Reunion 2.0

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Past perfect


I cant believe its 11:30 by the time i reach home! Mumma is going to be super worried!, she doesn’t sleep unless i call her before sleeps at 10 and because today was just...well i dont even know how to describe today. A day i thought would be the usual, a new project with one of my most awaited clients, which would keep me up late in the office till 8 and then make me rush back home to watch the new episode of my favorite K-drama, just completely turned into something so unexpected.

As i unpack my bag my phone starts ringing. Its my brother , and that’s when i remember the text he left me earlier this evening which i still hadn’t read.

“Hello Devang?” “Alisha you sleeping? sorry i had to disturb you but you hadnt replied back to my message so i had to call you up”

“Uh no thats okay i am sorry i didnt have time to check, in fact i just came home so” “Just came home !! what were you doing out so late?!”

“I will explain everything tomorrow ,whats up anything urgent?” I ask half yawning, half talking.

“yeah it is, actually its about dadu, he wants you to come to Jaipur asap so can you drop by anytime soon?”

“Jaipur? all of a sudden, why? is he okay?” “Yeah he is perfectly alright, its just about his will and things he wants to split between you me and Chetan” Chetan was our typical spoilt brat cousin who both me and Devang despised since childhood.

“Wait hold on why does he want us to be their for his will, Papa and uncle will be there right? why us?”

“Alisha you know dadu and his stubbornness, apparently he wants everyone to be there while he gives out some piece of his inheritance to everyone and anyways its been quite sometime since you visited him and the rest of the family so i think its a perfect opportunity for you to come home”

Ugh whats with everyone meeting up all of a sudden. I mean i love my dadu a.k.a my grandfather but its like the timing everyone is having to make plans with me is just getting difficult for me to commit to.

“Alisha? you there?”

“Huh, sorry, i am just so tired. Ya about that, i think i may be able to make it and meet you all in a week or so, so i will be there ,don’t worry.”

“Whoa, did i just get you convinced to meet in one go! like no more ‘I have my schedule and my time’ excuses” I could almost see that triumphant smile my brother would have put after hearing me.

“Haha very funny, i think today is just the day for everyone to convince me to agree to any of their bizarre plans” “what? who else convinced you?”

“Tomorrow Devang, i will let you know the dates ok?, good night” I am so dead by the knees that its hard enough to sit straight and talk. Thanks to Zoe and Dipu ,we danced all night after zoe managed to convince me to come for the so called ‘Reunion 2.0’ with her 45 mins long teary eyed speech of ’We- are- growing -up -and- time -is -falling -short- to- enjoy -life -so -YOLO”.

I smile as i take my covers and pull it up to my head and sleep almost instantly for the first time.


(2 days later on the airport)

“One sec, why are we stopping by Jaipur again?”

“Zoe for the hundredth time, my brother called me to see dadu, how many times are you gonna ask me the same question?”

“Well its hard for me to believe that i am going to see my best friends super tall and hot brother again for the 2nd time in my life!!! by the way is he single?”

I laugh as i take my ticket out for the security checking. “Zoe you still cant stop hitting on him even after 10 years” “Well technically i had stopped hitting on him when he started dating that girl from our class umm.. what was her name?”

“Meera Jaiswal” Dipu said as he came after he finished with his security checking. “Leave it to Dipu to remember even the last gossips huh?”

“I literally follow everyone from our class on Instagram so its kind of hard to not forget their names you see”

“How do you manage that!” I mean its hard enough for to keep track of just two of my friends life and here i had Dipanshu keeping track of 20 others, wow.

“Never mind lissy ,its a little sensitive topic for you” dipanshu says with his squeeky little eyes “haha good one Dipu” and both of them hi-fi ed each other as i shake my head. I never liked the idea of following what’s going on with people’s life and probably why i still have my apprehensions regarding meeting everyone from school. Mind you i have become such a socially awkward person in the past few years, so much that it took Zoe and Dipanshu another 1 hour today in the morning to convince me to not cancel my flight ticket. That’s why i just have 2 friends in my life i suppose, but the best 2 for sure.

We landed after a tiring 2 hr journey and my brother was waiting for us outside the arrival terminal.
As happy as he was to see me, his expression conveyed confusion upon seeing Zoe and Dipanshu.
“Dipanshu isn’t it?” He said with his eyebrows in a furrow.
“Yess yes!! Hii Devang long time no see!” He rushed to give Devang a hug.
“Ouh Dipu! Hey! How have you been man..and you are..?” I mentally laughed, he was my brother after all, recognizing people from before 3 years is so not our thing.
“Favourite Dobrial number 2, don’t you forget me” Zoe said as she narrowed her eyes upon Devang.
Devang looked at me for help with his questioning eyes. All I could do was mouth the words Zoe but my dear little brother had always been a pathetic dumb charades player.

“Serously is it in the family blood to forget friends or what?!”
Saying so, Zoe resorted to her dramatic exit. I couldn’t help but laugh.
“Devang!! It’s Zoe-Zoya Khan ,remember me,Dipu and Zoe, the pranksters??!”
“Oh oh Zoe the prankster! Wow what is she doing here ,wait wasn’t she in the states and-”
“Yeah,yeah its her !go say hi now!”

After an over dramatic and cheerful reunion four of us headed to my family haveli.
Dadu’s lawyer was going to come tomorrow so we had the day to ourselves although the three of us ended up sleeping for the most of it.
We gathered on the terrace after dinner and oh!how much I missed the wind swaying my hair in the open air without the frequent interruption of the horns and traffic.
“So Devang” Zoe started walking with her typical ′ I-know -I am-going -to embarrass-you-but-I -don’t -care’ tone.
“Most of us from our class are coming, at least the fun ones you know”
“Yeah, so i heard” I could sense that he knew where Zoe was heading. Pretty sure he was mentally smiling.
“So that means everyone like me, Dipu, Lishi,the snooty guy gang remember?”
“Ah yes Kabir, Rishabh and Jay, who can forget the only three people you guys could hardly prank amongst everyone else”
“Um ok no we did but that’s a debate for another day, well coming to the point, other than them there’s Suhana the tall with no sense of humour girl from our class pfft.. 2 more people Dipu invited who even i have conviently forgotten like the Dobrials..and...”
There was an intense gazing face off between Zoe and Devang for the next 10 seconds. We all knew who she meant as the next person
“Tell it already Zoe” Dipu said as he tiredly walked to another comfortable chair.
“And another person called.....Meera Jaiswal!!”
Meera and Devang were your typical high school sweet hearts. They dated from 9th to 12th but the whole college and long distance thing took a toll on their relation as well.
“O..kay that’s nice..”
“Nice?! Devang you should totally join us man, i mean technically you were as much of a part of our class as much were we. You and Meera, inseparable! Remember na Alisha ,love sick birds of our school!”
“Yep, totally the otp of Clarence High” I said out with a laugh.
“Exactly! but Devang seriously, I mean it like, why don’t you join us? We all know you and you know our class too, it will be great fun , just like old times?!”
“No no, its your batch Zoe and moreover why would you want a senior to join in your reunion”
“Our batch, puh-leez, our batch ain’t complete without our most favourite lovey doveys” Zoe was all into the teasing and nudging mode as she tried convincing Devang.
“It was 10 years back Zoe, we hardly even talk nowadays”
“That’s the point, it’s all about catching up with those old feelings, old memories, old gossips and old pranks” Zoe said with her classy smirk.
“True I mean Devang and Meera were like the past perfect couple back then, how come you guys don’t even talk now?”
“Past perfect haha that’s a little too much of exaggeration Dipu”
“Alisha !!! Say something, why have you become this boring person who won’t talk unless asked to!”
“I mean its Devang’s call if he has work here then-”
And yet again I successfully manage to activate the ′ angry stomping of feet while talking’ mode is Zoe. Damn it.
“No serously what’s with this Dobrial family prioritizing work over life huh, Devang you coming alright, it’s just for a week and it will be a good change for you too?! Aren’t I right Dipu?”
“Yeah totally agree, i have anyways booked an extra room incase someone did turn up unexpectedly, so hop in Devang!”
“That’s very sweet of you guys but I don’t think it’s a good idea for me to join, not because I have work ,i mean that’s a constant in my life that won’t leave me so i handle everything else around me along with my work”
I narrowed my eyes as he spoke,clearly indicating my pathetic work-life balance.
“But i feel” he continued “It might cause inconvenience to Meera, i mean i don’t want to make things awkward for any of you when you all are finally meeting after so long.
“Noo noo!! Come on we are grown up now, like this is what adulthood means right? maturing up over your previous relationships ,moving on and this one was a school thing so pfft it won’t be wierd ,right guys?” Zoe looked intently at all of us expecting a yes but we all knew how serious Devang and Meera were even back in school and a sudden meeting would be nothing short of awkward.
“Zoe listen, i really appreciate your gesture but I think it’s better if i dont come”
“Aw no!!, Alisha a little help please?!”
To be honest Zoe was right, we couldn’t have a reunion without Devang in it, he was practically always in and out of our class , waiting for Meera in the morning outside girls dormitory, dropping her till class, being the morning invigilator for class just to see her, then again come to our class for lunch. He would in fact even help the three of us in our pranks! It would only make sense for him to join us too if we really did want to relive the old days.
“Devang you should come, it’s not like no one knows you and Meera aren’t dating, it’s been a long time and thats all in the past now so forget it and come!”
“Yea so its decided both the Dobrials are coming! Wohoo!” Zoe said with a triumphant tone
“Guys listen I still don’t think-”
“Devang !” I said “We all deserve a break from all of this and moreover you haven’t been to school in years. Its time to reflect back for once don’t you think?. Come with us you won’t regret it.”
Devang looked at me with a smile and then nodded.
“Okay then ,Zoe you have succeeded in planning a great awkward moment for me very soon so congratulations!”
“Haha you thought I was going to let you off the hook so easily for forgetting my face huh?”
We all laughed and continued to listen to all of Zoe’s wild plans to make this reunion 2.0 even more memorable. Little did anyone of us know that fate had already put into place other plans to make our reunion much more than just memorable.

Hola peeps!
Hope you the inkling of a super weird, super mysterious meet up is slowly seeping in. Is the plot boring or do you guys like it?!!
Please do let me know from your comments, i’d love to hear your thoughts!

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