Meeting the bad boy rebels

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Chapter 3

Second day after

This time without my father

When I arrive I see henry getting out of that car.

He's already driving luck.

When our eyes meet he turns directly.

Why is he avoiding me like that when I haven't done anything.

We are Wednesday we will be finished at 12 p.m.

After school I decided to take a walk.

I decide to take the forest road to return home.

Suddenly my cell phone rings, it's Caroline.

Caroline: where are you!

Zoe: towards the house.

Caroline: today is the full moon.

Zoe: oh ok

I don't have to know about the full moon.

Without realizing that while I was talking with Caroline I got lost.

Caroline: which road you took to get home.

Zoe: from the forest

Caroline: what forest!

Get out of there right away!

Zoe: Caroline, I don't understand anything anymore that is happening?

Suddenly a branch fell to the ground.

Then suddenly I see it coming out from behind a tree.

Two men with black coats with black hair.

Suddenly I see one of the two men advancing towards me I am moving backwards the more the man starts to accelerate then I turn around my I bump on what thing

When I look up I see henry.

Then the man stops

Henry: what did you want!

Man: your blood!

He's talking about blood there !!

Henry: you would never have it.

Then the man started running towards henry

Henry pushes me off the ground

They are suddenly beating the other man coming out from behind and picking up Henry.

He can't move anymore

Suddenly I see the two teeth of the man growing.

They are canines

Vampires no I'm not in a movie.

All blows I take my courage with both hands and take a stick and hit the man behind the head.

hand the stick this breaks then the man turns towards me with these canine teeth.

Man: who are you we are?

Zoe: vampires!

Man: oh no we are not those stupid vampires we are more than that!

There are bullet holes waiting for us

A man soon falls to the ground.

Then Henry punches the other man

Then take my arm and we leave the forest.

When we finally arrive in a street, Henry lets go of my hand.

Zoe: who are you?

Henry does not answer

Zoe: why don't you take me !!

Sense noticed I'm shaking.

There henry turns around

Henry: we have arrived

When I look around me I recognize my street.

Then the I will Caroline get out of the house and come towards me.

Caroline: how's it going?

Zoe: I'm fine

Then Caroline turns around and looks at Henry.

Zoe: I entered with him, we are in the classroom.

Caroline: oh thank you very much

Then we go home.

When I wanted to go up to my room Caroline held my arm.

Caroline: I'm sorry I didn't want to scare you, just that in this city on full moon days there are people who disappear in the forest.

Now I know why I bet it's these two men.

Zoe: sorry to have scared you I did not want I did not know.

Caroline: it's okay

Then after the discussion I go up to my room.

I think for me a good hot shower would do me good after the things I just saw today I watch too many vampire movies

henry didn't answer me why these men wanted henry's blood.

That night, I could not sleep I did not stop dreaming of these two man that he arrived is drink my blood hand if he does not sound from vampire what are they then!

I am sure that henry is what they are what they wanted to drink his blood.

After taking my shower I go downstairs to have breakfast.

When I arrive, in the living room I see my father is Caroline talking with a man is a woman.

Then when Caroline sees me she makes a sign for me to come and sit next to her

Caroline: let me introduce you to henry's parents.

Zoe: hello.

Caroline: I wanted to thank henry's parents thanks to henry you came home.

She's not going to do it again I'm home that's all it matters.

Father: you can go have your breakfast henry is in the kitchen.

What henry!

I get up quickly and go to the kitchen, henry has to explain it to me.

When I get to the kitchen, henry is drinking orange juice.

Zoe: can you explain to me for yesterday

He's so busy drinking his juice he doesn't even calculate me.

There I get closer to him.

Zoe: you are like them, is that it?

There looks at him from henry this turns towards me.

What it is really like is two man.

Not impossible !

There Henry's mother went to the kitchen.

mom henry: henry we will go.

Henry looks at me before he leaves.

After finishing my breakfast I took the bus to go to school.

Tomorrow I get my driving license.

I could finally drive to school.

As I arrive, I see henry getting out of that car.

I ran to him.

Zoe: I ..

Suddenly a black car stops in front of us.

the window opens.

This the man from the last time.

Man: you are Zoe tudors

Zoe: how do you know my name.

Man: it doesn't matter

Then the man turns to henry.

Man: my lord, join us?

Henry: I am not your lord I am not like you left me alone.

Suddenly the bell rings.

Then the man starts the car and leaves.

I am completely lost I do not understand anything, why these people are looking for henry.

I have to face it all for Henry to talk to me

I dont know why i am so obsessed by henry.

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