Cluster of shorts

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This book is a collection of several short stories.

Thriller / Mystery
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Kate was scrolling through tinder and found a guy named Cole whom she liked. She swiped him right. Unexpectedly, that guy liked her too. They found a match and started talking.

Cole- You are so beautiful, girl.😉
Kate- ☺️ Thanks. You are handsome yourself.
Cole- I am going to steal your heart.❤️
Kate- Aww... That's so romantic.🤭

They exchanged numbers and started talking to each other over the phone. A month later, they decided to meet. They met at a café. Afterward, Cole asked Kate if she wants to go home with him. She agreed, and they drove to his apartment.

Kate- Why is your apartment so empty.
Cole- Oh. I just moved in here. So...
Kate- Oh. Ok.

He slowly came towards her and pulled her into his arms. Then he kissed her and led her to his bedroom. Suddenly, he pushed her onto the bed and climbed on her holding a knife against her throat.
Fear flashed through her eyes.

Kate- What... What are you doing?
Cole- Remember, I said I am going to steal your heart.

She started trembling under him. He laughed maliciously, looking at her.

Cole- You guessed it right, my dear. I am an organ trafficker.
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