His Tender Deceit

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Chapter 4: Glimpse of the Past

Helly’s POV

It seems like someone has staked a dagger on my heart. How should I react to this? How am I going to deal with this? Do I really abhor her? It’s still unknown to me. As far as I know, I don’t hate her... I did not think it necessary to answer him. Therefore, I kept quiet. Every time I do the same. Whenever I feel that I should not respond to the matter, I prefer to remain silent. It’s easier. Why do I waste my energy on unnecessary things? Instead I would prefer to save another person. I looked at the corridor. People are all around me. But even in this throng of people, I can feel my inner thoughts clearly. I still remember the day when I achieved 80% in studies for the first time in my entire life. I was in 9th grade at that time. I was delighted as it was a huge achivement for me at least.

POV Ends

Helly comes home carrying her Report Card in her one hand. She was dancing like nobody’s watching. Her steps were imperfect as she was never good at dancing but her happiness was worth seeing. She entered the door and saw her mother feeding her sister, Alice, with her hand. Her full lips curved into a beautiful and satisfactory smile as she stepped eagerly forward to tell her mother about her result. But then she collides with her father.

“What are you doing, Helly! Walk carefully!“, Her father exclaimed.

“I’m sorry daddy.“, She said with a smile.

“What’s in your hand?“, He asked looking at her hand.

“It’s my first-term result dad.“, She happily responded him. “Why did you not attend my school’s PTM daddy?“, She said in a complaining way.

“I was busy at work.“, He replied as if it didn’t matter for him.

“I was waiting for you daddy!” She mumbled. “Anyways, Don’t you want to have a look?”

“Your have always been average, what’s new?“, He said without any emotions and that one sentence pierced her heart like thorns. She tried to be normal. She took a deep breath and replied her father. “It’s new! I made it to 80%.”

“What did you just say? 80?“, He asked her again.

“Yes, daddy! I made it...Your daughter did it.“, Helly beamed with joy.

“80% is also an average score.“, He said turning her happiness into despair. Where till now she was jumping with joy, now her inner mind wanted to cry.

“I got third rank in my class daddy.“, She replied him with hopeful eyes. “Can’t you just praise me? This is higher than my previous score.”

“It’s still not enough. You have got the best parents in the world. So you have to be the best daughter in the world. Your parents business is at the top, then how can you get behind. Remember, you can’t afford to lack anything. I repeat... Anything. Third rank is not enough. You have to be on top.“, He burdened her with a lot of suggestions.

“I will surely try dad... But...“, She couldn’t say more. She was crushing the report card with her one hand.

“I want no ifs or buts. I just want you to do it. Look at Alice! She is only three years older than you, yet she always managed to get the perfect score.“, He responded her in a firm tone.

“Daddy but...“, Her voice stayed inside her throat when she saw her father approaching her elder sister with a bright smile.

“Alice, Your school has a parent teacher meeting, right? Let’s go sweety. Let me be proud of you.“, Her father told Alice in an exciting tone.

“I will also come to praise my baby.“, Her mother added patting Alice on the head.

“Come fast.“, Her father replied while taking Alice with him.

Tears welled up in Helly’s eyes, but she did not cry in front of her parents. Helly went straight to her room and shed her tears without making any noise.

“They don’t have time for me... but they do have time for my sister... Why me? This is not fair mommy daddy...“, She cried bitterly.




Helly’s chain of thoughts breaks as someone calls her name. She immediately wipes her tears. Yes, you heard right. She can also cry. She is a human being indeed.

“Dr. Smith.”

Helly’s POV

I saw Siya beside me. Oops! I did not realise when I came to my department through the corridor. Yes, this is the same hospital where I work. I went inside my clinic. Siya too followed me. I just wish she hadn’t seen my tears. But is it even possible? She knows every minute details about me. It’s next to impossible that she has not seen my tears. I can’t hide my emotions at least from her.

Yes, it is totally a different thing that she can only scold me as much as I allow. I suddenly noticed Neil standing outside my clinic. “Why hasn’t he gone from here till now?“, The very first question came to my mind. He immediately comes in as I beckoned him to come in.

“What do you need here?“, I questioned him while checking some patients report.

“Aren’t afraid of them? What if they reveal this evil side of you?“, He got all worked up.

“Don’t you know her. She can handle every situation flawlessly.” Siya answered him with a mischievous smile. I smiled at Siya. She knows every bit of me. She is such a darling. Neil chose to keep silent.

“You don’t have time to waste, Neil. Do your work and I want result not your excuses.“, I told him as I saw him go out.

“How’s she?“, Siya exclaimed while coming near to me.

“I don’t know... and I don’t need your hug.“, I snapped at her. She was kinda surprized how I knew she would hug me. But that shock turned into a beautiful smile on her face. Just like she is very deeply aware from me, I too know, why and what she is doing.

“I have my scheduled surgery now. Gotta go. See you later.“, I stepped out while saying this.

“God knows, which bomb is going to explode today?“, Siya questioned herself in a confused tone.

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