The serial killer

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Chapter 2

The blaring of an alarm sounded throughout the quiet room instantly waking me from my sleep. I reluctantly woke up from my warm bed; I sat upright and prayed to my God for making me see à breaking of another day. After my prayer ended I went into my cream-colored bathroom and brushed my teeth then, later on, I took à hot shower which I really needed. After I took my shower I dressed up in an oversized shirt with black shorts since I was staying at home, as usual, I left my room then went to the living room to witness my puppy sleeping so peacefully. At Least one of us can have a non-troubled night.

He watched from her window silently as she woke up, her luscious skin shone under the sunlight. She stood and it seemed she prayed which he found cute, he hoped her prayers would be answered even though he was no believer. He followed her figure as it went into her bathroom; he watched every single detail as she brushed her beaming white teeth. He watched her strip to take à shower, analyzing every inch of her body, every curve, scar, and he would not lie about loving what he was seeing. He imprinted every memory of her naked form in his mind. As she moved on to her living space he decided to depart from outside her apartment with à curve to his lips.

I navigated my way towards my kitchen and made myself some fried plantain and chikasa (à chicken stew dish in Cameroon), after making myself some food I walked into my living room to see Kevin my husky was up and wagging his tail. I settled on my couch watching Umbrella Academy, since today was à Saturday I didn’t do much but chill, eat, sleep and binge-watch Netflix. As I was about to doze off on the couch, my phone rang really loudly, almost giving me à heart attack. I checked the device and saw it was my best friend calling.

“Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii bestiiiiiiiiiieeeeeee” She shouted into her phone

“What are you stupid? Why are you shouting so early in the morning” I said faking annoyance

“You retard it’s like three in the afternoon,” she said with her sassy ass

“So it’s still early” I retorted

“Anyways, I was wondering. Would you like to go out with me tonight?” She asked

“No” I answered

“What? Why no-” before she could finish talking I cut her off by ending the call. I already knew how this would play out, I will go out then get drunk and start acting like those stupid Wattpad girls and at the end of the day get kidnapped, abused then fall in love with my abuser bullsh*t. I know it was farfetched but please anything is possible these days. I ended up sending her à text about me going to throw up or something.

Some hours later I heard à knock on the door, wondering who it was as I went to the door and looked through the peephole then noticed it was à pizza delivery guy. Knowing I didn’t order pizza I retracted to my room and took my baseball bat from under my bed then went to answer the door.

“Pizza delivery for Miss. Bankole?” The guy said, the way he said my surname sent chills down my spine and alarms were flaring in my head.

Even so, I couldn’t stop myself from staring at his physique; his features were so unreal, with à jawline so sharp it could cut if you got too close, long raven midnight hair in à lazy ponytail tucked underneath his red cap with à few strands flying out. His nose à little crooked but otherwise straight and pointy, his kissable pink plump lips. His eyes were what made me extremely uneasy, they were as green as the forest under à sunny day, not only that but they seemed to stare at me very soul and they looked so calm almost too calm for my liking. Not only that but he had this look in his eyes I couldn’t describe, it’s like the look is there but it wasn’t. He was really tall and when I say really tall I mean really like 6′4 compared to my 5’4 and he was almost as white as snow. He was built like à greek god yada yada. While I’m here checking this stranger out I’m sure he would have had the opportunity of killing me by now.

“Oh... Uh... I didn’t order for pizza it must be Mr. Rodriguez’s downstairs.” I said hoping he would leave soon.

“But I am sure it is this door, it said Miss. Bankole in the order,” He said getting à little closer to the door while I closed the door à little more.

“You must probably mean Miss. Adede right next to Mr. Rodriguez downstairs,” I said so and shut the door in his beautiful face immediately locking the door. To say I was not scared I would be lying.

He got to see her up close, how excited he was. He now knew her skin will be delicate under his touch as he caressed it with his favorite black knife. Her screams would be music to his ears, her begging him to stop. If she decides to be submissive while they are together then he might reward her with seasoned food but if not he will be sure to make her bleed. If she dares to utter another man’s name from her lips he will be sure she watches him torture that man and when he’s done he will drape her with the useless men remains. He couldn’t wait to have her and only her. When they are finally together he will punish her for wearing such clothes to answer doors, those shorts were too short for his liking, after all the king has to be pleased at all times.

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