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His Tender Deceit

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This story revolves around a vigorous character named Helly Smith. She is legendary not only for being so vicious but also for handling everything on her own. She is an angel yet she is the devil you'll never wish to see. She hate liars and their lies too. But something changed when she first met him. His innocent look further aggravated her heartache. So is it love that happened or something else was going on?

Thriller / Romance
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Chapter 1: The Beginning

Disclaimer: This book deals with mature content, eg: Murder, violence, cruelty etc. Although the author has ensured that all the scenes are presented carefully and respectfully, this may offend some readers. Please read at your own risk. The author does not want to encourage any negative thoughts.

Siya's POV

I'm burning thunderwood. Why does anyone annoy me? They know that I will catch them at the end of the day under any circumstances then why do they play cat and mouse games. This is not my style and evidently it's making me furious. I'll not spare this douchebag at any cost.

"Please, don't kill me. Spare my life spider." The blood - soaked man said loudly while pleading with his both hands. Well, you are right I'm responsible for his condition.

"How can I leave you when you have made such a grave mistake." I yelled at him with my bloodshot red eyes. He is looking terrified and I guess, my red eyes made him the worst.

"It was a mistake...p-please forgive me." Trembling in fear, he stuttered, trying unsuccessfully to save himself.

"Mistake is a word that is impossible to discover in my dictionary. Do you know what can happen if a doctor makes a mistake. Anyone can even die.", I let out a deep long sigh. "Anyways, Any last wish?" I asked while locking and loading my gun. A chill ran down through his spine when he saw my shotgun.

"I don't have time to waste. Say goodbye to the world. The punishment for fraudsters is death and only death." I said impudently.

"No...no...please leave me... I won't make any mistakes. I swear." He again begged for his life.

Before he could say something else, I fired two shots on his forhead and he died. Meanwhile the guards came to me.

"Ma'am, the event has started. Dr. Smith called you several times." One of the guards said politely.

"Oops! I had forgotten about that. No worries. I will be there in 10 minutes and dispose the corpse." I said casually.


An event was organised in an assembly room. The hall was absolutely heaving. Some were chattering, some were discussing about their field and scope. Anyone could recognise them by taking a glance as they were all wearing a white coat.

Girl's POV

A man who was in his late forties approaches the stage with his one leg paralyzed. He took the mike and politely asked, "May I have your attention, please?"
All settled down on their respective seats and paid attention as the host asked.

"As you are all aware yesterday was the last day of our medical camp. This camp saved many lives. People had lost their hope but this camp gave them what they needed most. DESIRE TO LIVE and HOPE.
People say, we need hope to endure everything. Thankfully, the virus affected people are recovering and all the credit goes to the two, who arranged this camp and helped many poor people. If these two people had not taken this step then...(he sighs) I can't even imagine the result. They say that we cannot see the angels, but I can see the real angel in both of them. Angels who rarely come into this world... I would fall short of words to praise them for this noble cause. So without taking too much time, I come to the point now. The government decided to reward those two for their crucial work. So let's welcome Dr. Smith and Dr. Jones." The middle-aged man spoke in one go.

Oh yeah! He is talking about me. This is not surprising to me for I already knew that the event is organized for me and Siya and may I say, I love to take credit for my work. But wait a second "Where is Siya?" I suddenly screamed out of nowhere.

Fuck! Shit! What am I doing? All eyes are on me. It seems like I am a beautiful sculpture that they are not able to take their eyes off.
"Please come on to the stage, Dr. Smith." The person says in a loud tone as if nothing happened.

I went on stage swiftly as I have a hunch that Siya will definitely come after me. Siya is my bestfriend cum work companion. We first met when we were in our first year of medical college. She had accidentally bumped into me, carrying dozens of books at a time and that was the moment she came to know about me. She has stuck with me through thick and thin ever since and stayed with me throughout the camp as well.

POV Ends

Dr. Smith was in a proper formal attire, a light blue shirt and a grey palazzo pant with peep toe shoes. Her dress looked complete due to the WHITE COAT. The warm peach coloured eyeshadow was perfect suiting her olive skin as it shines brightly as if the sun gleams on the surface of water. A thin stroke of black kohl was making her eyes attractive and her long - wavy - brown hair were tied into a high ponytail.

Dr. smith was on the stage.

"Thanks for this precious trophy but I don't think there was any need of this. Whatever we did was our duty and we could not ignore it.", She acknowledged her sense of responsibility towards the citizens.

"The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others, Mahatma Gandhi once said. And I am doing every possible thing to stick to it." She said with enthusiasm.

Meanwhile, Siya, a blonde girl with straight- golden brown hair who was not so tall, comes there. She was amazingly good as she could move nimbly. Her sky-blue and white formals were perfectly suiting her.
"And here comes my bestfriend, Dr. Jones, who has made a major contribution to this camp. Please welcome her."

The hall echoed with applause once again. Siya smiled a little and went on the stage.


"Crack... Crack... Crack..." Three bullets ripped through his chest roughly, one by one and the man fell down within a moment. A hemorrhagic shock occured when the body was bleeding out incessantly. The man choked and took his last breath and within ten seconds he departed from the world.
The girl, who has just murdered that man has no fear in her eyes instead her eyes were inflamed with anger. She had a victory smile like the dark moon on her face and about her physique, she was a hundred and sixty-seven centimetres tall and was the most attractive skinny girl you can ever see but don't underestimate her. This girl was more than something. She was looking ruthless enough to scare someone easily.

Another Girl's POV,

"I would be a devil in your eyes...no? Who killed this bloody man but let me add some more shots of confusion. I am also an ANGEL, an angel who can save these type of assholes. Do you want to know the story behind this? But before that I want to tell you one thing. Don't judge ME. I repeat, Don't... As you can see you will get a lot of situations to judge me. Ha-ha.

So, hello people! I am Helly. You can take a glimpse of hell just by looking at me. Oh! Don't mind me, I'm just kidding. Well, the man who just died was one of my biggest nemesis and evidently I didn't want to save him. His name was Daniel Grey and he was the bloody murderer of..."

"Helly, your phone is buzzing." Siya interrupted me in between. "I think it is full of messages."

"And Siya, how many times do I have to reiterate myself? I don't like interruption when I am talking about something important.", I rudely took the phone and immediately opened the SMS inbox. Siya was right, It is fully loaded with messages.

"They're looking for me. I need to rush." I murmured.

"Okay, I'm calling Neil. He'll be waiting at the gate." Siya replied immediately.
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