I Wanna Dance With Somebody

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A woman's screams during a loud thunderstorm. Multiple calls for police assistance. A locked door. What is happening?

Thriller / Drama
Raven Jean Black
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

Lightning flashed across the midnight blue sky, illuminating the darkened room. Thunder rumbled distantly. Rain pitter-pattered outside the walls. Long lace curtains breezed from the balcony window.

The sip of red wine swirled like a whirlpool in the glass. A soft melody played from her mobile phone.

‘I wanna dance with somebody-’

A drop of tear rolled down her porcelain cheek. Her hand shivered. She closed her eyes. The glass swirled with a bit more force. A drop of red wine stained on the pristine white carpet.

‘I wanna feel the heat with somebody.’

Avi clutched at the white gold pendant resting on her collarbone. The anchor glowed orange in the flickering candlelight. Her chest heaved with silent sobs. She twirled on her left feet.

‘Yeah, I wanna dance with somebody-’

She stumbled, falling hard onto the white carpet. Dark red spilled, seeping into the white fibres. She gave a soft whimper. Her elbow throbbed beside the hard wood coffee table leg.

‘With somebody who loves me.’

Whimpers grew louder. Cries morphed into screams. Her fists tugged at the carpet, white fibres floating weightlessly like grey volcanic ash. Lightning flashed. Thunder rumbled in symphony. The rain roared.

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