The second face

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This story is about a women who disguise herself as a maid and enters the house and kill the owner. Why she does that is a mystery you need to read on!

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Chapter 1

Laura, the super talented, rich, dominating, simply beautiful was settled in Delhi with her husband. They were more like office colleagues. Their relationship was like a fling. Both of them have different work timings, weekends busy with friends and some nights, I should say middle of the night, the bed makes creeching sound so all the neighbors know about their business.

Laura was managing everything very beautifully until she was promoted as the head of the content team, and she had 16 little, immatures working under her. Some of them were experienced but she always liked calling them immatures because it satisfied her ego.

After juggling enough with office, work, home, Sunith and their loveless relationship, she decided to hire a maid.

Hiring a maid is equal to rocket science these days. Their demands, they dress up, their talking style, and I-wont-do-this-work scenes is always a tag along.

She met so many ladies, girls, old women who wanted accommodation also were all chucked out. But this one female, who was super sober, simple dressed, a small money purse and a normal toy phone in her hand was standing by the door.

She didn’t know where is the calling bell so kept knocking loudly. Laura was on a conference call. The loud thud made her walk to the door with the laptop in her hand. she muted the conversation for time being and she opened the door to look at this sober looking female, who was shaking lightly after seeing her madam for the first time.

Laura: “Yes, how may I help you?”

Dimpy: Madamji, main kaam ke liye ayi hoon” (madam, I have come for work)

Laura was super excited seeing this simple looking girl and excused herself from the conf call just to have a conversation with this girl.

Laura explained her all her work, from sweeping to mopping, folding to cooking. She was ok with all the work. She was asked to come from tomorrow morning.

Dimpy was a simple girl. She was married at an early age, husband was a drunken and no kids. She wanted to get rid of him and started working as maid at an apartment.

Dimpy would reach her work place by 8 sharp and start working around the house almost immediately. Laura was very happy with her work. She always appreciated her work with tips and that made Dimpy happy. The extra money she saved for herself.

One day, as usual, she was sweeping the hall. Suddenly, there was a big sound. She thought it from neighboring house and ignored. The bedroom door opened and she was a man walking outside.

He was sleepy, and his messy hair and bare chest made Dimpy skip a beat but at the same time she was scared to death to see a man in the house.

Their eyes met. Both stood in shock.

Sunith was shocked to see a lady in the house too other than Laura.

Sunith rubbed his eyes hard. He would still see Dimpy. She was standing with a broom.

“Why are you here with a broom, palomi?” Sunith asked.

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