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-Chapter Three-

Lilac’s Logic

Isabelle and her mum already reached Lilac’s home, as they press the doorbell, along came Lilac and her mum greeting them and welcoming them to their home. “Rosie!” said Lilac’s mum greeting Isabelle’s. “Yes, hello Wanda, how are you?” greeted Isabelle’s mum. “Good evening, missus Johnson, how are you?” added Isabelle, “Oh my, hello to you too, Bella, come in—It’s freezing outside,” said Wanda (Lilac’s mum) as Lilac pulls Isabelle inside, “I’m glad you could come,” she added. “Yeah, thanks for inviting me,” responded Rosie (Isabelle’s mum) as she enters the house. “They are still preparing, so Bella, you can go with Lilac for a while,” instructed Wanda. Isabelle nodded as Lilac dragged her to her room, Isabelle scanned Lilac’s room for a while and saw a lilac-coloured room with plaid curtains and white furniture, the bed has a purple mattress along with lilac sheets, the pillows had ruffled hems and the floor was as white as snow, it was far different from her room which had a neutral colour scheme. Lilac’s room uses fluorescent lights to spice up the room, while Isabelle’s seldom uses her fluorescent lights and lamps because her room used the sun’s light. “Wow, you do like the colour lilac huh? Lilac?” said Isabelle still hesitating to enter the room. “Yeah, I do, well… What are you waiting for? Come in!” said Lilac dragging Isabelle inside. “So… What do you want to say?” asked her. “Hmm… How do we start? It’s a long story…” described Isabelle, making Lilac impatient, “Argh! Just get to the point!” demanded Lilac. “Alright, eat a chill-pill Lilac, I’m starting…!” warned Isabelle. “Just say it,” sighed Lilac, “Fine… I saw a safe underneath my bed…” said Isabelle as she paused, making Lilac uninterested by her boring story. “That’s it? What’s so crazy about that?” responded Lilac with sarcasm. “Why are you so impatient? Anyways… It had this note, and I swear I have never seen that safe in my life,” added Isabelle as she show the envelope that came with the safe. “So, what’s the point of it?” asked Lilac confused, “How will you open that safe?”

Isabelle sighed as she remember the poem that made her frustrated, “Do you know Aunt Rosie’s favourite poem?” said Lilac as she motions her hand to her chin thinking about the logic of the poem. “Yes I knew, but it’s full of words, and it has not any number,” complained a frustrated Isabelle. “Well, what’s the poem?” asked Lilac. “It’s called ‘The Boat’ by Allan Ahlberg,” answered Isabelle, “Alright, here’s the plan… tomorrow after school, I’ll look at the safe, maybe I figure out the code,” told Lilac, also bothered by the topic. “But if the safe’s lock is the circular thingy that turns around, well I can’t help with that,” she warned. “It has numerical buttons okay?” sighed Isabelle. “A mystery is totally a foot, Watson…” she added, “Yeah, but what’s bugging us more is there’s a mystery that’s coming up,” said Lilac, not understanding the idiom. “That’s just what I said,” complained Isabelle, “Nah-uh! You said that a mystery’s a foot!” fought Lilac, “That’s what it means!—you know what? Let’s just forget about it,” said Isabelle frustrated. “Lilac! Bella, its chow time!” the two of them heard, as they stood up to go the kitchen, suddenly, Isabelle bumped on Lilac’s younger brother making her worried. “Don’t worry, I’m alive,” answered the boy, “Oh, and I forgot… Happy Birthday!” greeted Isabelle, making the boy smile. “Thank you! I’m glad you remembered, unlike that girl I know,” he said sarcastically, Lilac rolled her eyes as she heard what her brother said. “I already gave you a present, what else do you want?” asked Lilac, “You didn’t even greet me by the time you and I woke up, you totally forgot!” said Lilac’s brother about to tear up. “Mum!!! Dad!!! z“Don’t embarrass yourself here, Victor… What do you want?” asked a nervous Lilac. “Give me a PS5!” warned her brother, as his tear keeps falling to his cheeks. “No way, I ran out of money!” complained Lilac. “Then buy me a manga!” said her brother. “Fine, fine… “ said Lilac frustratingly. “I guess he’s difficult to handle,” said Isabelle laughing, “Yeah, he’s such a brat,” answered Lilac with crossed eyebrows. “Oh come’ on he’s your brother!” told Isabelle, “But he’s a blabber mouth I swear.” Sighed Lilac. “You should come down, he’s your brother…” said Isabelle, stopping Lilac in doing something really bad, she sighs by the thought of it, and went to the dining table, along with Lilac’s family, and Isabelle’s mum.

The dinner took hours, because of the stories Mr. Johnson (Lilac’s Dad) told as they eat, the table was furnished delicious foods, and fancy beverages like juices that has alcohol in it, that made Isabelle shook her head every time they ask her to drink some, “I’m good with water, missus Johnson, I’m fine…” she kept answering, which really didn’t mind to the Johnsons but Lilac kept looking at Isabelle with a ‘What’s-your-problem’ look that makes Isabelle shook her head quietly. The dining room was filled with laughter and loud sounds of random stories the Johnsons kept telling, Isabelle never felt lively before, but she’s not complaining that she only has her mum, but she never felt the feeling of loud and joyful noises coming from laughter of her own family, in fact, it’s just her and her mum for the rest of her life. The dinner soon ended and Isabelle and her mum already preparing to go home. The night dawned, the ash grey skies quickly turned into black with dark purple and indigo swirls with the silver moon shining by the quiet streets. The streets were filled with sounds of pets coming from each house, the streetlights blinking, and shining a bright orange light. “It’s pretty quiet here…” said Isabelle’s mum about to hesitate going home. “Yeah… sure is mum… it’s scary…” added Isabelle. The two of them waved their hands to the Johnsons as they walk farer from their house, it was very silent, they can only hear their footsteps.

The next day, Isabelle woke up early, took another glance from the poem her mum loved, tried to analyse it really hard. “My mum came back from Birmingham, Removed her hat and coat, Kicked off her shoes and sighed and said; ‘I nearly bought you a boat’” she reads by the first stanza. She followed the poem as she try to realize what the code is, as the instruction said; read from the left side, she did what’s instructed. “I’ll need Lilac’s help… Really…” she whispers to herself as she stands up to go downstairs.

Sixteen-hundred Hours (16:00/ 4:00 PM)

Lilac followed Isabelle on their way to their house, as the school ended, Lilac knew she needs to do her best in analysing, because it’s for her dear best friend. “So… any ideas on how to open that safe?” asked Lilac as she puts her arm around her neck. “Ouch! You’re strangling me!” complained Isabelle rolling her eyes, “Whoa… Why are you so uncool?” complained Lilac back. “You’re immature…” she sassily answers to Lilac. The two of them walked by the grey concrete streets, they soon finally reached Isabelle’s home, the door was still lock, and Isabelle knew her mum is either sleeping or she went to the shops. Isabelle opened the door as the both of them walk inside. Lilac, too scanned the house… It has a neutral scheme, and the curtains were plaid, while the furniture has plaid ruffled cover. “You’re house is nice!” described Lilac. “First of all, do you want something? Like a strawberry or a banana or water?” asked Isabelle, “Nah, I’m still full, anyways where’s Miss Miller?” asked Lilac. “She’s not in here, she’s probably in the shops,” told Isabelle. “Let’s go!” said Isabelle pulling her upstairs with a bowl of strawberries on her other hand. The two of them carried the safe to the table as Isabelle opened the website with her mum’s favourite poem in, and the envelope that came with the safe. “Alright… For the first thought I had, maybe it’s on the first letter of the first word of each line, and you count it with numbers for example, A is one, then B is two, C is three, and goes on,” planned Lilac trying to count each first letter of the first word of every line and put it together to get the code. “Okay, I think I got it, I think it’s 1318999116999919209211311119111121915192010206” said Isabelle catching her breath by the numbers, Lilac then pressed the numbers on buttons but it didn’t open, so they tried again. “Do you think it’s the syllables?” asked Isabelle. “Yeah sure maybe it’s that!” answered Lilac pressing the numbers the came out from the measure of the poem. Sadly it still didn’t open, the two of them got frustrated as they try to open the safe forcedly, “This is pointless Bella,” complained Lilac. “Just a minute…” she paused for a while. “Maybe it’s the number of syllables per stanza!” cheered Lilac. “Do you think that’s the correct code?” asked Isabelle. “We’ll never know if we don’t try…” murmured Lilac. “Okay, so the first stanza has 29 syllables.” Said Lilac counting each syllable. “I think I got it, the code 29-23-23-23-22-23-24-31” answered Isabelle writing the code on the paper. “…twenty-four… and thirty-one!” mumbled Lilac as she pressed the numbers, the safe opened and showed a compass, a map, a letter and another instruction. “Whoa, an adventure’s cooking!” said Isabelle excitingly, the atmosphere between the two of us was filled with unexplained excitement when suddenly…

“Isabelle Miller? Where are you?” Rosie was shouting downstairs looking for her daughter. “Hide the safe!” said Isabelle quickly carrying the safe, as Lilac helped her, “This is heavy,” murmured Lilac, the two of them were sweating because they were tired, they bent over then pushed the safe. “Coming, mum!” answered Isabelle, as they push the safe underneath the bed, panting. “Finally!” the both of them clapped their hands and as Isabelle went downstairs, Lilac followed her with a strawberry on her hand. “Hello mum!” said Isabelle, quickly wiping the sweat on her forehead. “Hello Miss Miller,” added Lilac at her back, also wiping the sweat. “Oh my, why are you both so sweaty?” asked Rosie worriedly. “Um… We were…” Isabelle had troubles thinking of a reason. “We were trying to learn a dance miss!” answered Lilac, making Isabelle flinch, she looked at her and gave her a “What-do-you-mean’ look. “What kind of dance are you learning?” asked Rosie. “Pop?” answered Isabelle, unsure of what to say. “Pop? You mean the dance Asian idols do?” asked Rosie. “Y-yeah mum, we’re learning Korean-pop dances!” stuttered Isabelle. “Well, that’s good then, do you mind showing me how the dance is?” asked Rosie once again. “Uh-huh?” unsurely said Isabelle. “What the heck are you thinking? Pop dance? We didn’t even know a synchronized Korean-pop dance!” whispered Isabelle to Lilac. “I’m sorry, I got nervous…!” whispered Lilac back. “You know what? Let’s just get this over with.” Answered Isabelle unsure of what dance they’ll do. “Sure mum, but it’s just a sneak peak,” excused Isabelle. “Sure, I know this will be fun.” Expected Rosie.

The two of them danced a simple dance and just added some spice on the routine, but overall, it wasn’t synchronized and it was horrible. Rosie didn’t have the choice but to lie that it was great, even though it wasn’t. “Um, that’s great girls…” lied Rosie. “Thanks miss,” answered Lilac. “We better go practice mum,” said Isabelle pushing Lilac on their way to her room. “That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard!” complained Isabelle to Lilac. “I didn’t thought you’d said it’s Korean-pop!” fought Isabelle. “That’s just great, I looked like an idiot…” murmured Isabelle. “Relax, you’re not the only one.” Answered Lilac.

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