The Kidnapping Of Sally Peterson

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Chapter Five - Pride And Joy

As Zoey and Sally were sitting in the peaceful room a woman with a toddler in her arms came in the woman was pretty she had brown hair in a tight bun and she had hazel eyes. While the toddler looks like the beautiful woman in that office with the others.

"Oh Ms. Zoey I didn't know you would be here," the lady said as she walked closer to them Zoey stood up "yeah old man wanted us to come here" Zoey explained to her the lady whispered something in Zoey's ear "'ll probably be quick," Zoey told her

The toddler looked up making googling eyes at Zoey she chuckled a bit Zoey hold the toddler in her arms "huh Connie you wanna be with big sister Zoey?" She asked as she was bouncing Connie in her arms all Zoey got in response was a smile "I'm taking that as a yes" Zoey said with a smile Zoey then sat back next to Sally

The woman sat on the other couch watching if the toddler needs aid "who's child is it?" Sally asked as she looked at Connie "she's the man and lady's upstairs child" Zoey said Sally guessed it was the man in the room that's kinda head office since Connie did have his eyes

As time go by Sally watched as Zoey cared for the toddler she was surprised she can take care of a child "you wanna hold her?" Zoey asked Sally she became nervous her palms slowly became sweaty

"No I can't," Sally told her "why not?" Zoey asked curiosity "well I never hold a baby...and I don't want to dr-" Sally stopped talking as Connie was in her hands

" this happened?" Sally said Zoey and the lady laughed a bit "what's so funny?" Sally asked

"Your face when you asked it's kinda like Chase's" Zoey explained Sally giggle a little she could imagine him having that face this made Connie giggle as well

"Look she already likes you," Zoey said as Sally was looking at Connie's eyes minutes go by and someone knocks on the door

The woman stood up and opened the door seeing it was Alex "oh hi Mx. Alex" she said to them "hi nana," Alex said to her then came into the room some

"It's time to go," Alex told them both Sally and Zoey sighed not wanting to leave yet but they had to the two stood up Sally walked to the women giving Connie back to her "thanks for letting me hold her" "no problem Ms. Sally"

Alex, Zoey, and Sally walked out of the room. Sally saw Chase, Armin, and the beautiful lady from the office room standing there.

Alex looked stressed and irritated "bye kids," the lady said to them as they were walking downstairs then to their car

Alex unlocked the car letting Chase, Zoey, and Sally in. "I'll drive us home," Armin told Alex "all," Alex said as they gave them the keys

The two got in the car closing and locking the car doors Sally had put back on the red sunglasses that they had given her as they started to drive back to their place

The ride back to their place was quiet no one was talking at all it felt like an awkward classroom Chase was resting his eyes, Zoey was keeping her eyes on the road because she was sitting in the middle, Armin was driving home instead of Alex.

It was almost an hour driving back home Armin parked the car unlocking the car letting them all out then locking the car again

It was the first time Sally saw the inside of their house till Zoey took her hand "you wanna watch a movie?" She asked her "well...sure why not," Sally said to her Zoey smiled "All alright I'll get a movie," she said then took Sally downstairs with her

Zoey looked in the boxes that were labeled "movies" they had down there

A few minutes went by as Zoey was looking for movies Chase came downstairs holding a soda can "yo Zoey Alex wants you" Chase had said then took a sip of soda

"Tell them I'm looking for a movie," Zoey said as she was looking Chase sighed then looked over at Sally "you want a soda while you wait?" He asked "uh..sure," she said "I'll get you a Pepsi," he told her

Zoey looked up "don't get her a Pepsi there gross get her a coda," Zoey said Chase sighed "coda lover" he when walked back upstairs "snew you Dr pepper!" Zoey said as he was walking back upstairs

Sally giggled a bit "what's so funny?" Zoey asked "you two argue like brother and sister" Sally explained Zoey through about all the times they through and arguing they did back then, Zoey giggle as well "I guess we do" Chase heard them upstairs he smiled softly a bit from Sally
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