Meeting the bad boy rebels

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Chapter 2

It will be since 2 days that we have to spare.

Yesterday while sleeping it made me feel weird to sleep in this new house maybe it's been just two days that's why it feels weird afterwards I'm sure it's okay.

Have come down the stairs I see my father is Caroline kissed in the kitchen.

Zoe: sorry to bother you I would like to eat.

Embarrassed, he leaves the kitchen.

It's a long time since I've seen my father so happy.

After my breakfast I go back to my room to finish unpacking my things.

Suddenly I hear a noise in the direction of your garden.

To decide to go see

When I get to the garden, I see no one hand, so where does this noise come from.

I decide to go back to my room.

We go up the stairs I meet Caroline.

Caroline: where are you from?

Zoe: from the garden I heard a noise in the garden.

Caroline: oh have you seen this who?

Zoe: no, he had no one.

Caroline: you know why I love this city for these mysteries.

Zoe: actually I don't know what a hybrid is?

Caroline: oh you put the question to the right person I am so fascinated by their legend.

Zoe: what are they?

Caroline: In genetics, a hybrid is an organism resulting from the crossing of two individuals of two different varieties, subspecies (intraspecific crossing), species (interspecific crossing) or genera (intergeneric crossing).

I did not understand anything of what she just said hand I answer as if I understood then that it is not the case.

I see she really enjoys her job.

Anyway in three days I'm going to discover my new high school I'm so impatient.

The days in waiting since I have to spare in this new house with my father is Caroline.

High school my first day I don't think I'll make friends right away I'm the new person won't come to me.

I finish getting dressed I wait for my father to know him who will take me to my first day all so soon I will pass my driving license.

When finally my father arrives we leave, after which minute we arrive in front of the school buildings.

These old buildings after I say goodbye to my dad I enter the high school buildings.

I have to look for the secretariat so that he can tell me my class.

When I finally arrive in front of the secretariat door, opening the door, I come face to face with a boy.

Zoe: sorry

He pretends I'm not there then keep going

Then my turn

Zoe: hello I am Zoe Tudors

- Oh hello you are new can I have your papers.

After that ask I give him the papers.

After she has finished putting everything away, she gets up.

- come with me I'll show you your class.

I followed her when we finally arrived in front of a classroom door.

I'm starting to get stressed.

Then she knocks on the door after she opens it.

- sorry to bother you you had a new student.

Then she signals me back to school.

All eyes are on me.

Teacher: what do you call yourself?

Zoe: my name is Zoe.

Teacher: delighted Zoe let's see how he has a place next to henry.

She is pointing at a black haired boy with blue eyes.

Hand I know him, he is the boy from earlier I apologized, but not him.

Afterwards I went to sit down on a shoe in front of him.

Then the lesson starts again

After I think 2 hours of class

We finally have our break.

I decide to go to the canteen to get some food.

They are full of people.

I'm lining up to get the food.

When it's finally my turn

I have chicken fries with ketchup.

Then I left with my tray.

Suddenly there is no room left to eat. I see that there is only one table left with one person.

I decide to go do the.

When I get closer I notice that it is henry my neighbor from behind.

Why is he all alone

I decide to go as a hand to do more I put my tray on the table he does not even put down looks at me.

I sit down and start to eat.

After i finish he still doesn't look at me he's really weird as a boy.

Then after the break we go back to class

I find this school like the others I don't really see the difference.

i am sure i will make some new friends in the near future.
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