Cluster of shorts

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Life was far better, but then it happened, the tragedy. One night while Dev and Ela were having dinner, Ela said, “ Hey honey, I will be working till late today. You go to sleep early and do not wait for me. ”
“ Again? ” Dev sighed.

A year ago, Dev and Ela fell in love and got married. Ela works at the call center at night. She stays at home and does all the chores while Dev goes to college to teach
students. So they do not get much time to spend together on the weekdays. Her shift starts at 7pm and ends at 11pm. But somedays she would come late because she had to cover for some other person. She never refuses if anyone asks her to help. He sighed again.

She got up and walked towards him.
" You know how much I want to spend time with you. But I also have to work. " She said by hugging him. His shoulder dropped in defeat.
"I will try to come back soon. Okay? " She assured him. He looked at her and nodded. As usual, Ela left for her work.

Lying on his bed alone Dev’s mind wandered towards the thought of his wife. A weird thought came to his mind. Is
she covering for some other people, or is she cheating on me? The idea of his wife cheating on him shook him to the
core. He decided to spy on her.

It was already half-past ten. Dev quickly got up, wore the coat, and left the house. He casually walked towards her office. A very few people were out on the street because of the cold weather. Her office was only a mile away from their house. When he reached there, he found a bench in the dark across the street. He sat there waiting for his wife.
The clock struck eleven. He looked at the entrance but did not see his wife come out. It was twenty minutes past
eleven when he decided to leave. He felt ridiculous for suspecting his wife. He stood up but immediately stopped when he saw Ela coming out. She looked at both sides and started walking in the opposite direction.
" Why is she going that way? That is not the way to our house. " Dev wondered.

He pondered for a moment and started following her by keeping a decent distance between them. After walking for five minutes or so, she turned into a dark alley. He quickly followed her, but it was too dark to see anything.

When his eyes adjusted in the dark, he heard aloud meowing sound coming. He turned and looked in the direction of the sound. He saw his wife standing there
holding a dead bloody cat in her hand.
He gasped by looking at her. The sound got her attention. She turned her head and saw her husband standing with wide eyes, looking at her with fear.

" Oh dear, Why do you have to spy on me. " Ela sighed. " I loved you so much, but now I have to kill you. " She said clutching him, tightly by his neck.
" Goodbye, Husband. " With that, she sank her teeth in his neck.
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