Isabelle Miller: Uncover

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Isabelle suddenly finds a mysterious thing underneath her bed, along with her best friend, Lilac. They both go into some sort of adventures, but most of the leads cause dead ends. Will they understand what the message wants to perceive?

Thriller / Adventure
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The Story Begins

Isabelle roared with laughter as soon as she made the people around her look stupid. “I know I can’t get along with psychotic mess,” she laughed to herself as soon as she start showing her phone with the cops being dialled. “I’m sorry, my fault.” She evilly smirked as soon as the police force banged the door and started to guard the area. “you little rascal!” shouted one of the people. “It’s all a misunderstanding officer!” she tried to defend herself. “It’s all a misunderstanding your face! We heard it all,” threatened one of the officers. “I may be stupid, but I’m not dumb” smirked Isabelle as soon as she saw the police force arresting the women.

Isabelle’s been one of the hated person from the Miller family, she’s not treated like a family member, and it’s because she knows nothing about her family, she’s with her mum all her life, she’s been blinded by her mum’s selfless love, she never got bothered on asking about her family. She lived alone, with her mum, accompanied with her best friend Lilac, so she knows that she isn’t going to walk all by herself.

The story started as she and Lilac found a mysterious item that’s been hiding under the bed, she and Lilac got curious and the adventure started to have some spice until they ended up in piles of dead ends.

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