G. Agnes: Friend Or Foe?

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Chapter 3

All of them went to Rishikesh and stayed at the All-Seasons courtesy of their friend Rahul. It really was one of a kind, extravagant, little shy of 5 stars but was first-rate to be called a motel.

As with all juvenile testosterone-brimming brats, the boys wanted to go all out for the bachelor experience and so called an Ecdysiast cause why not right?

They found the number for “The Gentlemens’ Club” in an old telephone directory. What’s gentle about this!?!

Meanwhile the girls were just settling in for the night in the other room but some had some other thoughts on how to spend the night.

They kind of figured that the boys would do such a thing because well let’s just say they show-off their virility too much not to mention that they overheard them talking on the train.

Coming to the train, the Sonali knew that Raj crushed on Twinkle hard.

They kept talking and planning to make use of that in Rishikesh.

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