Game of Delusions

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That's how they get you.. they target the people who are filled with delusions of what they could be.. that's how they got me. Updated every Friday

Thriller / Mystery
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Tutorial Part 1

I couldn’t open my eyes. My alarm was ringing annoyingly loud, but I couldn’t focus on that. I felt something sharp in my stomach. I rose to see what was happening, and when I could open my eyes, I saw a monster. A monster with its stomach ripped open, blood flowing, intestines squished and twisted, dangling out. I screamed out and trying to wriggle away but no matter what I did I could not escape. The monster stabbed me. Over and over until I could no longer make a single sound.

I have always loved to explore worlds through stories.

When I opened my eyes again, I could only see white. Until I heard soft footsteps behind me. I tried to turn around to see what it was, but I could not move. Three black figures appeared in front of me.

“Come with us.” The figure said to me.

My body moved without my permission, following the 3 people. They brought me to sit down in a room filled with cubicles. When I reached my cubicle, I wanted to ask about how I got here and what happened to me before, but I couldn’t open my mouth and they put me into the room as they locked the door.

I heard a shrill voice.

“Good day players. We are welcome to have you. Now… before we play this exciting game… Does anyone have questions?”

The room was filled with loud chatter.

“Why did you bring us here?! Who are you?”

“Oh, dear…” The shrill voice sighed.

My once extremely loud surroundings went silent.

“Alright, alright everybody calm down…. Now ask your questions one at a time.”

Suddenly, a screen appeared in front of me.


Please do not ask too many... we are on a tight schedule. (✿◠‿◠)

Suddenly, I heard a mechanical voice.

“Who are you?”

Then the wall in front of me rolled down and I could see what that shrill voice looked like. It looked similar to a bear combined with a beaver. But I still could not see anybody else.

“Well, to answer your question, I am… none of your business. XD,” Its laugh was grating.

“Hm... well anyway the questions seem to come in faster now.”

“‘Why did you bring us here’ well… of course I brought you all here to play a game…. It seems like all of you are just repeating the same questions… I’ll just give you my summary,”

“You guys are all here to play the most exciting game in history! A survival mystery game! Are you wondering how all of you were chosen? Well of everyone here in this room are the chosen ones.”

The creature took a pause and looked around. Then dragged one of the pure black human-shaped things next to him. It pulled out its claws and slashed at the humanoid figure in half.

“Did you all see that? That’s what could happen if you fail a game. No need to be panicked I would never do that to any one of you in this room! Now to explain the rules of the game.”

“You will enter a new world.

There will be an objective at the beginning of each game that you must complete.

If there is a time limit and you do not complete your objective, there will be consequences!

Don’t worry if you are bored just doing one task, you might come across side quests!

After each game, you will get an undetermined amount of rest time. “

“Now that you know all the rules are there any more questions?”

I finally decided to ask a question.


What happens if we die?

Please do not ask too many... we are on a tight schedule. (✿◠‿◠)

“Well...” One of the black figures called out to the creature.

“Hmm? Did someone take a dump in the pure white space? …. Oh, dear we must get this cleaned up immediately.”

The creature turned to look at me.

“Unfortunately, it seems we have run out of time.”

Suddenly a lever popped up out of nowhere.

“Have fun playing your first game together! Please enjoy your experience with The Game of Delusions!”

It pulled the lever and I lost consciousness.
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