Pennywise (IT)

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Seven losers in a loser club afraid of a supernatural clown that eats kids

Thriller / Horror
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Pennywise (IT)

In Derry Maine seven young friends who are terrified by Supernatural creatures have been feeding on the fear in their small home town of Derry Maine.
Calling itself Pennywise the Dancing Clown it is a monster with an unspeakable power that takes the forms of everyone's most horrific fears and takes their little loved ones with him; he lives in the Well House on Neibolt Street.
Threatened by the loser clubs worst nightmares Beverly said we were all together when we heard IT we have to fight Pennywise by us not being afraid of him Ben said IT comes back every 27 years I swear if IT isn’t dead and IT ever comes back we will come back too Bill said.
Sometimes what we wish was forgotten, what we try to leave in the past won’t stay there said Mike.

Now the losers are adults that have been apart for so long since they separated in their own way but with people disappearing again from Derry Maine Mike calls the others back home damaged by their past experience they must reach their deepest darkest fears to destroy Pennywise the dancing clown who has become deadlier.
And so the loser club goes back home to Derry Maine they all meet up at a Chinese restaurant and they wait for a while and noticed Stanley isn't there so Beverly calls Stanley's wife and tells Beverly that he committed suicide in the bathtub last night.
The rest of the loser Club has to find out from Mike on how to kill Pennywise the dancing clown cause Mike went to talk to people who have killed Pennywise once before in the past those people told Mike he was a different form in their time and they also told him not to look at the deadlights.
The loser Club goes to the Well house to find IT to kill him but Pennywise ends up killing Eddie first then Richie tells Pennywise I know what you are your just a stupid clown and Pennywise tells Richie I know what you are your a loser that's afraid of clowns.
There's only five losers alive cause Stanley committed suicide in the bathtub of his house and the Well house where the deadlights are at the losers that are still alive bullies Pennywise to make him shrink to kill him the five remaining losers tries to leave the Well house but Richie tells the others we have to take Eddie with us and Beverly says we can't he's gone we have to leave him here they leave the Well house and it crumbles with Eddie's body inside.

A promise I’m asking you to make to me to each other an oath that we are losers
See the thing about being a loser Is that you don't have anything to lose so be true, be brave, stand and believe and don't ever forget we're losers and we will always be.
Feast on your fear
As I feast on your soul

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