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Lights out boys

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Let's make a little rule ... rather a simple bet. “You can’t scare me.” He says, as I draw closer making our lips barley touching. “You’ll fear me instead.” I breath, watching his breath hitch. “I wouldn’t say that.” He replies, as he grabs my hips pulling me into him. I wrap one of my arms around his neck, twirling his hair, never taking my eyes off his green ones. While I snake my other arm around his waist towards his gun holster, unlatchng it, and switching off the safety. I pointed the barrel against his temple. “Wrong answer.” I say, barley audible.

Thriller / Mystery
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It all started with a bad boy falling in love with the goody two-shoes, who came together by some chance in a class they never knew they had together.


Same old, same old, am I wrong though? Exactly. I mean when has the "villain" claimed their story? Never.

Shall we reverse the roles then? hmmmm.

There's always that one girl who drives you absolutely, totally insane, and you want to set her on fire or food poison her or whatever. Right? I mean I would never of course, however if it did happen. I wouldn't have the antidote let alone a bucket of water. If she spontaneously combusted? Well that wouldn't be my fault, of course hypothetically thinking.

Harsh words? Eh, truth hurts, am I right?

Totally honest here, what's so good about these snakes anyways? The only good thing about them is their so-called title, "goody-two-shoes." I mean come on, people really are hypnotized by that.

Let's be real, I live in my world, they live in there's. No bad blood, but if they antagonize me, they picked the wrong bi- okay okay. Anyways, it's not like I'm judged for hours on end during school being known as the "bad girl", totally not. Do I wear clothes that are comfy? Sure, no shame. Have a short temper? Pshhhh who doesn't, common girls, hormones right? Having a few friends? Better that way honestly. Getting called down to the office and having many detention slips? Well that might do it, but it's not like it's my fault. Well, maybe I deserve a few, but the others weren't justified I must say. They just gave in because how can a "good" girl of the school do anything badddd.

So sue me I guess.

Ironically I was popular, I was "queen bee" or whatever. I suppose I can say it was my brother's doing. He was the heartbreaker, jock, the "charmer" of the school. Guess his death really rocked not just my family. I made it to senior year, while he never made it to sophomore year of college. Man, how messed up that was, didn't help when his death revolved around this gang he intertwined himself in. Reason number four for being labeled as the "bad girl" in a story.




Did you hear?


You there my ginger friend?


Well imma just tell you anyways


Lola got cheated on by Nash with Poppy!


I know what you're thinking "goody-two-shoes finally got a taste of the real world huh?"


Girl, you better be ready when I come to pick you up in 15.

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