G. Agnes: Friend Or Foe?

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Young Minds, Questionable Decisions, Unplanned Trips with a drizzle of Calamity. All of us have at sometime in our lives dreamt of a trip with our friends to places like Goa or somewhere in the hills. But all is not what it seems for Vijay and his friends as their dreams get crushed and everything that seemed normal is turned upside down.

Thriller / Adventure
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Chapter 1

There was a guy named Vijay. He and his group of friends- Rahul, Raj, Khushi, Twinkle, Aditya, Manuel and Sonali were planning on going on a trek in the coming vacations.

They stayed in Noida and went to the same college in Delhi. After one of the most difficult semesters, they thought they deserved a break and tried to convince their friends for the same.

The parents wanted them to stay home so they weren’t allowed to go for the trip.

The others decided to spend a few days with family and then go for the trip, Win-Win! Some of them succeeded and some of them gave in to the demands of their parents- some wanted family time and planned on family trips rather than friends and others wanted them to stay at home safe from danger concluding in the elimination of Aditya, Manuel and Khushi.

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