then stopped making it to the hospital they were at the drive-through where you drop someone off and park "see you at the place" The girl said and waved bye "see you later" he said while getting out closing the door then going inside of the hospital

"Now it'll take us half an hour to get to the place," he said looking at the map telling the driver they had sighed "All alright then let's get moving" they had said Sally heard the drivers voice "their voice it's silvery and a bit toneless," Sally said in her head this was the first time Sally heard their voice

Sally's eyes started to close slowly being tried "don't close your eyes," Sally said repeatedly in her head trying not to close her eyes then her eyes couldn't resist Sally's tiredness "damn it..." she said in her head upset she closed her eyes dozing off
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