G. Agnes: Friend Or Foe?

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Chapter 4

Let’s just say they wanted to show off their goofiness as planning on pranking the boys with use of their femininity.

So as the plan took its course, the ladies went about on how to execute this potential misdemeanor and decided a simple coming to terms with their feelings would do the job but Twinkle took it further with a Machiavellian plot for an idea.

Twinkle settled on mixing business with pleasure and disguising herself as one of the women from the club going to them boys and then revealing her heart out.

As the night got darker, the excitement in the camp grew louder.

The boys were all ready to let the women come as they may, totally unaware of what was going to hit them.

Finally, the women came, the switch happened and Twinkle was on the away to that room.

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