The Kidnapping Of Sally Peterson

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Chapter four - An Mystery Place

It was now the seventh day she been gone from home Sally was up having her knees to her chest eating the food they gave her which was the same thing with other things for example toast with eggs, toast with jelly, or toast with bacon.

Zoey then came downstairs to find something Sally stayed quiet like always but watched while eating her food

“Sally, what’s it like to live in a nice house?” Zoey asked her not making eye contact but looking for something Sally stopped eating “it’s nice I guess..but I enjoyed my old house better, to be honest” she answered then took another bite of her toast

“You must’ve been homesick right?” She asked but this time making eye contact “yeah I was homesick for a month but it became normal” Sally said

Zoey picked up what she was looking for “bingo” she said then put it in her pocket than someone upstairs asked something “Zoey you fought it?” They had a silvery voice it was clear, light, and pleasant.

“Yeah I found it Alex,” Zoey told them then walked to Sally “get dress,” she told her then ran upstairs

“Al-Alright..” Sally had said as Zoey walked upstairs Sally finished her food quickly putting the plate down and getting clothes out of the bag they had give her she gotten dressed in a sweater and jeans Zoey came one step downstairs “you’re done dressing right?” She asked before walking downstairs “yeah am dressed” Sally answered

Zoey walked downstairs seeing Sally in full body she was holding blue shoes “hurry up!” Alex said from upstairs

“Alright we’ll be up there!” Zoey yelled from downstairs “come on princess” Zoey said giving her hand walking upstairs.Sally was confused on what’s going on why she had to get dress? And where are they even going?

“We’re we going?” Sally asked “somewhere” Zoey said not telling her Sally sighed not getting her answer but annoyed at that answer as well

They went outside Sally looked around quickly as she had to get in the car she sat in the second row next to Chase Zoey handed handed her a hat and sunglasses “what I need these for?” She asked “to hide your pretty face” Zoey said making Sally blush a tiny bit she placed the sunglasses on her face only seeing the color red Sally just placed the hat on her lap since she’s in the car

As almost a hour passed from driving to a unknown location everyone got off the car Alex locked the car and put the keys in their pocket they went in the building Sally took off her sunglasses since it was safe to show her face now...

Alex was in front of them “you think they’ll be happy to see us?” She sounded like a child visiting their grandparents.“Probably Zoey” Alex said to her making Zoey smile a bit.Sally wondered who are these people to them?

Sally kept quiet as they entering and walking Chase then gave her hand Sally blushed a bit no one gave her hand before like this Sally looked at his face seeing no blush on his face

Once they walked in a head office kind of room Chase let go of of her hand putting his hand back in his pocket

“You brought her great kids” he had said to them he was thin but had muscles he had a smile on his face while a beautiful lady was standing next to him having no expression on her face.
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