Stalked To Texas (Texas Adventure Series Book 2)

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Briella Stewart completed her education and took up a job as a primary school teacher in her former hometown in Colorado. After a while she began to be stalked by unknown people. When things started getting serious, she dropped everything and left for Texas, to her cousin Lucas. Things get scary when her stalkers pursue her all the way to Texas. After seven long years, she meets Brian Summers, who was her first kiss, her first crush. How will she deal with her stalkers now? Can she get rid of them? How will Brian react to her? Will he help her?

Thriller / Romance
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Eighteen year old Briella Stewart was glad that her cousin Lucas and his wife Brittany gave her shelter and helped her with her education two years back. Her father had already died of cancer. They didn't have much money for his treatment. After her mom's death, she had become an orphan. She didn't want to go to foster care. So, she gathered all her courage and travelled to Texas where her cousin lived.

Her chocolate brown hair tumbled down from the loosely secured bun, as she pulled it into a ponytail. Her hazel eyes deep in thought. She would be going away to San Antonio in another two days. It had been her dream to become a primary school teacher. She loved children and wanted to teach them, mould their young minds with good thoughts and values. Lucas financed her studies. She had thought of taking up a job, but Lucas wouldn't agree to it.

For the four years that she would be staying in San Antonio pursuing the undergraduate course in elementary education, she would miss Lucas, Brittany and the twins, but mostly she would miss Brian Summers, Brittany's brother, who was two years older than her.

She met Brian two years back at her cousin's wedding. His constant stare, his following her around, his playboy good looks which he was so aware of, made her swear to avoid him. She didn't want any complications from a relationship with Brittany's brother. She couldn't afford to anger her. So, she was glad when he went away to Austin to study pre-vet. Every time he came home, she made it her life's mission to avoid him. So, for the last two years she had been so successful, but he sought her out four days back.

Four days ago

"Ella, could you stay at home in the afternoon with Sandra and keep an eye on the twins?" Asked Brittany as Briella came out of her room wearing a pair of black yoga pants with a mauve figure hugging tee shirt. Her long chocolate brown hair pulled up in a bun. Her classes at San Antonio would begin next week, so she was free at the moment.

"Yeah Brits, I don't have anything to do today. I'll be home all day," she said as two six month old babies cooed and gurgled in their prams.

Six months back Brittany gave birth to twins, a baby girl whom they called Sienna Paige McGregor, and a baby boy whom they named Justin Maddox McGregor..

Sandra, who was a middle aged woman, worked with them as the nanny to her babies. She came rushing out of the kitchen with their milk bottles.

"Sandra, take care. I have an exhibition today and can't be home before six," she said as Sandra nodded.

"Lucas, hurry, we'll be late," she said as Lucas came down and kissing the babies, he patted Briella's head and they left.

Briella cooed and played with her nephew and niece till it was their naptime. Sandra complained of a headache and fever and left to go home. Briella didn't mind, she had been taking care of the babies since they were born. She loved them very much.

Humming a tune, she made dinner for everyone. Texan style beef meatballs and spaghetti with marinara sauce. There was enough Texas chocolate sheet cake left that they had made yesterday. She had time on her hand, so she started preparing a San Antonio salad that she learnt when she had gone there for admission.

The doorbell rang suddenly and she tiptoed to open it, lest she woke up the babies. Opening the door, she whispered, keeping an eye on the prams, "Brits, Luke, you just went?"

" I'm not Brits or Luke, babe," said a husky voice as Briella turned to see who had come. She stood like a statue seeing Brian, Brittany's brother standing there, looking sinfully gorgeous in a pair of figure hugging denims and black tee shirt that was rolled up to show his muscular biceps.

"S sorry, I didn't see," she said blushing at the nickname.

"No one's at home. Only me and the babies," she said as he smirked.

"Wouldn't you let me in?" He asked the girl who blew away his senses. When he saw her two years back, her innocent eyes drew him to her, but since she was too young, he didn't pursue her. Seeing her after two years, a full bloomed beauty, so unaware of her own good looks, he couldn't take his eyes off her. Her silky bun had come loose, her pink plump lips parted in surprise, her hazel eyes looking at him innocently, had him floored. The figure hugging tee shirt left nothing to the imagination, and the hot yoga pants, stirred him in the wrong places.

"Umm, ok. Come in. The babies are sleeping, and I was cooking dinner," she said to him, with a shy smile.

"Won't you invite me to taste your dinner?" He said going after her to the kitchen as she made her salad.

"Sure, it's nothing special though. I didn't know you'd come." She said nervously.

He came closer to her, standing behind her, his arm on the counter, as he said," If you knew, would you have cooked something special for me?" She nervously stood there, fidgeting with the spoons.

"I I don't know," she said, turning to go, but gasped to see herself face to face with him.

"Why do you always avoid me? I only come to see you," he said as she looked here and there, trying to avoid his intense stare.

"No, I don't avoid you," she lied as he touched her chin and made her look at him.

"You don't like me?" He asked suddenly.

"No, it's not that," she said confusedly.

"Then you like me?" He asked again as her eyes widened.

"Please, let me go, the babies need me," she said as Brian caught her hand and kissed it, lingeringly. Briella blushed to the roots of her hair, she was shy and kept away from attention. All the boys at the Summers ranch house treated her like a sister, so she was comfortable with them.

Brian let her go and followed her like a bee to it's honey, as she checked the babies diapers and then fidgeted here and there to escape him.

When he couldn't take it anymore, he caught her hand and pulled her into his arms, holding her tight, and smashing his lips to hers. It was a smouldering kiss, as both were hungry for each other. After a deep, passionate kiss, Brian, just left his sister's house. He couldn't control himself around her, and he didn't want to take advantage of her. She was too young and innocent at the moment. He would let her grow up and explore the world before he made her his.

End of flashback

Ever since then, all she could think of was the smouldering kiss. It stirred strange feelings inside her and she wasn't sure if she could face him again. Thankfully she would be going away in a few days and won't meet him again.

She really didn't see him again. She went off to her college and settled down at the college dorm. Her roommate, Ivory Powell was in the same program as hers. She was from a small village in Texas and had the same ambition as her, to become a primary school teacher. She was a beautiful blonde with a svelte figure and a stubborn personality, just the opposite of Briella, but still they bonded well and became best friends soon.

They loved attending the classes together, the chit chat during off time. The trips to the theatres together and eating at the cafe nearby. Briella took up a part time job with Ivory at the cafe as waitresses. The pay was good and she didn't need to depend upon Lucas for everything. Although he protested at first, soon he realised her need to be independent and gave in.

Briella didn't meet Brian when the few times she visited Lucas and Brittany.Her visits were less frequent although she kept in touch over the phone, asking about the twins every week.

So her studies continued and soon she forgot about everything and concentrated on her graduation.

Suggested Cast: Kristen Stewart as Briella Stewart

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