His Tender Deceit

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Chapter 2: Her Behaviour

Helly’s POV

Somewhere I feel like I’m acting too much rude but then the second thought is— this is what I’m. My rude behaviour makes me perfect and Siya got used to it. She knows who I am and What I am. She loves me for my true self.

I still remember, Siya was a good girl back then. But besides this, she was the only one who tried to understand me, my emotions, my rude behaviour, my hatred towards my enemies, my love towards my people. She was the one who chose to stay by my side rather than complaining me to change my path. For that, I will always be grateful to her but that doesn’t mean I will change my behaviour.

No...no... you’re again wrong. I will not change myself. People say ‘The people who force you to change to be with you are not your people. They just make your behaviour as a reasonable excuse. Those who want to stay with you till the end will have no excuse.’ And I can say one thing for sure Siya is my people.

I saw Neil standing at the gate carrying the car keys in his hand.

“How is she?“, I immediately asked him in a tensed voice.

“Not good. She is in poor shape.“, Neil answered me while opening the door of the car.

“Okay, Drive fast. I will not be relieved until I see her.“, I uttered while sitting in the car.

Neil’s POV

You’re all shocked. No? Her sudden tensed behaviour can surprise anyone. Well, Don’t fall for her. She is still a rude brat. Sometimes I wonder when I see her like this. Is she the same woman who murdered someone so ruthlessly! Is she the same woman whose tongue does not stop from insulting someone instead of thinking for a moment!

But for now I can certainly say, she is worn to a frazzle. She is really really exhausted. I want to say her that “Everything will be all right” but I don’t have courage to do so. I want to console her right now. But there is an impenetrable barrier between us; the boss and employee relationship. Although, I know that I am more than an employee for her but still something is preventing me from doing so.

“Are you crazy? Which way are we going?“, The sound of her scream penetrated my ears. I immediately applied a brake to stop the car and looked around. Oops! I took a wrong turn. We have to go to the hospital and now this. I made a blunder. What should I do now? There is no option to avoid her red eyes.

“I’m...I’m sorry.“, I stammered helplessly. She says nothing more. I drove the car back and rushed to the hospital. The rest of the car journey remained silent.


Helly was running through the corridor. Nurses and Ward boys became silent while the Doctors bowed their heads to show their politeness. After making their obeisances they approached Helly. Helly read a board hanging on the wall, which was written “PSYCH WARD.”

“Ma’am listen, She is not in a position to meet you.“, One of the doctors uttered.

“Please Ma’am, Don’t go.” Another one said.

It seemed like she was not in the mood to listen. She could hear some familiar screams and shivered for a moment. That well-known female voice gave her chills. The moment when she reached the ward, She calmed herself down.

“Don’t panic. You can handle it.“, She mumbled to herself as if she was trying to be calm.

She removed the curtain from the door and stared impotently at the scene in front of her. She was hurt by the core of the heart. There was a girl in front of her who was scolding doctors and nurses.

Helly’s POV

I saw Alice next to me. Alice, my elder sister. I took a deep breath. She is yelling at nurses as well as doctors.

“Don’t come to me. Just don’t.“, Alice yelled at one of the nurses.

“We won’t harm you. Calm down, Alice.“, A doctor said while preparing an injection.

“No...what do you think? you will inject me something and I’ll be calm?“, Alice asked in a loud tone.

“Okay. I’m throwing it out. Cool down. I’ll not inject anything.“, That same doctor said.

I don’t know how to control her, how should I react. I am unable to find any answers right now. I strode towards Alice while crooning her favourite song “COUNT ON ME” by Bruno Mars. Hearing the song, Alice looked at me with her scared eyes. She started trembling in fear. She panicked right away.

“No...no... Please go... Don’t approach me. Don’t come.“, Alice muttered in a pleading way.

I kept moving towards her. Her reaction was unpleasant yet I didn’t give a damn to her emotions as I need to make sure to cure her. Alice walks into the corner of the room hiding her face with both her palms.

Whatever happens! I’m also a human. I can also feel emotions. Moreover, She is my sister. Her expressions are making me feel the worst. How can someone do this with their sister? After Mom-Dad’s death, she is my only family. She is the only one, I can lean on, then how dare she to do this to herself. Ofcourse, I’m vexed.

“Don’t kill me, d...don’t.“, Alice said in a loud tone while bending down.

“Alice!“, I come to her instantly.

Hearing my voice, she shuddered even more. I immediately hold her but she jerked my hand. Instead of showing affection, I glared at her and passed a cold look.

“Stay away from me.“, She mumbled.

“Okay, I will. But please get injected, Alice.“, I told her.

“I won’t. Go from here. Just go.“, She urged.

“Try to understand, Alice. This is necessary for you. It’ll make you feel better.“, I told her in a firm voice. I am losing my patience. I swear, If she insists one more time, then no one can save her from my anger.

“I do not want to recover.“, Alice said in a low tone.

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