Let Me Love You Forever

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Jules Harrington meets rock star Colt Ames and becomes obsessed with him. She helps his career and begins working for him. When Colt begins a relationship with his makeup artist, Jules will do anything to have Colt...or nobody will have him. **Contains violence. Read with caution.

Thriller / Drama
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I thought I could survive anything. At this point, I wanted to be dead than be trapped here in this hellhole with this lady demon. I cursed myself for letting my guard down. I cursed myself for being so fucking stupid for being so trusting. I should’ve known better, now I was in this situation with my psycho stalker.

“I’ll protect you from the world. No one will hurt you,” her voice way too sweet.

I thrashed my hands around, chaffing my wrists against the cold handcuffs. I felt like a dog chained to a metal pole, my captor deciding my fate.

“Let me go,” I said through my gritted teeth.

She straddled me, her small weight containing my trembling legs. “I can’t let you go, Colt. Since the day I met you, I knew I had to have you.”

Jules forced her kiss on my lips. A tiny piece of life sucked out of me, perhaps my will to live.

“People are going to be looking for me,” my determination finding its way back to me.

She got off me, pacing in front of the boarded up window. Her pacing had a strut to it, a spring in her step. This was fun to her, a sick game.

“If somebody wants to find you, I’ll have to kill them.”

For the first time since I regained consciousness, the loud, panic beating of my heart went quiet. She was more dangerous than I ever thought she could be. Nothing so far had stopped her and I didn’t think anything could.

Jules lowered herself to me. “If I can’t have you, nobody else will.”

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