His Tender Deceit

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Chapter 3: Her hope: Alice

Helly’s POV

“I do not want to recover.“, She muffled.

“Why don’t you want to recover? I need you, Alice. I need you”, I said in a calm tone.

“You... You don’t want to save me. You want to kill me. Yes, you... You strongly desire to kill me.“, Alice replied me in a weird manner as her eyes wandered here and there.

All the doctors and nurses were surprised for Alice never used her words so vigorously. She has been behaving like this for the past decade but she never used harsh words. But with this sudden change, I’m appalled. Why is she doing this to me? Am I really such a awful sister?

“Don’t dare to come here again. Go now. I said, just go.“, Alice yelled at me, uttering nonsense as my gaze freezed at her. Is she really doing this shit to me! By pushing me, she added fuel to my wrath. Aargh! Now I can’t control myself.

“Are you out of your mind? Don’t you understand anything? If I had to kill you why would I have saved you? why would I have brought you to the hospital? We have to punish the slayer of our parents. I can’t do it alone, Alice. I need you... I need you to be with me... I need you to support me... But you, you don’t want to recover, Idiot.“, I screamed at the top of my voice without thinking how many people are around me as my voice boomed inside the room. I heard some familiar foot steps coming towards me. I can definitely say, it was Neil.

Neil’s POV

I could hear Helly’s scream outside the door so, I came in. That day, when I first met her was the day I lost my parents in a car accident. I came to this hospital in an ambulance with my parents. Even that day she was scolding her sister like this.

I know, I can handle her but should I break the barrier between us? Can I really do it? I swiftly came to her and touched her shoulder gently.

“Cool down! Control yourself! You can’t let your anguish consume you.“, I uttered without thinking much as I knew, if I think more I will not be able to speak before her. That’s what I always do. I always fuck up in front of her. Gosh! I shouldn’t think about all this, I should calm her down.

“How can I calm down, Neil?“, She said in a frustrated tone. “Alice is getting crazier day by day, she is loosing her sanity. That incident took a huge toll on her mental health and I, as her sister, I can’t do anything but sitting idly.”

“You can handle her with your love, you can only pursuade her with your affection.“, I replied her. Oops! I again uttered nonsense. “Who am I to boss her around?“, I questioned myself in my inner mind. I’m so dead. Today Helly is not going to leave me.

“She is not worth it.“, Helly’s said in a cold tone. That cold look is not for me. It’s for Alice and I’m surprised. She is not mad at me. How this happened? I’m saved man!

I know once her heart turns away from someone then she is bound to get angry. And the same is happening. She is mad at Alice.

I was consumed in my thoughts when She held Alice tightly with her slender hands.

“Inject her now.“, She said to a doctor.

“N... No... Please don’t inject it.“, Alice could barely stammer out. She looked at Helly outrageously as if she was trying to say ‘She doesn’t need it.’

“Don’t utter a word... Just keep quiet. Otherwise you can’t think even in your wildest dreams, what I will do.“, Helly scolded her.

The same doctor followed Helly’s order without any further delay. They inject tranquilizer into her. In a short period of time, Alice calmed down and went into a deep slumber. With the help of nurses, Helly laid her on the bed.

Helly’s POV

God knows what I will do with her. Her condition is getting worse day by day. And these useless doctors and nurses, they could not even handle a patient. I turned to the doctors.

“Can’t you handle a patient?“, I asked them. Let me see what excuses do these people give me.

“Sorry Ma’am! It’s our fault. We could not pay proper attention to her.“, One of the doctors replied me respectfully.

I came up to him and held his collar lightly.

“You need to follow my order. I am her only family. In her case, what I say will matter. Got it? I will not ignore any carelessness in her case. You better pay attention to her healing process.“, By saying this I jerked him off.

That doctor nods in yes with a fearful expression.

“Remember, If she does not recover soon, there will be no worse than me.“, I whispered in his ear and came out with Neil.


“Did you get any information about that matter?“, I asked Neil. I remember the conversation with Neil from a while ago and this made me wonder, which spirit possessed him to show such a speech power.

“I got information about a person.” He answered me.

“Which one?“, I again questioned him.

“About Demon.“, He told me without any nervousness.

“Demon!“, I mumbled. “Is it male or female?”

“What did you just say?“, Neil asked.

“Nothing... I want that Demon’s address right now. Give it to me.“, Saying this I got furious.

“It’s not that easy. Demon keeps changing his place of residence all the time. I don’t know where Demon is right now but before that he/she was in Afghanistan.“, Neil replied me.

“What are you doing then? Find out Demon’s current location. It’s your work.“, I answered him as I was getting annoyed. What am I paying him for? He can’t do a simple job properly. First of all, my sister is not recovering. She knows some of our parents’ killers, whom I don’t know. And here, he can’t find a location. Like seriously! All this shit is giving me a hard time.

“Tell me one thing.“, Neil interrupted me in between. Aargh! Now I can’t even think peacefully.

“What?“, I said, irritated with his gesture.

“You hate Alice. No?“, He asked.

“It’s none of your business, Neil. Don’t poke your nose in my affairs.“, I said rudely. Who the hell is he to ask me this?

“I know Somewhere in your heart there is hatred for her but I don’t know the actual reason behind this.“, Neil responded me.

What should I say now? I’m not in a position to answer him. It seems like someone has staked a dagger on my heart.

Does Helly really hate Alice or is it Neil’s misunderstanding? What do you think?

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