Who is your neighbor?

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A story of true love and compassion between a stranger and her new neighbor

Thriller / Mystery
Wang RU
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Who is your neighbor

Nina was a victim of domestic violence and due to that, she refused to socialize with people in her environment. Her husband was a jerk , he enjoyed seeing her isolated . depression fell upon Nina and she hated her self deeply. She could leave the marriage but choose not to because her father's medical bills were handled by her violent husband. She wasn't working and relied solely on him. Also he wouldn't let her work.
With no child to comfort her, she was always talking to herself. One day ,a new tenant moves into their compound. The Lady was in her middle age and seemed extremely lively. She wasn't married and lived alone ,she seemed to be living her best life. Nina envied her and wished for her life but life isn't magical. One day Nina was drying clothes outside and she notices her new neighbor walking up to her, she quickly tries to go back into her apartment but the Lady catches up to her. She is then forced to exchange pleasantries with her and the lady introduced herself as Helen. Helen seemed cool, she wasn't rude , Nina likes her but due to the fact that she can't keep friends she tries to cut the conversation short as soon as possible and disappears back into her apartment
But Helen was relentless, she would go to Nina's apartment and call her out and Nina would stand for few minutes talking to her about life and movie episodes. Helen was excited to always talk to Nina but she wondered why she was always lnside, can you follow me let's go somewhere fun today? She asks Nina. Hearing this Nina refuses. I can't go am sorry.. I am swamped with activities . she was already getting it hot from her husband just because he caught her once talking to Helen. Going out with her will just end her life.
Helen persuades Nina into finally going out with her after one week. Nina had to initially lie to her husband that she was going to the market to restock the house , he raised an eyebrow because he didn't think she needed to restock the house. He just allowed her, he wanted to see what she was up to . "Nina let it be market you are going to oh", he warns her and he hands her some money. She nods Yes it is.
The outing with Helen was fun even though Nina couldn't enjoy it to the fullest because she had to cut it short by going to the market. Unknown to her. Her husband was tailing her.
Getting home,Nina has a bit of skip in her steps. She experienced life a bit today. She went to the amusement park. Ate at a fancy restaurant and was accompanied by her new friend to the market. She opens to the door to her apartment , and a thunderous slap hits her face out of no where. Bitch! Where do you think you are coming from!, was the next thing she heard. She falls to the ground and her market bags falls with her too and the content scatters all over the floor
Today ,you all tell why you will think lying to me is a good idea?.
That night was the worst in Nina's life, she regretted ever meeting Helen. The next day. Helen comes knocking on the door as usual and Nina doesn't answer her, she ignores Helen for 3 days till she couldn't take the constant knocking on her door anymore. She comes out with a scarf covering her face and tells her to leave never to return. Helen tries to understand the situation but Nina slams the door at her face leaving her dumbfounded.
Nina returns to her solemn life. Helen stops bugging her and Nina would sometimes listen to hear if Helen would come knocking but she never did . one day Nina's husband asks her if her bitch friend still comes visiting and out of her anger she tells him, my friend isn't a bitch, she is better than u will ever be in a million years. This was the first time she ever stood up to her husband. She felt alive , Helen gave her a sense of power but it was soon overcome By slaps and serial beatings . in the process her ribs gets fractured and she passes out
Her husband leaves her in that state and goes to the work the next day. He doesn't come back that night and the day after. Nina was hanging on to life , she wishes Helen could come to her rescue, she couldn't move, she just couldn't move. She shuts her eyes and waits for death patiently and when all hope was lost, someone enters into her apartment and lifts her up. Few weeks later she wakes up in a private ward , with oxygen mask over her face. She has made a full recovery. The nurse who attends to her tells her , " you are so lucky, you were found an organ donor if not, you would have died". Organ donor?
[ Yes,the nurse tells her, your heart was already too weak and someone stepped up . who? Nina asks. One Miss Helen. What! The answer shocks her. No no no, she cries. The nurse shakes her head , she was already living her last days , she was a cancer patient and was given a year to live. I guess she found you worthy of her heart. Nina breaks down in tears. She knows she treated Helen badly and up to then she never knew she was battling with cancer. No Wonder she had no care in the world. she was always happy. Oh God. She cries.
A man in suit enters into the ward, oh happy to see that you are awake Mrs Nina. I am Miss Helen lawyer and her last wishes were to put your husband behind bars and for her life savings be transfered to you. All I need is your signature And all her funds will be transfered to you. But am not worthy ,Nina cries. I was mean to her. The lawyer smiles and says "she knew what you were going through, she knew you really liked her, so don't worry, she told me to tell you she isn't angry with you and you should please take care of her heart and live your life to the fullest because you only have one."
Nina is still in shock till today.
Who is thy neighbor?
Are you a good neighbor?
The.END 🙏
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