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-Chapter One-

An ordinary day for Isabelle Miller

In a plain city of Luke Woods, Isabelle, an ordinary girl lived. She’s neither rich nor a person that can have all she wants by just a simple “Mummy, Daddy, please?” She’s just ordinary, and by I mean ordinary, her lifestyle is like how many people does, wakes up, gets her breakfast, and walks to school. She’s accompanied by her mum in her whole life, she had no idea who her dad is, and where he is. Isabelle is often called ‘Belle’ by most of her colleagues, but only her mum and best friend Lilac can call her ‘Bella’.

It was 6 AM and the sun has been taking up a lot of space in Isabelle’s room, the bright and painful rays of the sun glimmered across her face that makes her hiss in annoyance. “Morning again? I never thought 8 hours of sleep can be this quick,” She mumbles underneath her breath. She stood up opening the curtains, and the cerulean skies started shining in her eyes, looking up to it, a glimpse of memory crossed her imagination. It was Isabelle and her mum walking through a peaceful field with both of their hands crossed together. Isabelle smiled at thought of it, but not too long, there’s a sudden knock on her door making her jump back to reality. “Bella, time to wake up…! Would you like anything for breakfast?” her mum asked by the door. “You can come in mum!” Isabelle notified her. “No thanks, I’ll be preparing our first meal of the day, would you like something?” her mum asked again. “I was thinking if we could have bagels today, if it’s okay…” Isabelle said as she stood up opening the door for her mum even though her mum said ‘No Thanks.’ “My, my… You better get ready, because it’s Monday today, aren’t you excited?” her mum told her, causing Isabelle to fake her smile to the fact that it’s school day again, and there will be stress again. “Yeah—sure it’s exciting,” she tried her best to lie about it.

Isabelle closed the door sunk in her thoughts again, she starts sighing, and she never thought Sunday can be so near to Monday while Monday is so far from Sunday. Trying not to get mad about a start of another school week, she stood up and took her uniform from her cupboard, then her shoes, and then went to the bathroom. “Breakfast is ready!” Isabelle can hear her mom shouting from downstairs about their breakfast, she starts combing her hair and ran downstairs to start eating. “I guess you woke up on the wrong side of the bed,” her mom joked, judging from the looks of Isabelle, she looked like she used a very black mascara and it smudged underneath her eyes. “I don’t know mum, it makes me look like a panda.” Isabelle frowned while slicing her bagel half so she can put some cream in it. “Don’t worry Bella, you still look flattering, and you’re free to use my concealers to hide that,” she advised her as she caress her daughter’s hands, even though she knows that Isabelle doesn’t like wearing make-up at all, she kept saying that it’s painful for her skin.

The two of them started eating and talking about their dreams, but instead of listening, Isabelle’s eyes were locked to a view that she can see by the window, the cerulean skies started turning into bright blue, and as the sun glimmers across it, it makes it even dreamier. Isabelle was appreciating the clouds forming into funny, fluffy shapes. She was imagining having a picnic while the beautiful skies were above them, the sounds of the bird singing their lullabies, the random bunnies leaping through the green grass with their adorable twitching nose, by the thought of it, Isabelle sighs as she smiles causing her to be caught off-guard by her mum who’s looking at her with curiosity in her eyes. “Having fun Isabelle?” her mum looked her causing her to twitch and jolt a little bit on her chair. “Y-y-yes?” Isabelle stutters caressing her chest as she breathes. “Why would you do that mum? I nearly had a heart attack!” Isabelle complained. “Ha-ha-ha, let’s see, dreaming about bunnies again?” her mum laughs. “They’re cute, I swear, and speaking of bunnies—Can I have one?” she asks her mum, as she starts dreaming again about cuddling with her bunnies and admiring their fluffy tails. “Aw, bunnies are cute honey, but—“before her mum could finish talking, Isabelle starts talking. “But mum, this is just what I want, and I promise this would cost the gifts for my birthday, and for Christmas!” Isabelle tells her. “Let me finish Bella—The thing is, we’re out of this house for eight to ten hours, and as much as I want to let you have one, neither one of us can take good care of it, it’s a long list for having a pet honey, and judging by our daily schedule, the bunny cannot withstand alone without proper meals, and care. Also, it’s painful for bunnies to be kept in a cage.” She advises her, and by the words of it, she never felt disappointed rather than this.

It’s been hours and it’s already time for getting to school, Isabelle, on her daily routine, she walks to school listening to music or even singing on her way, and by her way to school, she’ll meet her best friend, Lilac Johnson, the both of them studies at the same school and are in the same class, they both share the same interest, and they really like adventures. The only thing that differ from them is Lilac is very rich, but not like a brat, and she has a father, as for Isabelle, she just have a simple life, and never had a father, but she wouldn’t mind because it was never a reason for her to get bullied.

“Lilac! Hi! How are you?” Isabelle beamed as soon as she saw her best friend skipping. “Hey! Good morning’!” Lilac answers back as she skips faster on her way to Isabelle. “I had a weird dream last night,” Lilac whispers to Isabelle as they meet. “Really? What was your dream?” Isabelle asked. “It was Saturday, and I dreamed about you and me going on an adventure, because you were to receive an heirloom from someone that’s close to you!” Lilac starts talking really fast causing Isabelle to flinch and not understanding the words she’s saying. “An adventure? Heirloom? I don’t even know if someone very close to me has that amount of treasure, and if it was, then I won’t budge my way in,” Isabelle tells her, and hearing the words, it makes Lilac go nuts, since admitting it to herself, she wants that too!

“You see Lilac, I’m already happy with my life, I don’t really want more money, but no offense to you okay?”

“Sure, but if it’s really an adventure, you must take me!”

“Of course I’ll be taking you, why did you dream about that by the way?”

Lilac shrugged her shoulders signalling Isabelle that everything just happened in the flash of time. Isabelle sighed knowing that her best friend could not comprehend with her today, she thought of another topic to talk about. The two of them spent a lot of minutes talking on their way to class and none of them seem to care that time runs fast like the hare, so they just talked and talked, it seems like they never met after a lot of years.

Finally, they reached school, Isabelle’s cheerful smile turned into a frown when she caught a glance of one of the school teachers which is a nightmare to her. He would give her scary looks, and when class starts, she feels like she’s being chocked by the pressure he gives to most of his students. But not only Isabelle hates him, Lilac does too, and most of the students around the university fears him, that’s why his classes are always the quietest because none of the students would to squeak with him around, he’ll cause such a fuss like, “You are too noisy, do you have shame on yourselves?” or “Why would you cause such a noise when the others are working, you have the guts to do that? I’m so disappointed at this class, it’s just a bunch of noisy weasels…!” Isabelle wouldn’t really mind, because she’s not noisy like her classmates, the one that bugs her the most during that teacher’s class is when she suddenly has tiny mistake, he’d go crazy, It’s like he’s been out of his world because of his strictness, and that’s why no one likes him.

“I guess you saw your favourite teacher again,” Lilac turned to her at the sight of Isabelle with a very big frown. “Class would be better if he has a working leave,” said Isabelle who’s imagining the pressure and strictness they’ll suffer through at this week. “Cheer-up Bella, come on…” said Lilac patting her shoulder who is looking at her with sad eyes, too. Even Lilac wished that teacher would resign from this school and move to another, she’s been pressured for a long time, giving her loads of homework, and reports to be submitted tomorrow, plus he’d go crazy if one of the class dares to sneeze so loud. “And you know what? By the thought of it, I think I’ll agree with mum and dad transferring me to another school,” said Lilac, trying to make a joke. “Hey, don’t leave me here, I wouldn’t study here if it weren’t mum who got her job here, I just need to live with him because he’s the teacher, and if I get suspended, mum will be furious!” complained Isabelle. “So let’s tell your mum to transfer to Holland’s University for the Arts.” Lilac joked. “We’ll just need to learn to dance and sing.”

“That’s not it, we need to learn paint as well,” Isabelle corrected her. “We better get to class, we just hope Mr You-know-who will not substitute for today’s mathematics.” “We can’t tell, we’ll know later” said Lilac who’s already pushing her on their way to their lockers. “You brought your gym clothes?” Isabelle nodded and showed her a blue top that has a logo by the hem of the shirt. “Darn, I forgot my shirt,” Lilac whispered but for Isabelle to hear. “I’ll let you borrow this,” she showed a pastel green top, “But you’ll owe me one,” Lilac thought of it and sighed, ‘Calm down, she’s you best friend, of course you’ll not kill her’ she thought to herself, she knew Missus Larry would scold her if she didn’t bring any gym clothes. So she had to agree. “Just kidding, here…” she handed the top to Lilac. “Take it, but you have to return it,” The both of them entered the classroom, and it was already a mess, papers were scattered everywhere, and the people looked like they were psychotic by their noise and actions. “Gosh this is a mess,” Lilac told Isabelle. “What?” she asked Lilac. “I said this place is a mess!” Lilac yelled lightly for Isabelle to hear. “I can’t really understand you at this noise, this place IS A MESS!” said Isabelle covering her ears. “That’s what I just—never mind” said Lilac as she pulled Isabelle. They both of them sat and met their worst nightmares at the start of the day, their seatmate. “Good Morning, jingle Belle!” said Isabelle’s seatmate, she just ignored him and made herself busy by looking through the pages of their schoolbooks, which usually makes her bored. “You’ll seriously read that book? I never knew you’re such a bookworm,” her seatmate continues, which made Isabelle annoyed. “You wouldn’t even respond to my greetings, how rude,” murmured her seatmate trying to irritate Isabelle. “Fine, Good morning, are you happy now?” said Isabelle annoyingly. “I didn’t even asked you to greet me.”

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