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-Chapter Two-

The Safe underneath the Bed

The school had ended early than expected, Isabelle took the opportunity to go home at this hour so she can enjoy a free time, which consists of her just watching or even painting. Sometimes, she’d even turn the house inside out to discover some things she can use, probably for her room. “Sweet, now I have the time to play video games,” said Lilac who is walking along with her. The sun shone brightly across their faces, by the hour which is just fifteen-hundred hours. “I bet you’ll sit all day playing with Mario Kart again,” teased Isabelle. “I know you love it,” Lilac glared at her, but suddenly she turned into bright red, making Isabelle laugh. “W-well I guess you’ll find vintage stuffs again,” she fought, Isabelle nodded and left her by her gate without even saying goodbye. “Well, goodbye!” bid Lilac trying to shout but already choking because she can’t reach high pitched notes.

Back at Isabelle’s house, she threw her bag on her bed making things scatter, most of her books were being dislocated, and her pencils rolled over. So before Isabelle can start a hunt inside their house, she might need to clean her mess because her mum will be furious by the sight of her things out of place and her room being a mess. “Oops, I guess I have to see what’s underneath this bed for such a long time.” Isabelle said laughing. “Better look what’s under it?” As she bent over to take her pencils underneath, her hand caught a very hard object, judging by her feeling, it was steel, and it was a corner of something, which made Isabelle curious. ‘What’s that thing?’ she thought to herself trying to bend more to reach the box, still, she can’t reach it so she gave up. ‘This is none of my business,’ thought Isabelle who’s really exhausted. She grabbed her stuff which fell and budged them inside her bag, and sat to her study table to start her homework. She opened her desktop to play some music, because most of the time she gets demotivated halfway through.

It’s been minutes ever since Isabelle started her homework, but zero ideas entered her mind, as she thought, she was again demotivated, and it’s been irritating Isabelle for a while now, the thought of the steel box keeps entering her mind, she soon gave up and tried her best to get that box. She reached and reached stretching every muscle she have in her arms, until she reached the corner and pulled and pulled. Until the box was already at the edge of the bed, and not to lie, it was heavy! She pulled it again with most of her might, and finally! The box was out of the bed, and it’s not a box, it’s a safe.

Isabelle scanned it from top to bottom, until an envelope caught her eye, there’s something written in it, and it looks like a calligraphy. She took the envelope and opened it, then a very catchy poem caught her attention;

Your boredom is where imaginations run

To which you try to do something fun

Congratulations, your curiosity caused this

Well, at least you received a bliss

If you’re wondering what’s its code

You must look through an ode

To which your mum liked

And remember! It starts with the left side

‘An ode? What ode?’ Isabelle thought to herself, her mum never mentioned her favourite poem, or poem to be exact. “I better look inside the house, or… just ask my mum.” Isabelle said while thinking about the poems she heard from her mum. She shook her head and stood up to see if there’s some file that contains poem in her mum’s folders. She didn’t bother to call Lilac because she knows that she’s busy being glued on her TV playing Mario Kart. “On the other hand, I should really tell her about this,” she said, trying to change her mind every minute, “or not? She’s busy, I guess…” she took her phone as she gave up changing her mind, when suddenly a glimpse of the sky bothered her, from a plane cerulean colour, it turned into a ash grey one, and was filled with full dark clouds, she knew it will be a rainy day again. “No way! Rain again? It’s just fine this morning!” she complained, still looking at the window, she started counting, “Three, two, one and… it’s raining again.” It’s just been fifteen minutes yet the skies’ mood changed so fast, it kept Isabelle in a bad mood every afternoon, she was tired of carrying her umbrella, and the puddles kept making their ways on her uniform. She laid on her bed and stared at the window until it made her eyes feel heavy. She’s been looking at her eyelids she didn’t realize she’s been sleeping for 30 minutes.


Her phone ringed, for instance, she hated her ringtone so much, but since it’s ringing, she has to answer, she opened her eyes and answered, “Hello? Isabelle Miller speaking…” the phone went quiet for a second then suddenly there’s a loud bang on the phone, but not like a gun-bang, but more like something fell, that felt pain in her ears. “Hello-hello?—its Lilac Johnson, I won!” Isabelle heard, coming from an excited and crazy-happy Lilac she knows. “Hello,” greeted Isabelle, “What’s with the loud sound?” she asked. “Oh, the phone slipped from my hand, and it’s because my hand’s been sloppy because of sweat by holding the controls very long.” Lilac answered. “So, you won on what?” Isabelle asked. “Mario Kart, duh,” sail Lilac sassily. “Mario Kart, Mario Kart, Mario Kart, duh-“Isabelle cooed. “Anyways, do you want to have dinner at ours tonight?” asked Lilac. “I don’t know, mum is still not here,” answered Isabelle. “What’s the occasion by the way?”

“My bro’s birthday,” she answered, “You forgot, haven’t you?” Isabelle bets. “Hmm… don’t speak a word to anyone!” warns Lilac who’s already biting her nails. “I should ask mum first, she’ll be lonely again if I eat at your place,” Isabelle told her, “Wait a sec—Mum! Can Bella’s mom come too?—Yeah! —Yes she said she could come!” answered Lilac, Isabelle could clearly hear Lilac’s mum shouting from the kitchen. “You need to come! It’ll be fun, don’t worry about the present, mum’s inviting you and your mum!”

“I’ll let you know—Mum’s here…” Isabelle responds hearing the creaky door from the backyard door. “Mum? Why did you have your entrance there?” asked Isabelle jokingly, as she walks nearer to her mum. “Good day Bella, how’s school? You’re early today?” asked her mum. “The school ended early, how’s your day mum?” she responds. “Oh, my day’s great! I had a few work today, and I’ll have my day off tomorrow!” beamed her mum. “Oh, mum! Lilac and her mum invited me for supper later, and she’s inviting you too, would you like to come?” asked Isabelle. “Is it okay?” her mum nodded, but insisted she shouldn’t go because she’s too shy. “No mum, her mum invited you too,” added Isabelle. “Well, if she insist, then okay?” her mum responds. “Great, I’ll let Lilac know,” said Isabelle as she runs back to her room to call Lilac again. “Hey Lilac? Mum said she can come, so what time?” she asked. “Maybe 6 PM,” Lilac answers. “Great, then see you later?” assured Isabelle. “Sure,” responded Lilac. “I have something to tell you later,” added Isabelle. “What is it?” asked Lilac. “Just wait…” said Isabelle as she ended the phone call, and went nearer to her mum again. “Mum… do you have any favourite odes?” asked Isabelle remembering about the safe. “Why are you suddenly asking that Bella?” she asks her. “Just a random question.” Lied Isabelle. “Okay then… I love the works of Allan Ahlberg you know, and everything he wrote was really fascinating.” Her mum starts. “Sure?” continues Isabelle. “I really liked the boat,” added her mum. “The boat? What’s that?” she asked. “You can search at the internet, Isabelle…” calmly said her mum. “Sure mum…” she responds, as she runs again to her room and searched the poem titled ‘The Boat’ by Allan Ahlberg, to see if there’s any code hidden by the words. As she read through the website titles, and clicked one, she saw the poem and started reading it;

My mum came back from Birmingham

Removed her hat and coat

Kicked off her shoes and sighed and said;

‘I nearly bought you a boat’

I knew this boat I’d seen it

In a shop on Colmore Row

A clock-work tin-toy steamer

Plus box: Chad valley & Co.

I knew this boat, its painted tin

Its funnel with a key

Its painted passengers, its flags

It was the boat for me

So all I heard was boat and bought

(The clock in the kitchen stopped)

I never heard the nearly

Until the penny dropped

Mum made herself a cup of tea

And buttered me a scone

And spoke of Auntie Elsie’s leg

“Wait, who’s Auntie Elsie?” Isabelle asked to herself, but continued reading.

And switched the wireless on

Some other boats I know I had

A paddle boat, a yacht

An Airfix model landing craft

All more or less forgot-

Like paper boats in the gutter

Soon swirling down the drain-

Only that steadfast nearly boat

Sails in my memory, plain.

The prettiest, shiniest never gift

Just destined to become

The present most treasured from the past

From my old mum, Thanks, Mum.

“Wow, that’s a great poem,” said Isabelle as she walks to the vault to figure out the code. “How do words open this stupid safe, when clearly it only has number buttons?” she whispered to herself. “This is crazy.” As she opens the paper it had earlier and analysed it carefully. “If you’re wondering what its code, you must look through an ode, to which your mum liked, and remember! It starts with the left side” repeated Isabelle. ‘I got my mum’s favourite ode, and I read it from the left side, now how to continue?’ she thought to herself. “Better start preparing yourself honey, remember it’s six.” Said her mum, as she stood up to get ready, although she’s still confused by the poem and its connection to the code. “I should really analyse this one, it’s more difficult than my logic classes.” She said to herself repeating every word that comes from the poem. ‘Maybe it’s the number of words I guess?’ she thought. “Nah, I should discuss this to Lilac,” she soon changed her mind, knowing her best friend has a great logic.

Isabelle and her mum took minutes to get ready, as she’s being bothered by the poem. It was just seventeen-hundred hours but the skies were very gloomy, it’s darker than usual, the clouds look like coals floating in the air, and everything was wet because of the heavy rain, the smell of puddles touched their senses, and it was really cold, they had to wear their trench coats. The two of them decided to spend the next hour to just sit around, and talk about their day. “I forgot, mum I had the best day today!” Isabelle starts. “Mr Dobbins didn’t took lessons at ours!” her mum laughed at Isabelle, because she knows how much she hate her teacher. “She’s just a substitute teacher for Mathematics, right?” asked mum, Isabelle nodded. “Well, lucky for you then,” her mum responds. “Why is it so gloomy it’s just five pm?” said Isabelle frustratingly. “Rain-rain go away,” she starts chanting. “It’s cold too,” added her mum.

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