The Kidnapping Of Sally Peterson

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Chapter Two - Am scared then and am scared now

As it was dark Sally opened her eyes slowly seeing nothing but pitch black she freaks out trying to move but her arms were still tied but now it seems like a pole she was tie to trying to move her arms but couldn't "grrrr!" She said but the tape was still on her mouth but the sound was coming out still

Sally then heard footsteps the light turned on it was three people Chase, Armin, and someone else. The person Sally didn't know the name was holding a gun wearing gloves to the knee down ripping the tape off her mouth Sally Goan in pain as they ripped the tape the person then stand up and put the gun on the center of Sally's forehead both Armin and Sally's eyes widen

"Hey...this not do this" Armin said trying to back down the person from shooting Sally "please I begged of you please don't shoot me I'll do anything you want!" Sally said begging "shut up," the person said then pushed in the gun but nothing happened because the gun isn't loaded "it's not loaded...and they had an order for you to stay alive so I can't kill you" they had explained

Sally looked down in pleasant being glad they are alive "you guys did downstairs?" A girl said from upstairs "yes we're done" Chase said the girl came down looking at the tied Sally seeing she was on top of a mattress that they previously owned "really you put her on the mattress it's broken kind of" the girl stayed "yeah...yeah just gave her the clothes so we can leave" Chase said tried of all of this "fine..." the girl said then put the bag of clothes on the mattress then untie her "don't get any ideas prissiness" the girl said then stand up going back upstairs

Chase and Armin followed going back upstairs "if you try anything I'll cut you" they had said scaring Sally then went upstairs shutting the door and locking it well well so Sally wouldn't escape

Sally looked at the bag of clothes the girl left on the mattress it had "Fabric Amber" on it Sally heard of the company from her friend Rachel her friend's father owns the company Sally gave many clothes they were three pajamas, some few causal clothes, and formal clothes. Sally looked through the clothes organizing them putting them in the bag laying down tiredly looking up at the roof trying to think about something that'll make her better

Sally then imagined a memory from her childhood it was summer June 21st Sally was turning ten that day people were singing happy birthday "blow your candles out Sally" Sally's mother said Sally then got in place and blew out her candles everyone cheer and the room was filled with bright smiles

"Now let's eat some cake!" Sally's mother said in a cheerily way then cut a piece of cake for Sally "here prissiness" she said handing the plate to her and kissed her cheek Sally's mother cut cake for everyone they were enjoying their strawberry covered chocolate cake the mood then change once Sally's auntie Diana wanted to chat with Sally's momma

They were standing behind a wall Sally's mom was holding a plate that had cake on it they been taking a lot lately after they chatted auntie Lia then peck seeing ten years ago Sally coming "hey birthday girl" Lia said with a fake smile

Sally woke up rubbing her head feeling like a headache she then sat up Sally smelled food it was on a plate "it's toast and jam" Sally said looking at the food not trusting them she touches her forehead remembering what happened yesterday "a gun to my forehead..." she said quietly then warped her arms around her legs looking up seeing the basement was dark but not pitch black

Someone then came downstairs holding a light lamp "here" he said handing it to her "th-thanks..." Sally said kind of scared of him "no problem..." he said then started walking Sally then saw his hand warped in bangs "you...alright?" She asked Chase seeing his hand he had stopped and turned his head "am fine...don't worry about it" Chase had said going upstairs and closing and locking the door

Sally put the light lamp on the floor looking around trying to see a way to escape but couldn't find a way to escape Sally's belly then rumble hungry she looked at the plate of toast with jam she tries to resist the food she didn't know what they made of done to it "can you even poison toast?" She asked herself she was freaking out trying to resist and trying to think her belly rumble again she sighed then pick up the plate eating the toast

It wasn't bad at all Sally enjoyed it when she was done she placed the plate on the floor Sally looked at her clothes seeing she was still wearing the dress she wears at the party she through about her friends Rachel and Connie they are friends since middle school she'll never see them again she through about them

Sally then change clothes she was now wearing a white top with blue jeans with a reddish jacket she put her navy blue dress in the bag with the rest of the clothes Sally looked up trying to think of something that'll make her feel better

"Now Sally it's no monster under her bed," Auntie Lia said ensuring it's no monster "but there is!" Ten years ago Sally said Lia sighed "'s a monster you can sleep in our room tonight," she said picking up Sally and walked through the halls going to their room placing her in the middle between her auntie and uncle Lia covered her up lying next to her "goodnight princess," she said kissing her forehead "goodnight auntie Lia," Sally said with a smile going to sleep

"I was scared then and am scared now...I don't have people to save me anymore I'm the only one who can comfort me..." Sally said to herself trying to comfort herself to be alone she wrapped her arms around her legs having her head to her knees looking at the wall
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