Game of Delusions

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City of Paradise

“It’s the end of the tutorial. You have a 1 minute resting period before you are allowed in the city.”

The entire arena was silent, and there were only about 30 of us left alive. After an entire minute of silence, my vision blurred and my consciousness slipped away. When I opened my eyes, I was standing in an unfamiliar room. It had a wooden bed and a round table with 2 chairs. On the table was my notebook that I had forgotten about. The walls were plain and gave off a strange scent.

Before I could look around the room, a white figure appeared in front of me.

“Hello, I am your guide. Welcome to the City of Paradise. I will help you get out used to the city,”

The figure pulled out a black card outlined with silver.

“This is what you will use to see personal information about yourself.

Then handed the card to me.

“Now to use the card, you must think about seeing your personal information.”

When I thought about that, a screen appeared in front of me.
















Panic Rating










“Now if you swipe, you will see a Rewards panel where you can accept the rewards from completing the objective.”

When I swiped the screen, another one replaced it.


Objective – Survive the pillars for 2 minutes

Accept or Decline

I pressed accept and a screen saying “Congratulations you have unlocked the ability - Observer.” appeared.

“If you swipe again, you can see the explanation of all your abilities. That is all you have to know. You can explore the city on your own now.”

Before I could ask the figure any questions they disappeared.

It left me speechless. I felt that there was a lot that they didn’t tell me Like how to even play the other survival games. But it was impossible for me to call them back here, so I decided to explore the city.

When I walked out the door I saw terraced fields of green, majestic mountaintops in the far distance. The sky was a dull gray. The buildings themselves had black wooden rooftops, lava stone walls. It was a strange mix between dull and majestic.

Walking further, I saw shops as if this were a normal place on earth. Then I saw a place with a bunch of crowded people. I walked over there and listened to what they were all saying. I could hear them loud and clear, even though I wasn’t that close to them.

Maybe it was because I entered the game? Well, it didn’t matter right now. I would think more about it when I went back to that room. I stopped thinking about it and listened to them.

“Ugh, I’ve been putting this off for a month now…” someone whispered

After listening around more I realized that this where you were to join the game. I went back and write what I learned so far.

There is some kind of point system that you get after completing each game.

You can make teams with other players. Although that wouldn’t be too useful for me right now since I didn’t know anyone here.

There seems to be a limit to how long you can go without playing the game.

After writing that down, I opened up my panel and swipe until I reached the abilities.


Observer (Passive) – Level 1 (Hearing) You can hear things more clearly and hear things at a further distance.

So that must have been why I could hear those people at such a far distance. I decided that tomorrow morning I could play my first game. I went to the bed and laid down in it and went to sleep.

After getting up in the morning I went back to that crowded place. I looked at the wall and saw that there were many games that I could play, but I didn’t know which one to choose. So I spun the “Game Wheel” and have it choose a random game for me.

After I did that, a screen appeared in front of me.

Starting game “My Favorite Teacher”

Level 1 – Beginner

There are a total of 4 players in this game.

Then I lost consciousness and when I could see again, I was in a classroom seated with students.

Objective – Survive the school assembly.

Rewards – 5 points

Failure - ???

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