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The Shadow Man

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It was supposed to be a normal school year. They didn't mean for any of this to happen. We are supposed to learn something from your senior year of high school. They did: Don't mess with the Shadow man.

Thriller / Fantasy
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And That Was Only The Beginning

One average day in Madison Wisconsin, 13-year-old Isabella King was playing basketball with Julie and Jade, who were twins.

“Ooooooo, nothin’ but net” Isabella, commonly known as Izzy, said after making a basket.

“Ahhhhhhh,” Izzy’s friend, Julie, said passing the ball to Izzy, “lucky shot. Rematch?” Julie stated confidently. “ ’ight, it’s on, let’s go, my dude,” Izzy said as she passed, practically through, the ball into Jade's hands, which were positioned by her chest.

Jade was the quieter of the twins and she rarely talked but when she did, it was important.

After two or three hoops Jade stopped dead in her tracks with the sun reflecting off of the sweat dripping down her forehead. She dropped the ball and the sound of the ball repeatedly pounding against the pavement rang in Izzy’s ears as she followed Jade’s gase burning into the green eyes of… The shadow man. “W-w-who is that.” Jade managed to say under her breath. The so-called “shadow man” was commonly known around the neighborhood for being responsible for the disappearances of several children. “GUYS GET INSIDE HURRY!!!” Julie shouted from her small trailer. Izzy booked it to the trailer, assuming that Jade followed behind her.

“Oh my God, oh my God, OH...MY...GOD” Julie said trembling. “This isn’t happening, TELL ME THIS ISN’T HAPPENING!!!” There was a long pause, filled only with heavy breathing as the girls realized that one of them might disappear that day. “ Wait, … where’s Jade?” Julie finally asked, breaking the silence. Izzy looked out the window and saw the shadow man was gone and then looked back at Julie. “For all we know, Jade doesn’t exist anymore,” Izzy said with terror in her voice. At this, Julie completely broke down. She couldn’t bear the fact that she didn’t have a sister anymore.

You see, there have been several kidnappings committed by the shadow man and every time the victim is killed. Once you are taken by the shadow man, … you no longer exist.

“I-I got to call my mom,” Julie says as she pulls out her phone. “NO!! Are you nuts!!! Your mom would kill you” Izzy shouted, slapping the phone out of her hands. “ DUDE. UHHHH… I KIND Of NEED THAT!!!!!” Julie showed. “Welp, too frickin’ bad. It’s broken… Just like this friendship if we don’t stop this!” Izzy explained with tears streaming down her face.

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