Evening Murders

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Murder Story

Thriller / Mystery
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Evening Murders


Genre: Psychological thriller


Time 7:45 pm, Murder takes place. The murdered person's head was injured badly and the bone inside got a huge crack. No one cared about it that much, so the murderer got immense anger and killed 2 more people in the same way. In those two people, one of them was the minister's son.


There was a hell of a lot of calls from the minister to Dilsukhnagar Police Station S.I Prasenjit Ghosle. Correctly at that time, Sushmita the one and only Gold Medalist called Mr.Ghosle and asked for 5 days leave. But, Mr.Ghosle said there is a new case that you have to take up, and after that case is solved, I will only give you 15 days' leave. Sushmita had no option so she accepted the deal. It would be difficult for Sushmita to handle the case alone, so Mr.Ghosle appointed 2 more people along with her. Sumit and Srikanth


The first and the basic clue they got was that the murderer is targeting only men that to only middle age like 35 - 40 years. And the last and the final clue they got was that he is only striking the head and he is making the bone crack in such a way that the sound of the bone crack will be heard outside. Days changed but the murderer didn’t change. He continued his job and killed a minimum of 1 person a day. After some days they got to know the motto of the killer that is he feels happy to hear the sound of the bone crack



Sushmita has stored some of the important and active criminals' and murderers' fingerprints so that it would be useful for her someday. Now the time has come for her to examine the fingerprints with her and the fingerprint of the murderer that they found on the street light when he killed a person in the night.


As they were checking the fingerprints in their database, one of the fingerprint matched. As they found the criminal, Sushmita on the spot killed the criminal, Srikanth and Sumit didn’t understand why did she do like that.



Why did you kill him like that?


Sir, the reason I asked for leave is, I wanted to find this criminal


Why? But why?


Sir can I speak to you about my flashback for 15 minutes please!


Ya Ya sure


Sir in the killed list of this killer, even my husband is one of them! We both used to live happily sir, but I can never forget that day at night when my husband was returning from his office at 7:00 pm, the murderer took a very large rod and smashed my husband's head. I went in search of my husband and I found my husbands bag and so I found his fingerprints. So by that anger, I killed him.


Sad story, by the way, you can take 15

days leave!


No sir I took leave to find him, but now he is dead so I don’t care. So I am back at my job!


I like your focus on your job. There is a new case by the way!


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