Caught on Video

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Chapter 2

He coughed again, pounding his chest once.

“Matt, are you alright?” His girlfriend asked.

“Yeah yeah, don’t worry my love. It’s just... kah... a cough, kah kah... Are we ready?” Matt looked at me as I nodded. He let go of his girlfriend’s shoulder as he knelt down in front of her. Her eyes grew wide.

“Joanna, my love. You’ve- kah kah- you’ve been my solid rock for all these years. You’ve never left me, and kah kah- your love is never-changing. I love- Kah kah- I love you so much- kah kah-

And I hope to have this honour- kah kah kah- of being your one and only husband- kah kah- for the rest of our lives. Kah kah kah- will you- kah kah kah- will you marry- kah kah kah- will you marry me?” His face had turned a slight sheen of green as he released a fit of continuous hacking coughs.

“Matt! Matthew! Are you alright?” Joanna knelt beside him and held onto his shoulders.

“I... cannot... breathe... help... me... ” He slumped against her. My hands trembled as my finger inched towards the red square.

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