Meeting the bad boy rebels

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A new life, a new school but an impossible love. A different view of what she would have thought

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Chapter 1

I am Zoe, 17 years old daughter of a journalist I find my father's work interesting even if it is not the same for my who left us.

Is who left with another woman It shocked me to see my mother leave with a woman when she had been married to my father for 18 years.

Since my dad is dating lots of women, I can't even count them what all I want my dad to be happy without my mom who left us like that.

Like every day, I take my diary and I write everything that happens to me by hand during this time if nothing has happened to me well everyone in high school is busy doing their own boys hair.

I really find this city really weird I hope one day left this city.

When I get home I see my father on the phone I decide to go into hiding to listen to this discussion.

Dad: I don't know if she will want to come?

Who doesn't want to come?

I no longer understand anything he is talking about There?

Dad: you know that I love my daughter, I don't want to hurt her since the departure of this mother.

It is me.

After he hangs up I got out of my hiding place, I walk over to him to ask him who he was talking to.

Zoe: Pap, who were you talking to?

Dad: hey Zoe, I have one thing for you if you don't want to I can understand.

Zoe: daddy, you haven't even asked the question yet.

Dad: ok, I would like us to move, I would like to go live with Caroline.

Zoe: Caroline, the woman who came home last time?

Dad: yes, hand if you don't want to I can understand that you want to stay here.

Zoe: daddy, are you kidding Here I want to leave this rotten town, I've been wanting to leave since mom's departure with this woman for a long time.

I see my father he looks relieved.

Zoe: where does this Caroline live?

Dad: Mystery city.

Zoe: oh cool the name of this town.

Dad: We're going to move in a month, ready to find a bigger house with Caroline.

I'm sad that I'm moving that in a month,

hand or less I'm leaving this town.

After I finished speaking with my father, I go up to my room and took my diary to write the good news.

"Dear newspaper, Good news today dad announced that we are going to move I am so happy I will finally leave this city I hope to make a lot of friends in this new city which is

Mystery city. "

Only 1 week left before I moved with my dad.

I have never felt so good since my mother left.

for my father I think it's the same thing he looked for a house like crazy is thanks to that determination we found a house I think Caroline saw my father's determination.

I hope to get along with her.

While I was packing my bags, my father called me downstairs.

Zoe: yes I'm coming.

Arrive, downstairs I see my father with a smile on his lip

Zoe: daddy did you call me?

Dad: a while ago I was talking with Caroline we found a high school for you!

Mystic school

the name of this school is even cooler than the name of the city, i think it all started off something mystic.

Zoe: great!

Dad: I'm really glad you're giving a chance to really get to know Caroline.

Zoe: daddy I just want you to be happy.

Dad: I'm so happy to have you as a daughter without you, I don't know what would have become of me.

I left embracing my father

I too am lucky to have him as a father!

Dad: sorry, to hold you back like this we still have work to do.

A week has passed the long awaited day has arrived I am moving.

Today Caroline came especially to help us.

After that we put the last object in the moving car.

Dad: here we are at last we can finally leave here!

We get straight into the car.

I look one last time at the house where my mother had lived with us and have left.

Caroline: Zoe I am really happy that we live together we are going to have fun.

Zoe: me too, in fact Caroline you who already live in mystic city you know why the city is called like that?

Dad: Zoe shouldn't have been asked.

Zoe: why?

Caroline: I am a historian.

Zoe: oh

Caroline: do you still want to know why?

Zoe: yes.

Caroline: I'm going to start mystic city people who date from a very long time during the Middle Ages there was a hybrid family

That they took power in Kill the Kings and it was they who changed the name of this city to mystic city.

Zoe do you believe in hybrids?

Zoe: I do not know maybe I have never seen I have never heard of other than today I find the historian and a very good job.

Caroline: I'm really happy if you have any questions you can always come and ask me I'm always open for you.

During the whole trip I got to know Caroline better and she's a very good person I think my father found a very good one.

When he finally arrives in front of our new house.

I am speechless this house is so beautiful.

I think my father has found a very good home.

I think I will live very well here.
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