Caught on Video

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Chapter 4

“Don’t bother. He’s long gone. Nothing can bring him back.” Joanna grinned before a string of hacking coughs came from her.

“Oh goodness! Not y-” Horror washed over me. Joanna hunched forward as blood spewed out of her mouth.

“Keep the video. Don’t delete it. Send it to everyone on the contact list. It is time for them to celebrate my freedom from this monster and my joining with Raphael.” Joanna glared triumphantly at me as police officers slapped the cuffs on her. An officer shouted and a paramedic turned to her. Joanna slumped forward as her eyes rolled back.

“Raphael.... My love... wait... for... me...” Her chest went still. Her body became limp.

I looked down at the screen. The timer was still running.

10.1, 10.2, 10.3...

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