The serial killer

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"You can run but you can't hide dolcezza"

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The room stench of blood, the red thick liquid was all around me but it wasn’t mine. I looked at the unmoving body hopefully wishing this was all a dream and I would wake up in my quiet apartment with my puppy Kevin.

My feet moved on their own accord towards the body while the whole time I held my breath. Using a broomstick I picked the body and moved it so I could see who it was, I regretted it. Warm wet liquid escaped from my eyes as I saw the person, the tears fell like a waterfall against my cheeks. Not only was I shedding tears for the person but also the markings left on the dead.

“You can run but you can’t hide dolcezza,” It said in all caps, now I can say he truly found me and I am screwed beyond repair.

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