MASSACRE- Second episode: Sound Of A Train

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Hero gets a disorder from the incident, this episode reveals how, when, why.... What he do for that and how his childhood was...

Thriller / Action
Nagaraj Bumula
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Second episode: Sound Of A Train

Mid night on 22/05/07, Kid in tears on edge of half of the train which is on the tracks. Where he's in shock by seeing other half falling down of the cliff... and he saw clearly around 100 deaths, from the half of train which is gonna hit the ground and saw an huge explosion he never saw like that again. He continued starring like that until the rescue team arrived and there were all casualties from the half of train which is fall from cliff and no one... Got hurt except his dad with alot of blood from other half of the train... Rescue team took everyone to hospital for any treatment. Kid sat on a chair... And saw a nurse with an strecher moving towards that kid... nurse got a call for a min... where that kid saw his dad's watch and automatically his legs moved towards his dad... And saw his dad's face and his reaction is just a gasp... That's it... That nurse return to the strecher asked that kid, do you know him...? Was he your dad...? Are you somehow connected to him...? Kid answered nothing... Nurse made him sit on chair... And took his father's body for next consequences... That nurse informed about that kid to the doctor... And doctor walk towards him and asked few questions with gentle smile... like, what is your name? Who are your parents? Where do you live? Why are you here?... He answered nothing except his name Jay, doctor thought he might be in trauma because of that incident... Doctor went to police to make sure kid is not involved further any consequences and he told, There is a chance he lost his close ones in that incident... So, make that sure he will get into a nice orphanage and get a medical therapy for that... He told that same thing to that nurse... That nurse took responsibility to join him and make sure he's active or not and getting proper therapies or not... On first session he is just like a doll, he answered nothing... Therapist thought might be he's scared... It's take some time... After that session, on some day in the class, the class is about train... When he heard the word for the first time after that incident from teacher, he panicked and whole class is making chorus of train... Then his mind automatically went back to the incident where he's on his chair, he went in to shock and he felt like that whole incident is happened again in front his eyes and he faints... Then... In Second session, that kid just answer his name to his therapist but not a single detail of his parents and where he live... He mentions about the first faint... by not mentioning the word trains... He was so scared by that word... He explained the situation how he fainted and he told that I can't able to sleep properly and I'm so scared, therapist asked why? kid answered, I don't know... it made me think about how all those people screamed and cried for their life when their life is about end... sometimes all those people are trying to say something up infront... and therapist console him... There is no need to be scared because here there is nothing to be scared of... there gonna take good care of you... Therapist gives him a tablet for not to remember the incident (which is an anxiety tablet)... the kid leaves with tablet... Then, therapist made sure with warden not to tell that word around him whether they're students or anyone else... Some kids heard this conversation and tried whether he faints or not... So... While all kids eating.. kids shout Trains! Trains! Trains!... That kid saw that incident again and faints... that kid get sorry by therapist and those kids... In that session therapist promised that kid this isn't gonna happen again from others.... On the other night... Some kids including that kid went terrace of that orphanage building... They thought they enjoy the sleep on terrace, Then they went to the edge of the building in a talk... Then that kid see the blast of that train infront his eyes and faints... He gonna fall from the building... While fainting he tried to grab his friend's hand... But he just touched his shirt... Others saw that... ran towards him... at end they grabbed his hand and brought back him up... After this incident... He explained the incident to the therapist... Therapist thought this is the problem... When he see or hear about those two things... He sees the incident happened to that train... And he faints... There is nothing to do... Except he should over come from that incident... Therapist let him go play after that session.. after that session... He fainted many times, he spend sleepless nights... but he made sure no one noticed... After some time they stopped coming, except as nightmares... So... He forgot it as past but as a dream it remained in his mind... But even after grown up... When he hear the "sound of the train" or "see the heights"... He faints... That's why I am here... I am here that I should forgot everything about that, right?... I am the person how that kid grown as... That kid who I am you're hearing... I told everything and everytime you asked... Whenever I hear the sound of a train I'm fainting... Like before day, I was with my friend Raj, we're on ride on the road which beside the train track, then...I heard the sound of a train, that's it Like I felt that incident happening again in my mind and faint while driving... You can see wounds all over me for that... You didn't told anything for get over from it... what should I do doc, this driving me crazy... there is no solution for this except you should get over with it. But, don't be alone.. Being alone make you think alot of that... and this doesn't make you stay in crowded area... You may think those people who died in that incident are surrounded by you... I will give you this medicine for anxiety... Make sure you use it when you start feeling of anxiety... And stay away from those tracks... that's what Dr. Phanindra told.

After the session.. on the way home, I was at this cafe for a coffee to take away and then just started raining... when I just came out the cafe, near by signal where I was standing, there is a memorial on the side of the road... which is my parents and those 100 people's death... I was standing and watching it.

Then... I felt I'm not alone, I felt someone is with me watching the memorial, I don't know him but, somewhere in the crowd, I felt he is watching in the same way as I do... who is he?

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