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The second face

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Chapter 2

It took sometime for Sunith to understand why Palomi was standing in her house with a broom stick.

Palomi. Answer me. What are you doing here. I thought you left to your home town with your drunken husband. I couldn’t see you at office at all. I asked everyone who were in your contact. No one gave me information.

Palomi aka Dimpy spoke up. Yes we did leave for home town but I murdered my husband there and I came here for work.

Sunith was dripping with sweat after reading this. Murdered. Why did u murder him?

He was a monster. He rapes me every time I’m in the washroom. And that day he got few of his friends along to try out something new on me. I was terrified, and I didn’t know what to do. He was drunk that day too and I simply smashed his face to the wall and he passed out. Dimpy was stil shaking while telling him everything.

Sunith was not able to digest. He didn’t know what to do. He was standing where he was and Dimpy was trying to come forward.

Sunith spoke up. Stop where you are. You are playing games again. I know you are lying. how much do you want now. Why are you here. Why are behind me. Laura doesn’t know anything about us. Please leave the house before she comes, or else she will kill me and along with me, she will kill you as well.

I don’t care, but all I know is, I need your help. Can you please help me.

I’m not going to help you, not this time. Please leave before she comes.

And that’s when Laura enters the house and sees them having a conversation.

Oh Sunith. Did you meet our new maid. Dimpy. She is working with us since few days but never got time to inform you about it. Good that you discovered it yourself.

She turned to dimpy and asked. Are you done with the Dusting. If yes, please make coffee for us. I’m having a spinning headache.

Dimpy kept the broom on the floor and walked towards the kitchen to make coffee. She was allowed to make anything for herself. The encounter with Sunith was giving her a headache.

Laura and Sunith were seated in the living room. Laura was tired after her night shift, and was trying to rest on the sofa.

From where did you get this girl. She is a cheater.

Laura didn’t answer immediately. She spoke up. Why do you think so. She is a nice girl. She does what I ask her to do. Never back answers. I come back tired and I see the house shining and makes me feel at bay. What else do you want from her. Babies?

"You aren’t able to give me one, so I thought I should try with her", snapped Sunith.

"Shut up Sunith. You cannot sleep with maids. Is your standard that low".

"I’m not as lucky as you. I don’t have rich boss to share my bed. I’m a loner." snapped Sunith.

The conversation died after few arguments and Sunith came back to the same point.

"I know this girl. Her name is not Dimpy. She is Palomi. She was working at my office as receptionist".

He continued, "Things were good for the initials, later, she started targeting men of my office. She would not be on her seat half the time. She would take the men to the conference room, rob them physically, with money and blackmail them till they are there".

Laura was shocked on the discovery about the information passed by Sunith but she wasn’t sure if the information was authentic.

Before she could do anything, Dimpy came with her coffee and it made her forget her worries. Sunith grabbed his mug and Laura’s and Dimpy left the tray on the table.

Laura finished her coffee and rushed to the bedroom to change. She noticed her cupboard was open, and too tired to question anyone, she rushed for a shower.

She enjoyed a long hot shower. As she came out, she heard a loud sound. Almost like a door banging. She changed into her robe, and walked outside to see Sunith is flooded with blood and a note is next to him.

She rushed to his body, and read the note. "I’m not Dimpy, I’m Palomi and thanks for the coffee and work. I enjoyed it thoroughly". Laura took a deep breathe. She looked at the dead Sunith and then at the note. "You made my work easier. I used some rugged clothes and dropped by for work and you agreed to hire me because you were desperately looking for one and you didn't even bother to get Id proofs checked, nor did a background check. This added power to my revenge. Everyday after you left for work, I did my house chores and made plans how to kill your husband. It wasn't suppose to happen today, but when I overheard Sunith telling you my secrets I decided to kill him. I don't like my secrets to be revealed openly. I like to be compact".

She sat where she was standing, very stunned after all the information she absorbed. Laura grabbed a glass of water from the table and grabbed a chair to settle up the shock piece of information she is reading through.

Curiosity bubbled in her, and she continued reading the letter.

"Your husband threatened me to report to police so I decided to finish him before you report about me. This is my business and if anyone interferes, they are finished".

As she was folding the paper, she read a line written behind.

"If you try calling the police, you will be finished too".

Laura was sitting with his body flushed with blood. She didn’t know how to express her grief. She didn't know whom to contact, how to absorb the whole new lot of information, and she wasn't able to decide if she should call the police.

And suddenly, there was a knock on the door. And the sound made her shiver. Sunith's body was on the floor and someone on the door. Laura didn't know what to do next.

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