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SOS- Is 2025 our last Christmas?

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Just when we are hit with a virus we are not ready for what happens next- will humanity survive what happens after? This is a story written as a diary/log for future generations to read and learn from - hopefully there will be a new generation on Earth.....

Thriller / Horror
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Chapter 1

It started off as a strange morning. Our son Lucias came striding into the house making such a racket we could almost not understand what he was yelling for. Finally he calmed down enough for Neddy and I to understand.
He then ushered us quickly outside to have a look at what was going on. I was shocked and astounded to see all our neighbors animals , including our own ,all running amok and crashing through our fences as all hell broke loose. If the pigs could fly I reckon they would have that day. I turned to see the look on my partner Neddy's face to see that he too was shocked . I turned just in time to see a horse at a full uncontrolled gallop go somersaulting through the air as his body hit a taut barb wire fence and then he came crashing down only to get up, shake and trot off towards the bush on the far left side, he was limping on his front off side leg but apart from that seemed ok. I was just about to swear about the neighbors having their animals breaking through when I stopped, listened, and couldn't quiet make out the ping ping noise that was coming from over the grassy hills ahead. All of a sudden an army came into view all dressed in white from covered helmet to boots and were firing behind them as they fled up over the hills and towards our farm! It seemed surreal to watch as another army was chasing after them but what they fired were not bullets,- they were brightly lit like laser beams and when they fired at a target all that was left was a gooey substance left smoldering on the ground! I started screaming breaking the trance we were all in . "Get your bugout bags we have to leave NOW"! As I ran inside I noticed Neddy was still locked in thought watching the battle raging on and getting nearer and nearer! "I went back out and with me carried my bag and his while Lucias raced passed me with the Toyota Landcruiser keys in one hand and his bugout bag in the other. Neddy was still not moving so again I repeated more forcibly this time "we have to go !" I was astounded when he turned to face me at last and uttered " no, no, I want to see what's going on, wait a sec!" I heard voices nearly beside us and before I could freak out totally it became clear- the battle was of men and robots! Then I woke up with a start, WOW! That was some dream! But little did I know then that a grain of truth from that dream would one day manifest itself in an almost identical way..... Chapter One- It was in 2020 that the whole world learnt about the corona virus _ Covid19. It had supposedly started off in the city of Wuhan , China then spread quickly to the villages, visiting cruise ships and the airlines, so soon the whole world had a first class pandemic on their hands. Third world countries never stood a chance, once the virus hit their shores it was basically adios amigo's. With their burgeoning populations and poor economics and relying heavily on other countries to send aide, they were in a real pickle when the whole world was locking down and scientists were scrabbling to find a cure. Now the powers that be were getting to a critical stage ,who knew where this was going to go? The virus was rapidly mutating so one cure could never quiet stamp it out . Trying to contain it was like containing a lion in a box- eventually it would get out. As the virus spread faster and faster from land mass to land mass it got people wondering was it air-borne? So then the states of Australia started to shut borders, and only allow certain liberties like only one person at a time out shopping but unfortunately that didn't stop the panic shoppers- they cleared shelves, fought over toilet paper and pushed the elderly out of their way. Every tiny town in each state had suffered the most - no rice, flour, sugar or just the bare basics to survive a lockdown. Being preppers from way back due to years of dealing with the Queensland weather patterns like cyclones, floods and wild bushfires, we were used to having extra food, blankets and fuel and supplies on hand in case we had to hunker down for a while so really this did not faze a lot of people one bit, we only complained when we had to don face masks every time we hit the town but after a while you realized it was for your own protection, same as continuously washing your hands became second nature. It was about at this time a lot of preppers had got their heads together saying it was a global cover-up to cut down on the over populated world by giving each age group different so called vaccines to inoculate them from ever getting the virus. What people did not know back then that we know now in 2025 , was the world governments and leaders were trying to keep from the people- all of us, a secret that was so bad , and so devastating even they didn't fathom how the outcome could be so devastating for the human race. It was a huge cover up. It was supposed to stop panic and rebellion. Our orders by our minister to increase mining, increase fracking, increase exploration was not instigated by our elected government - it came from a more - let me put it this way, - out of this world influence. Apparently, a race unbeknown to us mere humans, from a world or galaxy far far away-( yeah I know- an old movie cliche), had been visiting our world for centuries and centuries, with far more superior weaponry and armies, we were basically at their mercy. What we were never told was the fact that we, every last human on Earth were owned by them like the cattle we raised. It was them- that started the corona virus off, not to start a pandemic, but to basically weaken us for a mass take over. If you could look back through the history books, ( most were destroyed with the first landings), most great civilizations would rise up like the mighty Phoenix out of the ashes to be totally destroyed and wiped off the face of the Earth for another couple of hundred or so years until the remnants of humanity rose up again. Mayans, Aztecs and even the Egyptians rose and fell to just to name a few. So as you can see the human race has befallen many setbacks and we were too dumb to see the facts staring us in the face ! Every ancient drawing basically had the answer and the warnings in place- why didn't we notice or take heed? Why didn't we question it? The past was always pushed back again and again and the meanings of the many scripts, paintings and books were soon lost. After centuries of being fed false information like an old Vincent Van Gough painting that had over the years been restored and altered incorrectly, the real original painting was lost forever. Our Governments we had so faithfully voted in to power, had collectively decided to keep us in the dark, disarm us, and fed us nothing but tripe , then when things got tough- they took off like scared rabbits to safety and left millions to fend for themselves....
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