The Kidnapping Of Sally Peterson

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Chapter Three - An ambrosial meal

It was the third day that Sally Peterson been kidnapped locked up in a basement probably for the rest of her life Sally woke up to an argument that sounds like between a girl and boy but Sally didn’t know it might be something else but Sally wasn’t sure she sat up wiping her eyes her hair was messy from moving around in her sleep

Then two people came downstairs still arguing the boy was wearing handcuffs but it wasn’t attached to anyone “you're a real idiot for this Zoey” he said annoyed at her “oh shut up Chase you didn’t have the keys” “you didn’t give me the keys idiot” “yes I did” they went back and forth arguing it was going to give Sally a headache from those two

“Just get the keys idiot,” He said looking at the back of Zoey’s head waiting “I’m looking!” She said looking through the boxes Sally rubbed her forehead then looked down seeing toast with jelly on it she placed the plate on her lap eating the toast over her plate so the blankets don’t get messy

As minutes go by Zoey was still looking for the keys Sally just watched her look for them nothing else to do Zoey then sighed “damn it where is this key?!” Zoey asked frustrated then sighed looking down then going back upstairs

Sally didn’t say anything and through that, if she did say anything Zoey would have said “shut up princess” so Sally kept her mouth shut just listen to what happening upstairs, and kept her throughs to herself

“Who made dinner?” Zoey asked walking in the dining room smelling the food “I think Alex did before they’d left?” Armin guessed “alright let’s eat this mouth-watering food,” Zoey said looking at the food “hold your horses, Zoey, we have to wait on Chase,” Armin told her

Chase walked downstairs to the dining room having no handcuffs on his arm “you found the key?” Zoey asked “no I found a body pin,” Chase told her Zoey's eye twitch a bit then snaked him “you found a body pin and didn’t tell me...I have been looking for the key half of the day you asshore!” Zoey said loudly to him pulling Chase back and forth
“Hey, Zoey he’s gonna be dizzy if you pull him back and forth like that!” Armin said remanding her Zoey stopped “you deserve that Chase,” Zoey told him in an angry tone Chase put his hand on his head feeling real dizzy “screw you” “screw you too,” the two said to each other then the three sat down eating the mouth-watering food together as a family

As time chatted and ate together time passed it was night time now Armin was putting a plate together for Sally and Alex holding Sally’s plate being careful with the plate while going downstairs

“Here Sally,” He said handing her the plate Sally holds it “thanks for the food,” Sally said thanking him “no problem,” he told him then went back upstairs

Sally took a bite it was awesome it reminds Sally of her own mother’s cooking flesh, sweet, and tasty ambrosial. Sally was delighted remembering her mother from someone’s others food plus it was a very long time since Sally had her mother’s cooking Sally teared up a bit then continue eating enjoying every single bite in the ambrosial meal

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