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The River Brook

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All girls get into a fight about boys at least once in their lives, right? Well, this fight over a boy cost a girl her life and the lives of many others.

Thriller / Mystery
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Chapter 1

I was 15 when it happened. It was a Friday and I was walking around the halls of my high school, University High School, with my 16-year-old boyfriend, Asher, when my best friend, Molly, texted me.

“Mac, HUGE party!”

“Fo real?! Where?”

“River Brook, 8 pm, tomorrow!”

“Who all gonna be there?”

“Lanie, Becca, Addi, Tyra, and me”

“Say lessssss I’ll be there. But that ain’t no huge party.”

“Haha! I’ll pick you up at 7:30”

Little did I know agreeing to this would be a fatal mistake.

True to her word she came to pick me up at around 7:30 pm. She made me walk around the corner because she didn’t want my parents to know that she was with me. This was the first thing that should’ve made me back track. But me being idiotic, went anyway. She drove out to the back roads of town where most of the wooded areas were. When we parked in front of a path into the woods she got out. I, having second thoughts, hesitated to get out of the car. She knocked on the window with her knuckle and I rolled down my window. I stuttered “I-I-I ain’t too sure ’bout this no mo-, Molly.” She looked at me with those familiar eyes of hers and said, “Mackenzie Beth Brooker!? Having second thoughts about going to a high school party?” I chucked. “I-I don’t feel right with how far ’way this is from town.” She looked at me and said “.......why?......Don’t you trust me?”

Of course, I did. She had been my best friend since diapers. She was more a sister to me than a friend. I sighed and, reluctantly, unbuckled my seat belt, opened my door, and got out of the car. She beamed at me and gave me a huge smile. The braces on her teeth shimmered in the moonlight.

We went into the forest and I saw a fire pit. Around said fire pit were the 4 girls that Molly told me would be there. I sat down and we all immediately started talking and having fun for hours and hours on end. We had s’mores, had a dance party, did karaoke, and talked about boys. “Yo Mac,” that’s my nickname, “don’t you got a boyfriend? Asher, right?” Tyra asked me with a raised eyebrow. “Yea. I do” I said, blushing. “OooooooOooooo~,” the girls said in a teasing tone with smiles on their faces. “What’s he like, girl?” Becca said while elbowing me in the arm. I gripped my arm where Becca hit me and said, “Well he’s smart, funny, and kind. Kinda what’d you’d expect the perfect guy to be.”

I looked at Molly and saw that she was getting an angry and sadistic look on her face, Addi kicked her foot slightly, snapping her out of it. Lanie whispered something to Molly. I am sure to this day not sure what she said, what I do know is it made Molly want to go sit on the edge of the river brook. They wanted me to lead the way and they were all in a cluster whispering behind me.

I sat down at the edge of the river brook and the girls joined me. Molly sat right next to me. She sat a little too close for comfort. All the other girls looked nervous and Lanie even started tearing up. Molly hugged me tightly. She raised her head from my shoulder with teary eyes and said “Asher was mine!!” I felt a strong shove on my back and I fell. It felt like I was falling in slow motion. I saw all of them up there as I fell. Tyra had both hands over her mouth and wide eyes. Becca was just sitting there watching me fall in shock. Lanie was now sobbing. Molly was already gone, running away I assume and Addi was getting up to go after her. I felt what felt like bullets on my back and an overwhelming sensation of not being able to breathe overcame me….Then….It all went black.

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