The serial killer

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Chapter 3

My phone rang for the second time that day and I was really getting tired out by it. I picked up my phone and saw it was my twin sister calling. I picked up the call.

“What?” I asked

“Is that a way to greet your darling sister?” She asked with her pitchy voice

“If I don’t slap you there, what is it?” I asked her getting irritated

“How fa now, who vex you?” She asked

“If you don’t go straight to the point I’m ending this call”

“A geez fine, anyways so. I am going out for dinner with your brother in law and he was hoping you would babysit Nina for us” She said trying to sound innocent

“And by my brother in law you mean you but anyways no worries I will always make time for my niece. Are you two picking her up tomorrow?”

“Yeah we will, thanks so much sis”

“No problem, have fun”

“I will love you”


“You’re supposed to say love you back”

“If I do I would be lying to you and I don’t want that”

“You demented goat”

“You stupid cow”

She hung up the phone after that. I prepared my house for my niece’s arrival later on. Come to think of it I have not introduced myself yet, how forgetful of me. I am 5’4 which is already known, I have dark brown skin. I would describe my eyes to be quite big, with basic brown eyes. My lips were naturally pouty and pinkish brown, my button nose sat on my face, and my hair as thick as a bush. My body shape was the usual, slim with a little amount of curves here and there.

Since I don’t have a cot in my apartment my niece will be sleeping on my bed with me tonight and I hope that clown will not forget to bring her baby food again. After I was done cleaning my place to make sure there was nothing dangerous laying around I rested on my couch trying to do some work which I ended up not evening going halfway with.

My doorbell rang signifying me my sister was here, I checked the peephole when I arrived at the door just to make sure it was her and it was. I opened the door greeting my sister with a hug. I took my niece from her arms and started kissing her all over her face.

“You’re here early, well that’s surprising,” I said teasing her

“I know right, I brought everything she needs this time around and forgot nothing,” She said welcoming herself in and placing my niece’s bag on my table

“Well that’s good,” I said while closing the door with my leg

I walked further into my apartment and sat down on my love seat next to my twin.

“How are you doing,” My sister asked

“Great,” I said lifting my niece up and down

“You know I’m really looking forward to the day you get a boyfriend or when you are interested in someone,” She said getting to the point

“I like it when you don’t beat around the bush; actually I am interested in someone”

“Who is it?” She said leaning in to listen even though she was already so close to you

“The guy down the street”

“Oh him? Wow, not a bad choice he’s really cute. Before I get late let me say goodbye to my baby and your fat head”

Rolling my eyes I gave her baby back. I watched her kiss her baby goodbye and make her promises I was sure she would keep. She handed me back my niece and said her goodbyes to me, I walked her to the door and she left.

Carrying my niece to feed her since my sister said she had not been fed yet. By now it was already nine when I had finished feeding her, when I tell you this girl is always busy I mean busy, she’s moving left and right like her life depended on it. Finally, she had fallen asleep.

I carried her to my room placing her little body in the middle of my bed while I went to the bathroom to brush my teeth and change into sleeping wear.

He gently opened her bedroom window as the moonlight lit the room up with its rays. He watched her sleeping form breath in and out. To him she was the most beautiful woman in the world, no one could match up to her not even the goddess of beauty herself. He noticed her arms wrapped around a tiny body whose eyes were wide awake staring at him as if knowing who he was. His cold eyes stared at the baby’s innocent ones; he carried the baby from her arms causing the baby to start giggling. He carried her to her bedroom corridor dangling the baby by her ankle causing her to giggle louder, as the blood rushed to the baby’s head the small creature started wailing causing Aissa to wake from her slumber. She sat upright shrieking at the sight in front of her, she gently walked up to the mysterious man going on her knees already begging for him to give back her niece to her unharmed.

“Is it yours?” The man asked not caring about the wailing baby who was still dangling by one leg.

“No, no, no. Please she’s not mine I swear, she’s my sister. Plea-a-s I’m begging you give her back to me” Aissa said with tears streaming down her face.

“If it is not yours then what is it doing here,” He said while shaking the baby causing her cries to get louder.

“I am babysitting, pl-e-ea-se I’m begging you sto-o-op” Aissa begged him.

“Fine, return it first thing tomorrow” After saying so he threw the crying baby to her causing her to have a mini heart attack but Aissa still managed to catch the baby who was now pink in the head area. She held the baby close to her nonexistent chest trying to calm the crying child in her arms, she ran back into her room with caution. She looked at the man before her. He walked toward her and captured her chin forcing her to stare up at his cold eyes.

“Next time I will not be so lenient, if I see you carry another man’s baby I will make sure to kill it in front of you.” He said staring into her soul, his hand on her chin hardening to prove his point while she was shaking like a leaf ready to pass out. He kissed her forehead before walking to her corridor and jumping off her corridor then landing on the ground unharmed and proceeded to disappear into the darkness.

While she placed the sleeping little human on her bed, she opened her phone and called her sister. She picked on the first ring.

“Hello? What’s wrong” She asked sounding worried since she was calling her at 2 in the morning.

“co-o-o-ome and pi-i-ck you’re da-u-g-hter up now” she managed to spill out.

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